95+ Fireplace Quotes And Saying

Fireplace Quotes: A house with no fireplace is a house without a heart. A soldier picked up the still-living girl and carried her to the barren fireplace. Always take a banana to a party.

Fireplace Quotes

As the soil of a garden is richer and as the harvest of the garden bears healthier nourishment from the decay of leaf matter and banana peel and egg shell and human hair and chicken bone and fireplace ash, so the accumulation of death in the ground of city implants therein energies and powers. – Author: Tim Gilmore

Behind her, the glow of the hotel’s fireplace mixed with the aroma of nuts cooking in a cinnamon glaze. Although it was – Author: Deborah Garner

Burning fossil fuels is like breaking up the furniture to feed the fireplace because it’s easier than going out to the woodpile. – Author: Theodore Roosevelt

But you can’t just sit around the fireplace and sip Cokes and eat pretzels and get an attitude of confidence. You have to put in hard work. – Author: Lee Haney

Call me an alarmist, but there are certain words I don’t like to hear together: cheap fireplace, discount brakes, cut-rate surgery … – Author: Margo Kaufman

Cold coiled through me, lacing each breath with clouded wisps of frost. There was not so much as a candle lit within the small, single room of my cottage, and delicate crystals of alabaster and beryl rimed my meagre possessions and the barren fireplace. I did not care. – Author: Hazel Butler

Comedy clubs have brick walls behind the performer. Bricks make you funny. When I’m in front of a fireplace, I’m hilarious. – Author: Mitch Hedberg

couple of small suites, all nicely furnished. There was a small sitting area with a gas fireplace, lush carpeting and deep leather chairs. She tiptoed in, enjoying – Author: Ana Meadows

Cozy was a fun night by a fireplace with marshmallows. Cozy was a grandmother knitting Christmas sweaters. Cozy was new puppies in a litter. Cozy was not what he had in mind to do in that tent with Tes. – Author: Susannah Scott

Darn it,” Kat said with a snap of her fingers.”I knew I should have brought my big purse. – Author: Ally Carter

Demons? No problem. Just find your local stalker psycho and ask the whistling dear head hanging above his fireplace how many licks on a toostie pop does it take to make a demon go away. – Author: Mav Skye

Ella turned to the fireplace where a blackened kettle hung over what Granny Weatherwax always called an optimist’s fire: two logs and hope. – Author: Terry Pratchett

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Elwood had thoughtfully fed Patrick. There was a clean-licked plate on the kitchen tile. Patrick was curled up before a gas fireplace, though there was no fire. – Author: Michael Grant

Every now and then you have to get away from that ugly Old Politics trip, or it will drive you to kicking the walls and hurling AR3’s into the fireplace. – Author: Hunter S. Thompson

Every professor worth his PhD should have a fireplace in his study. – Author: Nora Roberts

Find one lousy body in your aunt’s fireplace and the first thing you know everyone is talking. – Author: Jayne Ann Krentz

For the millennium [New Year’s Eve], you really have a choice to make. You either have to be naked with your head on fire and a shotgun in Bali or else you have to spend time with friends or family around the fireplace. And I’m choosing option B – Author: Tom Morello

Gabe says you make a mean chicken.”

Granny disapproved of magic for domestic purposes, but she was annoyed. She also wanted her tea. She threw a couple of logs into the fireplace and glared at them until they burst into flame out of sheer embarrassment. – Author: Terry Pratchett

He was a prosperous old bachelor, and his open window looked into a prosperous little garden and orchard, and there was a prosperous iron safe let into the wall at the side of his fireplace, and I did not doubt that heaps of his prosperity were put away in it in bags. – Author: Charles Dickens

His sword, Sting, Bilbo hung over his fireplace, and his coat of marvellous mail, the gift of the Dwarves from the Dragon-hoard, he lent to a museum, to the Michel Delving Mathom-house in fact. – Author: J.R.R. Tolkien

I am dying a thousand cruel and unusual deaths as fifty pairs of eyes take me in, size me up like something that should be hanging over a fireplace in a gentleman’s den. – Author: Libba Bray

I am thinking,’ he remarked quietly, ‘whether I shall add to the disorder in this room, by scattering your brains about the fireplace. – Author: Wilkie Collins

I can’t be No. 1 with an MVP trophy. I could be No. 1 with the championship ring and the championship trophy on my fireplace. – Author: Jeff Kent

I consider the television set as the American fireplace, around which the whole family will gather. – Author: Red Skelton

I don’t approve of open fires. You can’t think, or talk or even make love in front of a fireplace. All you can do is stare at it. – Author: Rex Stout

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I don’t know why, but the warmth and the comfort of flickering light help. And a fire, in the fireplace or on the beach, is very comforting. I think when you make something consistent and familiar, it helps. I light candles every single night in my home. – Author: Evangeline Lilly

I don’t want everybody to see exactly where I live, what my sofa or my fireplace looks like. – Author: Marilyn Monroe

I feel I want to be wise with white hair in a tall library in a deep chair by a fireplace. – Author: Gregory Corso

I grew up in rural Oregon in a log house with bark left on inside and out. We had no electricity, a massive stone fireplace, a grand piano, and tons of books. – Author: Virginia Euwer Wolff

I had you pictured dead in a pool of blood in front of the fireplace. And now you show up alive, and I want to kill you myself. (Zack) – Author: Jennifer Crusie

I have a fireplace in my kitchen that I light every night, no matter what. – Author: Alice Waters

I have done without electricity, and tend the fireplace and stove myself. Evenings, I light the old lamps. There is no running water, and I pump the water from the well. I chop the wood and cook the food. These simple acts make man simple; and how difficult it is to be simple! – Author: C. G. Jung

I just like TV. I think to me, it replaced the fireplace when I was a child. They took the fire away and they put a TV in instead and I got hooked on it. – Author: John Lennon

I left him in his wheelchair, staring sadly into the fireplace. I wondered how many times he’d sat here, waiting for heroes that never came back. – Author: Rick Riordan

I lingered most about the fireplace, as the most vital part of the house. – Author: Henry David Thoreau

I look at Danny. If I’d thrown a torn-up wishlist into a fireplace, he’s the guy Mary Poppins would have delivered. – Author: Sally Thorne

I never waited for my Irish Cream coffee to be the right temperature, with a storm happening outside and my fireplace crackling … I wrote every day, at home, in the office, whether I felt like it or not, I just did it. – Author: Stephen J. Cannell

I say to myself that I shall try to make my life like an open fireplace, so that people may be warmed and cheered by it and so go out themselves to warm and cheer. – Author: George Matthew Adams

I think a great deal of those dogs,” she said proudly. “They are over a hundred years old, and they have sat on either side of this fireplace ever since my brother Aaron brought them from London fifty years ago. Spofford Avenue was called after my brother Aaron.” “A – Author: L.M. Montgomery

I think people who come into my home feel comfortable and welcome and loved. And the biggest thing in my living room (the fireplace) is in and of itself an expression of love. – Author: Julia Roberts

I thought my fireplace dead

I took out a whole fireplace and put in broken glass and installed a burner underneath, so it looks like fire on ice. I did that in my bedroom suite. I’m pretty handy. – Author: Cory Monteith

I’d made myself some hot chocolate, located a book with a lot of murder and mayhem,curled up on a loveseat near the fireplace, and was happily envisioning Joe as the corpse of this tale. – Author: Rachel Hawthorne

If my favorite, most comfortable place is by our fireplace in cold weather, expedient places are on an airplane, in a waiting room or even waiting in line; frequently these days, while on the phone having been ‘put on hold.’ – Author: Joyce Carol Oates

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In the broad light of day, I could not give his tale nearly so much credence as I had granted it when sitting rapt before a midnight fireplace whilst the tempest without erased the natural world. – Author: Lyndsay Faye

It is a dreary world out there. It makes one thankful after all to be indoors with a fire burning in the hearth. – Author: Mary Balogh

It’s getting a little chilly in here! Why don’t we sit by the fireplace and I’ll tell you the story of how I single handedly killed the Medina boys! – Author: Angel Ramon Medina

Klaus Wulfenbach: Was my son upset? Bangladesh DuPree: Oh, him? Yeah! He’s all set to be a hero and rescue her

Marriage is sacred. It was created to be the wedding portrait of Christ and His Bride hung over the blazing fireplace of judgment. A match made in Heaven, a contract signed in blood. In the bond of marriage, we are to stand at the altar of Sacrifice or we’re not to stand at all. – Author: Beth Moore

My passions have never jumped out of the fireplace and set fire to the carpet. – Author: Mason Cooley

No cabin is complete without a woodburning stove or fireplace, even if that cabin is in Death Valley. Gas – Author: Spike Carlsen

No sane local official who has hung up an empty stocking over the municipal fireplace, is going to shoot Santa Claus just before a hard Christmas. – Author: Al Smith

One winter night, at his home, while he was stirring up the logs in his fireplace, he muttered, “Computers are irrelevant.” Building – Author: Tracy Kidder

Pearl the Wonder Dog was asleep on her back, in the armchair next to the fireplace, with her feet sticking up in the air. – Author: Robert B. Parker

Reinette: One may tolerate a world of demons for the sake of an angel. – Author: Steven Moffat

She stood by the fireplace talking in that beautiful voice which made everything she said sound like a caress. – Author: Virginia Woolf

So I shall just imagine myself for a fortnight or so at one side of the fireplace of a country cottage, with a sympathetic soul opposite me. And I shall go on talking, in a low voice while the sea sounds in the distance and overhead the great black flood of wind polishes the bright stars. – Author: Ford Madox Ford

Sometimes life begins like a bad dream and ends up like a kid’s fairytale. The kind our

Take a nap in a fireplace and you’ll sleep like a log. – Author: Ellen DeGeneres

Than she was, but for the next three days – or was it four? – the kids’ meals would be her responsibility. “Let’s go out for pizza!” Matt suggested exuberantly. He was standing on the raised hearth of the double fireplace that served both the kitchen and dining room, and Sharon – Author: Linda Lael Miller

That’s a lovely piece,” Kat said, pointing at a Louise XV armoire near the fireplace.

The backs of his hands remind him of paper burning in the fireplace, the moment the taut membrane goes slack into a thousand wrinkles, just before it withers to ash and air. – Author: Barbara Kingsolver

The Cinderella story in reverse. I only wish there were ashes in the fireplace so I could order you to sweep them out. – Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips

The computer is the new fireplace, everyone in the family gathers around the digital hearth for warmth. – Author: Amy Poehler

the design actually makes him look more like a fireplace elf. Bob – Author: Lauernce Yep

The fun of sitting around Pangong Lake with 40 guys around a fireplace, having a glass of wine … staying in one camp together … that’s an experience. Waking up at 5 in the morning, watching the sun come up. You don’t do these things in Bombay. – Author: Gautam Singhania

The lamps were lit, and a good fire crackled in the great stone fireplace. There was a discreet chink of china, the brightness of silver teapot and muffin cover, the comforting smell mingled of steaming hot water, toast and a little sweet tobacco. – Author: Susan Hill

The national distrust of the contemplative temperament arises less from an innate Philistinism than from a suspicion of anything that cannot be counted, stuffed, framed or mounted over the fireplace in the den. – Author: Lewis H. Lapham

The sound of a crackling fire going in the fireplace, a nice warm blanket and a good book is just about heaven for me. – Author: E.L. Grimm

Then the fire was shining on the hearth, the cold and the dark and the wild beasts were all shut out, and Jack the brindle bulldog and Black Susan the cat lay blinking at the flames in the fireplace. Ma sat in her rocking chair, sewing by the light – Author: Laura Ingalls Wilder

Then, three years ago, on a night very like tonight, the Prime Minister had been alone in his office when the portrait had once again announced the imminent arrival of Fudge, who had burst out of the fireplace, sopping wet and in a state of considerable panic. – Author: J.K. Rowling

There is no need to overreact. I’m certain there are worse things that could happen to a young lady than to be denied a voucher to Almack’s.” With a small smile, Amelia Bouchard folded up the letter that had delivered the bad news and tossed it into the fireplace. – Author: Rachel Pierson

There was a difference between being proud of a grand fireplace in your hall and walking into the flames. – Author: Robert Jordan

There was a great jagged hole where they had ripped out the fireplace; the wall around it was crowded with faded graffiti explain who loved who, who was gay and who should fuck off. – Author: Tana French

There was an avocado green slow cooker, a venerable coffeemaker, two coffee grinders, and a blender. These were the tools of the modern witch, though Sarah kept a big black cauldron by the fireplace for old times’ sake. – Author: Deborah Harkness

There were periods when I sometimes made fires in a large, open fireplace that lasted about two weeks, which was how long it took to burn my compositions. So there has been an awful lot that I have destroyed. – Author: Alan Hovhaness

There were shadows galore in the dim light, but there was one shadow that did not correspond to any object in the room. It lurked next to the fireplace, a formless, undulating darkness. – Author: Bentley Little

There’s a saying I read recently; I painted it on the fireplace and in my studio: “Be kind to everyone you meet, for everyone is fighting a great battle.” We all are. Everyone. – Author: Gloria Vanderbilt

This has to be a joke. After all, an owl hadn’t dropped a letter down my fireplace to let me know I’d been accepted into a special school, and I certainly hadn’t taken an enchanted train to get to Kinsley High. – Author: Michelle Madow

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This tiny habitation on wheels, with bit parts of the living room, the washroom, and the fireplace, is a pathetic admission that human life is no more than this: an attempt to feel at home while racing towards oblivion. He – Author: Yann Martel

Throughout the open space, and a two-story fireplace. The bedrooms all have mountain vistas, and the patio has a multimillion-dollar view of a great, green, tree-studded lawn. Edmund Washburn, a big teddy bear of a man, had fired up the – Author: James Patterson

We didn’t realize it at the time, but what we carried with us were colorful, stringers-full of memories, which now hang in our heads like trophy trout above the fireplace mantel. – Author: Dan Adams

What I am trying to achieve is a voice sitting by a fireplace telling you a story on a winter’s evening. – Author: Truman Capote

What’s a horse doing on a spaceship”

What’s pre-revolutionary France doing on a spaceship? Mickey, get a little perspective!”

Whatever the losses in warmth and comfort, the gains in space proved irresistible. So the development of the fireplace became one of the great breakthroughs in domestic history: they allowed people to lay boards across the beams and create a whole new world upstairs. – Author: Bill Bryson

When I retire I’m going to spend my evenings by the fireplace going through those boxes. There are things in there that ought to be burned. – Author: Richard M. Nixon

When we lay awake after making love I could hear the sleepy birds settling in their nests in the thatch. We had a little pallet bed, a table and two stools, a fireplace where we warmed up our dinner from the palace, and nothing more. We wanted nothing more. – Author: Philippa Gregory

Why do you have a picture of my mentor, Siri, on the shelf above your fireplace? – Evaline.

With callused hands

Yes.’ He drank it all down and then casually threw the glass at the fireplace. I stared at the fragments. ‘You don’t mind, do you?’ He gestured to the broken glass with a sarcastic smile. ‘I surely hope you don’t, because there’s nothing much you can do about it if you do mind. – Author: Anne Rice

You don’t have to shoot me,” says the young lion. “I will be your rug and I will lie in front of your fireplace and I won’t move a muscle and you can sit on me and toast all the marshmallows you want. I love marshmallows. – Author: Shel Silverstein

You may be trying to claim the woman, his eyes said, but make no mistake, she and the fucking fireplace are mine. – Author: Karen Marie Moning

You might be a redneck if you have a picture of Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, or Elvis over your fireplace. – Author: Jeff Foxworthy

Young Reinette: Monsieur, be careful!

No matter how you choose to enjoy your fireplace, one thing is for sure: it’s a great way to add a touch of warmth and coziness to your home. So next time you’re feeling chilly, curl up by the fire with a good book or a loved one and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.