1400+ Amazing Quotes That Will Change Your Perspective on Life

Amazing Quotes: Adrenaline is an amazing thing. After a pretty amazing year that included more wins than I thought possible, I rang by watching the Times Square ball drop on TV and then heading directly to bed. It might not have been the typical New Year’s Eve for a 21-year-old, but what can I say? It was a training night!


After all these years, it’s still amazing what Obama is allowed to get away with. He says low gas prices in 2009 were caused by a terrible economy, but then claims that the lower number of illegal aliens crossing the border is because of his border policies, not the same lousy economy.

Amazing Quotes
Amazing Quotes

After every bath, I make sure to moisturize my entire body. I’m obsessed with Diptyque: people love their candles, but their body products are also amazing.

After studying the subject for years, watching countless YouTube videos of Scientology handlers filming critics and journalists, it felt amazing to be on the receiving end myself: I felt like I’d been blooded.

After writing two books featuring amazing dogs, I decided to be owned by one.

Alan Cumming is such an amazing performer and person.

Alan Turing is such an amazing, tragic story.

Alexander Gonzalez Inarritu is a great director. He’s the one I first worked with. He’s amazing.

Alison Lohman is an amazing actress. I was so proud to work with her.

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All best-of lists should close with the amazing Kelly Link.

All I can say is that ‘Raw’ is an amazing show.

All I know is Andrew Davies is an amazing writer; I adore the scripts. I think that Jeremy Piven is outstanding.

All I want is the same opportunities as the filmmakers I grew up admiring. But you know, I’ve had lots of amazing opportunities to do the movies I wanted to do. If I could write my future, I’d want to keep making character-based films that can make use of my voice as a filmmaker.

All John Coltrane’s records are amazing.

All of my favorite actresses are comedians at heart: Shirley MacLaine and Madeline Kahn, Diane Keaton and Debra Winger. And they are all amazing dramatic actresses, but everything they do is funny.

All the ‘Hunger Games’ stuff, we had a fantastic production designer, and he built amazing sets.

Allison Janney is amazing, and Anna Faris was a revelation to me.

Although believers by nature, are far from God, and children of wrath, even as others, yet it is amazing to think how nigh they are brought to him again by the blood of Jesus Christ.

Always expect the unexpected. Right around Thanksgiving, when the new Alex Cross will be out. It’s called Four Blind Mice and it’s a pretty amazing story about several murders inside the military.

Amazement awaits us at every corner.

amazing quotes about life

Amazing things happen when you pull individual pieces of information together into larger linked datasets: meaning emerges, as you produce facts from figures.

Amazing Quotes
Amazing Quotes

Amazing, the poisons I used to put in my body. I used to love it.

Amazingly when you add life and consciousness to the equation you can actually explain some of the biggest puzzles of science.

American readers are so polite; their reactions make it seem like I’ve received thousands of thank-you notes. It’s just lovely, and amazing the things people tell you that have touched them and related to their own lives.

America’s got amazing presentation, especially New York – the most potent, strongest, concentrated, amazing presentation.

Amy Adams is incredible and inspiring – she’s amazing.

An amazing gift in a young child is, in some ways, an abnormality.

And I thought, when I have kids, that’s the sort of well told, silly, and fun fairy tale that I would want to take them to. But it was an amazing experience. And I think Shrek is a real classic, a fairy tale classic.

And it is very sexy as well: somebody says I’m taking you on a surprise date, you don’t know where you are going and you can’t see and then you put your hand out and there is a tiger. Amazing.

And Shanghai is amazing. I’m a fan of science fiction so when you’re there in the night with all the lights and all this modernity, it’s like a set in a movie.

And then we watched an amazing number of movies from the late ’60s and ’70s, which is my favorite time, and we studied their camera movements, their stocks, the way they lit stuff, the colors they used.

And then ‘Wanderlust,’ Ken Marino and David Wain wrote the funniest – they’re amazing. That was one of my most favorite creative experiences; we’re all up at that commune, a small group of people. Everyone was funnier than the next. It was an amazing ensemble feeling. Everyone gave and took in the best way.

Optimism Quotes And Saying

And you can’t complain about kissing Emma Watson. Isn’t that what everyone in the world wants to do? I’ve known Emma for a few years. She’s this amazing capacity of young and vibrant and brilliant, but also a bright, intelligent old soul.

Andrew Gurland is so precise and, again, such an amazing writer, but then he’s also really honest with himself and what he is seeing.

Ang Lee – he is amazing. I think doing a film with him would be breathtaking.

Anita Roddick was amazing. Her presence in a room was full of light, and everything she worked to achieve still resonates now.

Ann Wilson has an amazing voice and is a brilliant songwriter.

amazing quotes about love

Any day acting is an amazing day.

Amazing Quotes
Amazing Quotes

Any time you get to play a champion like Serena, it’s amazing.

Anyone can feel amazing if you’re with someone you love.

Anyone who has played the game professionally, you’re always taught that the ball is the most important, most precious thing, so when the ball hits the ground, it’s always a mad scramble. It’s amazing how many times there is a fumble, and the person who recovers it initially doesn’t walk away with the ball.

Anything can happen at Pipeline; it’s one of those waves where the most amazing wave can come through in one minute, and then nothing can happen for an hour.

Anything salty and crunch is a world of perfection to me. Put chips in front of me, and I will eat to the bottom of the bag. Because I have the tendency to do this, I found these amazing Eden Brown Rice Chips. They’re the perfect amount of salt and crunch, and there’s nothing in them.

Anytime fashion and music go hand-in-hand and it really is an organic fit, it’s amazing.

Anytime I meet people who got to make the deliberate choice, whose parents chose Canada, I’m jealous. Because I think being able to choose it, rather than being Canadian by default, is an amazing statement of attachment to Canada.

Apart from anything else, I am designed by evolution, like we all are: if we see a little thing like that, big eyes, tiny nose, we go ‘aaah’. That’s what evolution does. We are programmed to do that. So to find babies the most amazing, isn’t surprising, I don’t think.

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Aquaman’s such an amazing character.

Amazing Quotes
Amazing Quotes

Aretha Franklin, she’s just the most amazing singer ever. But I think there are so many singers that I just loved and sang along to on the radio. I guess I just enjoy trying out different styles along the way.

Argentina is amazing.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, I don’t know if you’d call him a great actor, but he’s amazing in terms of his presence, and he is interesting enough that you want to watch him.

Arsenal has been always been a big club in my eyes and I’ve seen them win loads of trophies. To be a part of it is just amazing, I just want to make history with the club.

Arsenal is an amazing club, I have been there since primary school and it’s a place I call home and passionate fans who are like family members.

Art fairs bring attention to up and coming artists and some amazing new works. They are a way to connect everyone with what’s happening at the cutting edge of art, both new and historic.

Art is a way of penetrating and going deep into our unconscious and creating amazing worlds – as the Greeks did, if you like, as did Ovid with his stories and his fantasies.

Art is an amazing form of being able to share our experiences and tell stories and hopefully relate to other people, but you don’t know how everyone else is always going to react to what you put out there.

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As a dancer, obviously, we are all inspired by Michael Jackson, and I always looked up to Gene Kelly. He was a bigger version of Fred Astaire, and he was amazing as well.

As a Jew, there’s a need to keep that atrocity alive. There were Catholics and gypsies and homosexuals who died in the Holocaust, too. It’s amazing that people allowed this slaughter to take place. There’s a need to make these films and reiterate it happened.

As a kid, I always looked up to supermodels, thinking about how amazing they are. I always wanted to be in photos.

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As a kid, I always wanted to be like Spielberg and to make wonderful movies. Even when I was making ‘Indiana Jones,’ I was looking at how he would come up with these amazing shots and how he would choreograph the blocking and all that. So I knew from early on I would go to film school and try to work behind the camera.

Amazing Quotes
Amazing Quotes

As a kid, I was always very shy growing up – I wasn’t very good at articulating my thoughts or my feelings. Now that I’m older, I found acting to do that. So it’s been an amazing way to sort of express who I am.

As a planning board commissioner, I have to review the applications for development throughout the city, and the bulk of those applications have been for the waterfront. I think the progress the waterfront has made is amazing.

As a songwriter and as a vocalist, Adele is amazing. You have that. But then there’s something about her that’s just very honest. I feel like so many people across the board can relate to her and who she is. She’s just so appealing and very real.

As a viewer, I really want to watch author-backed stories, and there is something amazing about thrillers, the way it captivates your imagination.

As a woman, it’s nice to hear people at the stage door say, ‘I didn’t even know! She’s a woman, and that’s the most amazing thing’.

As an actor, it’s amazing to get to create different characters.

As an actor, there’s nothing worse than the sound of ‘seven years’. I’m sure to some people it sounds amazing, but to us, it’s, like, seven years of playing the same person.

As an actor, to have achieved financial stability is amazing. But I always have this weird fear that I’m not going to get any more work; it’s about not having enough money.

As an editor, I read Charlotte Rogan’s amazing debut novel, ‘The Lifeboat,’ when it was still in manuscript. I read it in one night, and I really wanted my company to publish it, but we lost it to another house. It’s such a wonderful combination of beautiful writing and suspenseful storytelling.

As anyone who is a father or mother out there can tell you, it’s pretty amazing.

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As far as I’m concerned, Cate Blanchett is a goddess, but she’s really down to earth. She’s got all those Oscars, she’s made all those amazing films and she could spend her whole life doing that, but what does she also do? She gives birth to three boys and creates her own theatre in Sydney.

As far as movies, I love ‘The Notebook.’ I always say that I wish I could play Rachel McAdams’ character. She’s amazing. That’s the movie every girl wants to be in.

As far as the girls in my grade, it was always kind of an on-and-off thing. When all this came up, it was kind of hard. My guy friends and my family friends have been so amazing and supportive.

As far as the public is concerned, India is amazingly secular.

As far as the ‘Mad Men’ thing, I love ‘Mad Men.’ It’s one of my favorite shows; I think it’s an amazing series.

As soon as I get on the plane, I go straight to the bathroom and give myself a little minifacial. MV Organic Skincare does a rose oil spray that is absolutely gorgeous and amazing.

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As women, we should set an example and make others feel confident that they can do amazing things as well.

Amazing Quotes
Amazing Quotes

As you eat more healthily, your palate changes – it’s amazing. Your taste buds constantly adapt: from minute to minute, in fact. If you drank orange juice right now, it would taste sweet. But if you first ate some sweets then drank the same juice, it could taste unpleasantly bitter.

Astronomers can look back in time. We can look at things as they used to be. We have an idea there was a Big Bang explosion 13.7 billion years ago. We have a story of how galaxies and stars were made. It’s an amazing story.

At 13, I realized that I could fix anything electronic. It was amazing, I could just do it. I started a business repairing radios. It grew to be one of the largest in Philadelphia.

At 13, when I was a runaway, I was taken in by the most amazing drag queens in Portland, Ore. We didn’t always know where our next meal was coming from, but there was so much camaraderie and love. Not to mention, those girls could paint a face, and I learned how because of them.

At 16, I started really loving country music, and Collin Raye just had the most amazing ballads!

At first I missed it, but it was the amazing energy thing that happened during shows, when a lot of people were like Yay Yay Yeah! I missed that for a while. But I don’t miss the regular and the business side of that whole thing.

At Harvard, I got to meet and have dinner with Jamaica Kincaid. Just to have conversations with professors was absolutely amazing.

At its core, what’s amazing about YC is you don’t have to work to get in. You don’t have to know anyone, so there isn’t some type of old boys’ club.

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At LVMH, we have amazing heritage brands, and we put interesting talents in those brands, sometimes very young, like we did at Givenchy with Riccardo Tisci at the time, or like we just did with J.W. Anderson at Loewe, but also talents that are already further along in their careers, like Raf Simons at Christian Dior or Nicolas at Vuitton.

At NSD, I had an amazing experience learning everything from stagecraft to western drama and Shakespeare, Maxim Gorky, Anton Chekov.

At once I feel that comedy is this amazing sort of transcendent thing, and I’m also open to the fact that maybe it’s just an evolutionary hiccup, something that upright apes do in their free time.

At one point when I was very young, when I was first starting out, I thought, ‘Well, one day I’ll be able to put all the music away and become a real comedian.’ But then I realized there are amazing musical comedians out there, that musical comedy is probably something I’ll always want to pursue.

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At one point, you were that employee who looked like a deer in headlights. Confused, lost, and not understanding your purpose within the organization. Even though you have the appropriate skills, you felt like you were in over your head. That is, until an amazing boss empowered you.

Amazing Quotes
Amazing Quotes

At Sir-Tech I went through the ranks, almost like an apprenticeship. I was very fortunate. The industry was smaller then, and I was able to work alongside some amazing game designers.

At the beginning of ‘Solo,’ Chewbacca is a stray dog from the streets who has been beaten. He is very guarded and not trusting of the outside world. When the situation arises, he calls upon the powers he has and can do amazing things.

At the New York Athletic Club they serve amazing food. People go there, get healthy, and then eat themselves to death – which is, I suppose, the right way to do it.

At this stage, most of the awards I get are concerned with my longevity. Even I’m amazed at myself because there have been new generations since I’ve been born and new music that they create, so it’s amazing to still be on the radar.

Athens is an amazing city for creativity. I bought a house there. A little, tiny place.

Aubrey Plaza is absolutely amazing.

Australia has produced amazing costume designers that are unheralded.

Babies smell amazing, but I’m not one of these women who smell a baby and go, ‘I want one.’ I see a dog over the field and go, ‘I want one.’

Babyshambles were offered some money to have a comeback. Good band, they were – amazing tunes.

Back in the days when the market was a kind of secular god and all the world thrilled to behold the amazing powers of private capital, the idea of privatizing highways and airports and other bits of our transportation infrastructure made a certain kind of sense.

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Back in the early 1970s, what got me and another 400,000 kids out of bed without needing to be called twice was the latest issue of The Amazing Spider-Man.

Badshah treats me like a younger sister. He is amazing to work with.

Bam Bam Bigelow was an amazing athlete for his size.

Bands can become absolutely huge and actually be pretty terrible musicians, and bands can be the most amazing songwriters and musicians in the world and never play for more than 10 people. With that in mind, getting successful doesn’t mean anything.

Bantam has an incredible team working on my books, and I’m so thrilled that the art department is so amazing, since those covers are the ‘face’ of my stories!

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Bayern is an amazing club – I can imagine playing here for many years.

Amazing Quotes
Amazing Quotes

Be open to the amazing changes which are occurring in the field that interest you.

Because I see my mum and dad as such amazing friends, I think I’ll be a really good dad.

Because I’ve made a film with such an amazing director as Tarantino, I’m much more conscious of working with good directors from now on, so that’s what’s important to me. I don’t really care about making a big movie – I just want to make good ones.

Becoming a ‘Sir’ is slightly uncomfortable at first, although it is a considerable honor. It is amazing how quickly you become accustomed to it.

Becoming food savvy is one thing, but it’s amazing how fast savvy turns to snooty, and snooty leaves you preparing three-hour meals that break your budget and that the kids won’t even eat.

Before Eminem, the idea that there would be a white rapper that anybody would really check for was fantastic or amazing or impossible.

Before turning 32 is an amazing time to do radical things. You figure out who you are while you figure out who you are not.

Before ‘Gremlins,’ I was a normal person, then within two weeks of the movie coming out, I couldn’t walk into a store without people turning around and staring. It’s exciting and also scary because everyone starts telling you how amazing you are.

Before ‘Twilight,’ occasionally I would get the ‘Hey are you that girl from that movie?’ but no one knew my first and last name. The fans of the saga are amazing, and it’s very flattering.

Being a parent is amazing.

Being able to do something that I love and be at such a high level of gymnastics is just amazing.

Being able to go into Wimbledon and be part of an amazing atmosphere is special.

Being able to play at club level at a high level and then getting called into the national team, it’s amazing.

Being asked to play ‘The Doctor’ is an amazing privilege. Like the Doctor himself I find myself in a state of utter terror and delight. I can’t wait to get started.

Being associated with songs that push boundaries is amazing. If the rest of my career consists of a majority of songs that are experimental, I’ll be a happy man.

Being at the first post-Weinstein Oscars was amazing. It felt like there’s a spotlight on diversity.

Nature Quotes And Saying

Being in an area of the planet where scientists believe mankind started is quite amazing.

Being in New York is an almost overwhelming experience. While Washington, D.C., is my favorite American city, I regard New York City as the most amazing city in the world. No other comes close. It is an incredible, inexhaustible engine.

Being named NFLPA Community MVP is an amazing honor.

Being on a show with a female lead is amazing for me. I love that.

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Being part of a team that was so unselfish was amazing. What we were able to accomplish was very meaningful, and the fact we were able to get it done as a team.

Amazing Quotes
Amazing Quotes

Being part of ‘Raw 1000’ in the same ring with Undertaker and Kane leading an army of young hungry wrestlers was amazing.

Being recognized by Hollywood is a dream true; it’s really an amazing moment.

Beyonce has very clear ideas – she knows exactly what she wants. The thing which she then also has over other celebrities is that she has an amazing voice. She’s incredibly talented, and she’s an amazing dancer – she’s complete. Few are like Beyonce.

Beyonce is the most amazing woman in the world.

Bjork – she wears really weird stuff, and it’s amazing.

Blocking a shot can really demoralize a person and defer them from coming to the rim the rest of the game. So being able to do that and change the landscape of the game by one play is pretty amazing.

Bobby Roode is amazing.

Bolt put the Mobot on the map, to be honest with you! He’s just an amazing guy.

Books for teens are amazing and compelling, I think, because they’re generally set in a time in people’s lives when they are uncertain about who they are and who they love and what the right thing is to do.

Boom, I move to L.A. after doing ‘Aftershock,’ and I’ve been actually working here. So it’s all been ‘boom’; it’s all been ‘boom’ everything. It’s so exciting. It’s been amazing. I’m a very lucky girl.

Both of us are lucky because we married women who are amazing cooks.

Bourjois make-up comes in amazing colours, and it’s great value.

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Boy, you know, it’s amazing how your brain can turn into a sieve, and you can literally forget episodes that you have shot.

Boys from my generation all love Jim Carrey! But you know, just being in his house with him and pitching jokes that he would act out, literally felt like the dreams that I had, so it was amazing.

Brains don’t really smell, but what’s amazing about the brain is that it’s almost like scrambled eggs or soft tofu, almost like a gel. The brain controls so much of what we do, but you could put your finger right through it.

Braun Strowman – that guy’s a monster. He’s done some amazing things.

Britain is an amazing multicultural place to live in, and that should be celebrated and represented.

British boxing fans are amazing, and the O2 is one of the best venues in the world.

Britney Spears was an incredible dancer. That kid was amazing.

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Bruce Dern was fascinating. He’s an amazing character. If you put him in a room at a table, you will sit there for the next five days and listen to everything he has to say and be fascinated by it. He’s great.

Amazing Quotes
Amazing Quotes

Bruce Lee has always been a hero of mine, and the choreography in ‘Enter The Dragon’ is amazing.

Bruce Lee was very famous. I watched his movies and he is amazing. He is a martial arts master, his philosophy, his movement, both physically and mentally, were very strong.

Bruce possessed such a natural athleticism in everything he attempted to do. He seemed to excel in every sport he tried. Whatever he did, he was daring and cut an amazing form.

Bruce Weber is an amazing photographer, and Carine Roitfeld’s style – and everything she does – is gorgeous.

Buffon is fearless and has no obvious weaknesses. He has been outstanding for Juventus and was one of Italy’s most important players at the 2006 World Cup finals in Germany, where they were victorious, but what is amazing is that he has been playing like that for years. He never seems to make a mistake.

Burberry was about building a relationship. But it was always about selling an amazing product that you would have forever. Apple is just a deeper relationship with a much broader constituency. Because it’s everybody.

Business is all about the customer: what the customer wants and what they get. Generally, every customer wants a product or service that solves their problem, worth their money, and is delivered with amazing customer service.

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But I am not going to live for ever. And the more I know it, the more amazed I am by being here at all.

But I think Hillary Clinton is one of the most amazing women of this time.

But in Delhi, people love artists. They love any musician, any actor; anybody from the art field who visits from the entertainment industry, gets an amazing response in Delhi.

But it was great, we sit in the same dressing room where, like, Johnny Cash sat and Willie Nelson and all those guys. That was in itself something amazing – I was on the same space these guys stood on, ya know?

But one of the amazing things about documentary is that you can remake it every time you make one. There is no rule about how a documentary film has to be made.

But when you’re deprived of it for a lengthy period then you value human companionship. But you have to survive and so you devise all kinds of mental exercises and it’s amazing.

By preventing dangerous asteroid strikes, we can save millions of people, or even our entire species. And, as human beings, we can take responsibility for preserving this amazing evolutionary experiment of which we and all life on Earth are a part.

C Kalyan has been amazing and totally committed as a producer.

Call me an optimist, but in the past 300 years we have built amazing technologies which – by and large – have advanced humanity.

Camila Cabello did an amazing job with ‘Havana.’ It’s Spanish, but it’s English.

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Carbon nanotubes are amazing because they’re really good electrical conductors, yet they are only a few atoms in diameter. You can make transistors out of them in the same way you can with silicon. At Berkeley, we made the narrowest device anybody had ever made. It was basically a single molecule.

Amazing Quotes
Amazing Quotes

Cardi B really is like having a sister in the industry. She’s a real person, extremely humble. She’s amazing.

Cassini was so profoundly, scientifically successful. It’s amazing to me, even, what we were able to do right up until the end.

Cate Blanchett is somebody who’s transformed herself in so many different ways and worked with so many amazing actors and directors. If I was gonna model my career after somebody’s, it would definitely be hers.

Cate Blanchett. Judi Dench. Helen Mirren. Everything about them. Even their fashion choices. They’re so with it and cool and women I admire. They take chances. They’re chameleons. Everything that they do. They’re also amazing mothers.

Catherine O’Hara’s one of the most amazing, wonderful actresses, but she’s an amazing improviser. She really is.

Celebrity has some amazing advantages, of course it does. You’re given an extraordinary power. It’s a door-opener. I might not have to queue for things.

Chance The Rapper is just unreal: he’s changing rap and really creating this whole amazing new style.

Change is hard. A lot of times, at the end of films, even if they’re amazing, I look back, and I’m like, ‘I don’t think anyone changed,’ and that’s an important thing to see.

Changing my body has given me the ability to do all these amazing things that I never in a million years imagined I could do.

Charleston is an amazing place. I probably didn’t appreciate it enough when I was growing up.

Chelsea is a great team with some amazing players.

Chicago is a world-class city filled with amazing people with big ideas.

Chicago is amazing.

Thank You Quotes And Saying

Chicago is an amazing place for sports.

Chicago is my absolute favorite city. It’s clean, the food is amazing, and everyone is so warm and welcoming. We’ve gotten really, really used to it and really excited about our second home in Chicago.

Chicago is pretty much my favorite city to perform in. For some reason, people from the Chicago area have an amazing attitude.

Chick lit was amazing, and I was thrilled to be part of it.

Childbirth is more admirable than conquest, more amazing than self-defense, and as courageous as either one.

Childhood is just this amazing place, and in my books, I was trying to express my concern about childhood being eroded. You have kids’ TV programs being interrupted by terrorist attacks, and kids are exposed to so much these days.

Children are amazing, and while I go to places like Princeton and Harvard and Yale, and of course I teach at Columbia, NYU, and that’s nice and I love students, but the most fun of all are the real little ones, the young ones.

Choreography is amazing. I’m still a dancer, yet I transitioned into choreography then as a Creative Director. All of these creative elements are brought out of being a dancer. Directing is something that comes out of understanding movement and choreography. Directing movement is directing a dance piece.

Chris Messina is amazing, and he’s so serious – he’s, like, a proper actor! He’s got craft! I love to watch him. But not in a creepy way.

Chris Messina is awesome. He’s amazing.

Chris Nolan is an amazing director.

Chris Parnell’s a genius, so he’d be amazing on ‘Who’s Line.’

Christina Ricci is amazing, the most professional actor I think I’ve ever met. You can be chatting with her and when they call action, she’s right there.

Christopher Reeve did such an amazing job that to give him some kind of accent or more bravado would have been wrong. Audiences wouldn’t have responded to that either.

Claude Debussy’s ‘Children’s Corner’ is a suite with six movements just for piano. Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli and Alfred Cartot’s versions are amazing, but my favorite is Menininha Lobo’s. Her version was done when she was an old lady – and you can hear it.

Clay Aiken is amazing beyond that glorious voice. Turns out he is an excellent comic actor and a master of character.

Coach Gase has done amazing things, not with just quarterbacks but offenses in general.

Colombians are sick of ‘Narcos’ stories because Colombia is a country that has changed so much. It’s a country that’s completely different from the country that we see in ‘Narcos.’ They reconstructed themselves in 25 years, which is amazing.

Comedy is an amazing calling. Once you get that first laugh, it’s hard to turn away. Then, of course, you’re hooked and you have to learn how to survive in the business.

Comic-Con has been an amazing experience. It’s overwhelming, I have to admit, because of the lines and the crowds.

Competition between men is a fuel that’s useful to us. We have to be careful that it doesn’t tell the same story over too many times, but it’s amazing how durable that story is.

Compton is this amazing place with a rich history. I see it as a new Brooklyn.

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Computers are extremely helpful and amazing for a multitude of scientific areas, but for me, when it comes to creation, they are insufficient and slow. Therefore, all of my efforts are to stay away from that beast.

Amazing Quotes
Amazing Quotes

Considering the amount of information we’re bombarded by, it’s amazing if a song can transcend time.

Cotton candy is the most amazing form of caramelization ever invented by man.

Counseling was amazing, but I didn’t know how loved I was until after my marriage had gone through its darkest time.

Count your blessings. You are one of a kind. There’s no one in the world like you. You are amazing.

Creating a vertically oriented regional ecosystem is a pretty amazing accomplishment for any country or industry.

Creating something new is the difficult part. To make it and build it and get everyone to follow? Amazing.

Cristiano’s numbers are amazing, indisputable.

Croatia is an amazing place.

Cut your manuscript ruthlessly but never throw anything away: it’s amazing how often a discarded scene or description, which wouldn’t fit in one place, will work perfectly later.

Cyndi Lauper is really good at talking to you about normal things. It’s strange to be in the presence of a big celebrity like that. You want to make these connections and say things related to being a fan. It’s not as interesting for them. She’s amazing at making small talk without it seeming small.

Dad is a really surprising guy. Every time I think he’s going to be useless, he ends up doing something amazing and saying exactly the right thing.

Happiness Quotes And Saying

Dad was an amazing storyteller and illustrator, which he did in his spare time – very inspiring and dramatic.

Dance has always been my number one. I started when I was seven years old and I’ve had the opportunity to work with some really amazing artists.

Dani Alves is amazing.

Daniel Cormier is a different champion. He has achieved some amazing things in his career, and for me, it would be very nice to be facing him.

Dann Huff is amazing and so patient.

Daphne Guinness was amazingly comfortable in her skin, and she has an amazing collection in fashion that I wish I could just touch.

Definitely they write themselves. It’s an amazing experience. It’s like the characters have come alive and are sitting on my shoulder talking to me, telling me their tales.

Despite amazing advances in fertility to help older women get pregnant, the complications, increased chances of autism, and chromosomal abnormalities are significant considerations.

Dick Van Dyke was my first idol. He’s an amazing physical comedian, like a classic clown, but also very smart and not afraid to show vulnerability.

Direct confrontation, direct conversation is real respect. And it’s amazing how many people get that.

Directing is a really kind of amazing thing, because you’re helping others and, in the middle of that, you have to worry about yourself.

amazing daughter quotes

DJ Sliink is amazing, and his production is on the next level. There are a lot of EDM producers that I’d like to work with, not for the sake of having an engineered record, but for the fact that I love their production and music.

Amazing Quotes
Amazing Quotes

Do I know A.J. Styles and I could have an amazing match? Seth Rollins and I could tear it down and have a classic? Yeah, if it were me at 35, not me at 45. And not me at 45 not having stepped in a ring for eight years.

Do you like my suit? I think this is an amazing suit, don’t you think?

Dogs are a really amazing eye opener for us humans because their lives are compressed into such a short period, so we can see them go from puppyhood to adolescence to strong adulthood and then into their sunset years in 10 to 12 years. It really drives home the point of how finite all our lives are.

Don’t contour with blush – that’s so eighties. It was an amazing trend then, but it’s not hot now. Instead, go for a neutral contour color that’s one or two shades deeper than your skin tone.

Don’t count out other amazing programming like Frontline. You will still find more hours of in-depth news programming, investigative journalism and analysis on PBS than on any other outlet.

Drake is a lyrical genius, and he’s great with melodies, and Pharrell is an amazing producer and songwriter.

Drake is an amazing person. Also, a magician. He’s a big brother, super-talent; he’s cool.

Dress for your body type. Some people are blessed enough to be able to throw on something that Beyonce wears and it looks amazing. If I try to go against the grain and wear something that my body doesn’t like, it’s going to show.

Dublin is one of my favorite cities. It’s an absolutely amazing place.

Cute Quotes And Saying

Dude, I turn into a six-year-old when I come to Disneyland. It’s amazing. My eyes glass over and my blood pressure goes down. I’m just like everybody else. I turn into a big kid when I come here. It’s the happiest place on earth, right?

Each of us have things and thoughts and descriptions of an amazing universe in our possession that kings in the 17th Century would have gone to war to possess.

Egyptian comedy has a very, very old tradition. Our theater and our movies are just, like, amazing. And Egypt is kind of like the Hollywood of the Middle East. I mean, we had cinema maybe decades before the other Arab countries ever got independence.

Elizabeth Taylor. In her heyday, she was amazing.

Elle MacPherson is absolutely amazing; she is just so beautiful.

Emmanuel Lewis was amazing to work with. I’ll love that guy to the end of time.

Enter Shikari are a mash-up of everything. I used to really love dubstep when they first came out. They had those amazing basslines, so I loved going to the live shows.

Equality for everybody is great. That would be amazing.

Essex is an amazing county, with its own set of rules. It’s a completely different world.

Europe has grown to 27 member states, encompassing an amazing diversity and richness. Some argue this is part of the problem: Europe is simply too big and culturally disparate to be managed properly. But look to India for an example of how social unity can be forged within a culturally, linguistically, and ethnically complex nation.

Evangelicalism’s moral values are now articulated by reality stars like the Duggar family, who Mike Huckabee embraced, and ‘Duck Dynasty,’ whose patriarch, Phil Robertson, endorsed Cruz. Palin herself, an evangelical darling in 2008, has had two reality TV shows: ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ and ‘Sarah Palin’s Amazing America.’

Even as a teenager, my sensibility was different because my parents introduced me to some amazing films. I grew up watching films like ‘Kabuliwala,’ ‘Casablanca,’ and ‘Mandi.’

Even though L.A. can be kind of tacky, when a city’s big draws are The Roxy and the Viper Room, you know its pretty amazing.

Even though MMA and pro wrestling are very different, at the end of the day, it’s all about entertaining. They are amazing athletes who go out there and give 100 percent.

Ever consider what pets must think of us? I mean, here we come back from a grocery store with the most amazing haul – chicken, pork, half a cow. They must think we’re the greatest hunters on earth!

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been a Fender connoisseur. And to have my name associated with greatness like that, it’s amazing. I couldn’t be more proud of anything. My children, and then being associated with Fender. In that order!

Every creator sets up their world differently. That’s what’s so amazing about someone like Aaron Sorkin and his writing.

Every day, I thanked my lucky stars that I got to work with Gillian Jacobs, who is such an amazing actor and brings so much depth to everything that we do.

Every mom believes her kid’s school doodles are amazing, and I’m no different.

Every movie that I’ve picked, from my first film on, has been considered by everyone to be ‘career suicide.’ And I have an amazing life. I have an amazing career. I work with artists. But I’m not making ‘Spider-Man.’

Every single day, authors read at bookstores and libraries – and coffeeshops and bars – all over the country. And these readings are amazing: you get to hear the book in the author’s own voice, ask questions, and meet the writer. For free.

Every single thing related to Old Trafford is amazing. When I was a little kid, I dreamed of playing in a real field, but I never imagined something as fantastic as this.

amazing experience quotes

Every time I got ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ or ‘Fantastic Four’ or another book firmly on the rails, we got pulled into some big event book or crossover and it cost momentum and messed badly with the pacing and structure of the book.

Amazing Quotes
Amazing Quotes

Every time I stepped onto the stage as Jesus, it felt like someone was pouring some honey into my body. It was amazing, an amazing feeling. And then when I had to let go of it, it was hard.

Every time ‘Lady Macbeth’ and everyone involved in the film gets nominated, it’s amazing.

Everybody judges a book by its cover. I can look at 50 books and say every one of those books is bad. Then you read one, and you can say, ‘This book is amazing.’ That’s the same with meeting people.

Everybody just asks me ‘Are you going to make Hollywood movies now?’ First, I don’t know. Second, I never dreamed about that; I just dreamed about making movies with Tarantino. So if I can make movies with a lot of amazing directors – yes.

Everybody knows about Pearl Harbor. The thing that really fascinated me is that through this tragedy there was this amazing American heroism.

Everybody should do at least one startup sometime in life. It’s such an amazing ride.

Everyone feels a sense of ownership in creating a Lynn Shelton movie. Lynn chooses amazing people – including the crew. Every person there is committed to making the film the best it can be.

Everyone has something to learn from one another. When different disciplines meet, it creates this amazing unpredictability.

Everyone in the world of cycling knows how much it is a team sport as well as individual. It’s just amazing to be a part of.

Everyone says TV’s going down the tubes, and it’s all reality, but there’s some really good writing and some amazing opportunities if you’re lucky enough to throw your hat in the ring.

Everyone talks about 40 like it’s massive, but I looked at Joanna Lumley at the Ab Fab premiere the other day, and she looks amazing at 70 – that’s 30 years older than 40, which sounds ridiculous. The number doesn’t matter; it’s what’s going on for you.

Everything has combined to make my life in New York an amazing experience. I told my manager a few years ago that I wanted to move here and try acting in the theater.

Deep Quotes And Saying

Everything has happened so fast for me that I sometimes can’t take it all in. I’m a huge ‘Friends’ fan, and meeting Matthew Perry in L.A., where he was as keen to talk to me about ‘Extras’ as I was to him about ‘Friends,’ was amazing.

Everything is different – except for publishing itself: getting hold of an amazing author, working to make his or her book the best and best-looking it can be, telling the world.

Everything that has happened to me has been amazing and surprising.

Evolve is an amazing promotion.

Exercise is amazing, from the inside out. I feel so alive and have more energy.

Exposing yourself to many kinds of art can only lead to amazing things. It helps you learn about your own art, your own taste, what kind of art you want to create for yourself.

Failure is an amazing data point that tells you which direction not to go.

Failure is not an option. So, we’re committed to the success of not just our relationship but to raising two amazing girls… It’s dedication. We’ve anchored ourselves to a foundation of accountability, and we’ve set out to be successful at this, so we’re going to do it.

Family is everything, although I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with some of the most amazing minds over the years, including Renzo Piano, John Young, Graham Stirk and Ivan Harbour.

Fandom is amazing.

Fashion is a strange world sometimes. Amazing, but strange.

Fashion Week is horrible. I mean, it isn’t horrible, really – it’s amazing. But having to work that much every day is.

Fatherhood is the most amazing thing that could ever have happened in my life.

Female artists I love the most are Fiona Apple, Paramour and Regina Spektor – those girls that really write amazing songs themselves, and they’re younger and cool. I’m not quite sure I could ever write songs like any of them, but if I could, I would.

Film is not an amazing medium to relay interiority. I think literature is much better for that.

Filming in India was one big adventure. For ‘The Cheetah Girls’, we were in Mumbai for two weeks, then Rajasthan for six weeks. Every day after shooting, I would hop into a rickshaw and start exploring the city. I even learned a bit of Hindi. It’s such an amazing place to visit.

Films are amazing. To be a part of a movie is the greatest. It’s so historic and exciting.

First of all, plain and simple, you have no real idea of what it means to be famous until you become famous. It’s a double-edged sword. Obviously there are a lot of amazing things about fame, but there are also a lot of challenging things about it.

Five beautiful sisters and two amazing brothers – I’m so grateful for my family.

Floating Points plays a lot of music that I don’t know, and I like geeking out and trying to find out what the tracks are. His knowledge of house music is pretty deep, and his selection is just amazing. And I think it’s a pleasure to listen to his music because it’s so perfectly produced.

Food makes travel so exceptional, because you get to taste what it’s actually supposed to taste like. To eat the real Pad Thai or finally have a proper curry is something pretty amazing.

Football was much, much more than I hoped it would be. If I dreamed as a kid, I could never have foreseen such amazing things.

For a player it’s an amazing experience to be at Real Madrid. I matured a lot there, principally as a person.

For all the hundreds of scripts that are out there, there’s not that many that are amazing.

For almost 20 years, I’ve reported on some amazing feats of athleticism for ESPN. But the one thing that stood out, game after game, is that it takes a team to win. When I got cancer, that lesson got personal. And Team Livestrong became my team.

For breakfast, I make an amazing protein shake with fruit, Greek yogurt, protein powder, flaxseed oil and honey. It’s a nice way to get a healthy start and a little bit of sweetness, too.

For clothes, I like this little store on Fountain, Matrushka Construction. Beth Ann Whittaker and Laura Howe make amazing things. You can get a designer skirt with cool embroidery for 40 bucks instead of $400 or $4,000.

For every dancer, no matter how amazing your career, there’s more to life than ballet. Being adored by your audience, it’s only part of the story.

For Israel to retain its amazing position as the largest concentration of high tech after Silicon Valley, we need more engineers and mathematicians. We have too many lawyers.

For like everyday, just kind of hanging out, I love flannels. Part of my closet, there’s a whole section of flannels because I love them so much. Slouchy, oversized hats and fedoras. I just got these 2 amazing hats that I really love, blue and gold trim with woven material by D&Y. I love D&Y hats.

For me, I think the best part of all and the most fun was just being a part of such an amazing movie and such an amazing show because ‘Into The Woods’ is just so incredible.

For me, it is amazing to be in England. To be in London and playing for Spurs will be great for me.

For me, seeing the progression of video games and consoles – whether it be PlayStation, Xbox, or whatever – I think just seeing how good they’ve gotten from the days when I first started playing is just amazing.

For me, writing is like being taken on a walk by a footnote: It’s amazing where you end up.

For merchants, it is an amazing opportunity. Compared to Paypal, crypto has no credit card fees, no charge backs, no ‘Oops, we decided to hold your cash for 3-12 months while we investigate something we can’t disclose.’

For my money, the movies of the ’70s were just amazing.

For reasons probably related to the popular vision of Albert Einstein and, also, the threat posed by black holes in comic books and science fiction, our gravitational wave discoveries have had an amazing public impact.

For such a small country, Britain packs in an amazing diversity of landscapes: coastline, lakes, mountains, rolling countryside, villages and great cities.

For the American culture to evolve and include Asians is so amazing.

For the first 18 months of Joy Division, we used our jobs to fund the band. We’d all chip in three, five quid to go and do a gig. But it was worth it. It was amazing we could afford to feed ourselves. But we were so creatively and artistically satisfied. You can’t explain that to somebody who’s never been there.

For the kid in me that had a rockier edge and wanted to be Stevie Nicks, it’s been fulfilling that I’ve met Dave Navarro and Dave Grohl, these amazing artists that have given encouragement.

For the past 21 years, I’ve been privileged to be part of an amazing organization called the International Women’s Media Foundation.

For us to win a VMA without even dropping our first album was kind of amazing. It felt like a dream, and then I woke up the next morning like, ‘Oh my God – I’ve got a Moonman!’

For Virgin Galactic’s customers, it is transportation to the most amazing experience of their lives. I very much look forward to sending some Scots into space.

For what Ronaldo’s achieved, he’s amazing; he’s a great team-mate.

For whatever reason, I am just very attracted to mystery stories, solving mysteries. I was a huge fan of ‘The Jinx.’ That’s such a satisfying show because it’s all… I don’t want to give it away to anybody, but it’s really amazing.

For years, I never knowingly went on a holiday. When I travelled, it was for work. Now I am a huge advocate, particularly to places which have amazing wildlife, such as Antarctica, India and Patagonia.

For ‘Ghostbusters,’ the thing that makes it such an amazing franchise and an amazing idea is that it is adds the element of physics and technology. It’s not just about ghosts. Who the heck came up with that? It is such a good idea, such a unique combination of stuff from different genres. Ghosts and sci fi.

Former President Bill Clinton, who is widely regarded as a political mastermind, may have sounded like a traditional liberal at the beginning of his term in office. But what ultimately defined his presidency was his amazing pliability on matters of principle.

Fortunately for me, I discovered Ring of Honor. And I saw guys who were much smaller in stature but were putting on these amazing matches that I had never seen in WWE before. So I thought, at the very least, I’d love the chance to be able to wrestle in a company like that someday.

Frankie Muniz is amazing at everything he does. Many people don’t know that he can play the piano like you wouldn’t believe, and he can bowl and play basketball like you wouldn’t believe.

Fred Hoyle was one of the first scientists to become famous on television and radio. It was because he told a dramatic story about the universe – about how amazing it is and the extraordinary discoveries that astronomers like him were making.

Frederico Pena is an amazing talented guitarist and producer.

Free markets are amazing.

Fresh snow is amazing. The board is real different… it floats on the powder and goes really fast. If you’re riding a long board, it’s more like surfing than skiing.

amazing evening quotes

From being a nobody in the industry to getting so much love, it has been an amazing journey.

Amazing Quotes
Amazing Quotes

From Japan to Thailand, I keep discovering amazing talent, cuisine and food markets.

Funnily enough, of course I’ve always thought B was amazing, but I’ve never been, like, ‘Beyhive status’… until actually meeting her. I would honestly drop anything I’m doing to work for her again. Not just because of who she is but because of my experience with her filming for two days.

Gabriel Byrne is just an amazing fellow and an amazing actor.

Gaming is one of those things that’s pretty amazing because when you think about it, everybody wants to game; whether you’re a casual gamer, or you’re an enthusiast gamer, there’s a large market for us.

Gary Ross is amazing. He’s just – he always has a billion ideas of what he wants, but has a very clear perspective also; he just makes it work. He really does. He’s trying different things and making everything look amazing.

Gary Ross is amazing.

Gene Roddenberry is one of the greatest guys who ever lived because he gave us hope that the future might be bright and we could accept one another for whoever we were, even if we were alien. That’s an amazing message, don’t you think?

Generally speaking, I would say villains are a little more exciting to play, but if you get a flawed hero, then that can almost be just as amazing.

George Clooney is a super-human, he’s just such an amazing human being, he taught me how to be a better person and a better actor!

Gerald Wilson was one of my mentors: he was in his nineties before he passed and, literally, every time I saw him, he’d be like, ‘Man, Kamasi, I’ve got this new thing! Nobody ever heard anything like this before!’ It’s amazing hanging out with somebody that was born in 1918.

Getting 1,000 yards in the NFL is an amazing accomplishment, and being the first rookie ever for the Giants to do that is even a bigger one. It’s big because even though my name might go in the record book, it’s not just myself – it’s the offensive line play and the guys in the running back room, all those guys have been a tremendous help.

Getting ‘SNL’ was pretty amazing, so just to be able to have an eight-year career there and be really happy with everything I did, it was pretty big.

Giftedness gives you this amazing tool kit for handling self-discipline and gives you an area of knowledge, but then it also gives you this weird set of aspirations.

Giving birth was the most amazing thing I’ve ever done. I’d been living in a Third World country, and I said, ‘I’m going to just squat behind a tree.’ I basically did that but in a chair in my living room. I didn’t want a sterile hospital room. I didn’t want doctors. I had a midwife.

God bless ABC. They are my knights in shining armor. I love their content. Just as a person, I’m a huge fan of ‘Scandal,’ I still love ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ and ‘Resurrection’ looks amazing.

God bless you if you have one child, but I don’t think anybody should have just one child. Everybody needs a sibling. I have siblings, and I have so many amazing, precious memories with my siblings. I don’t know what I would do if I had been an only child.

Encouragement Quotes And Saying

God has just given me such an amazing journey and able to play; it’s been so much fun. I’m having a blast!

God, I don’t think I could give advice when such other incredible actors have done it before me and done such amazing things. I think it would be unfair of me.

God, I love John Cassavetes. Throughout my acting career and continuing to be an actor and grow, I think there have been so many outstanding actresses, and I hope I can live up to the things they created and continue that on. I think Gina Rowlands is an amazing actress.

Going over to L.A., L.A. giving up a lot of prospects for me, that kind of shows you what I meant to them, which is amazing.

Going to a concert is so overwhelming and the energy is amazing.

Going to Jerusalem was an amazing experience… I spent most of my time in Tel Aviv. Gorgeous.

Going to the roof of the Empire State Building is pretty amazing for kids.

Good acting is good acting, however you learn it. Some people who haven’t studied are amazing. Some people like Leonardo DiCaprio are naturally gifted – he’s learned technique by working with people early on.

Good coaches, as we all know, can have amazing influences on boys.

Google has been amazing at acqui-hiring, buying small companies for the engineers. I think in the competitive market of Silicon Valley, it’s really a good way to do it. Big acquisitions often don’t work out.

Google has been an amazing benefit for our business. People understand the whole world of mapping and want to do more than not get lost. They want to do spatial analytics. It’s been fantastic for us.

Google is in an amazing position to be the target of tons of lawsuits that will set precedent for many important things for us on the Internet.

GoPro represents everything that excites me in a company – incredible products, compelling content, a world-renowned brand and, above all, amazing people who make it happen.

Gotta admit, it’s kind of nice being surrounded by amazing beauty products 24/7.

Govinda can act in his sleep. He is just amazing.

Graphene is a single plane of graphite that has to be pulled out of bulk graphite to show its amazing properties.

amazing employee quotes

Growing up in Florida was really amazing. I spent most my time at the beach.

Amazing Quotes
Amazing Quotes

Growing up in New York has influenced my style so much, and I have an amazing relationship with my stylist, Estee Stanley. We have so much fun with the whole process. She picks out dresses, I try things on and play dress up, and we get creative to see what works.

Growing up, I looked up to major league baseball players, and now these young women have amazing, incredible women all across the board, from swimming to gymnastics to softball to basketball. It is incredible how far women have come and women in sports have come.

Growing up, I looked up to major league baseball players, and now these young women have amazing, incredible women all across the board, from swimming to gymnastics to softball to basketball.

Growing up, I remember the ‘Cheers’ finale and ‘M*A*S*H’ and all these amazing finales, and I remember them being very, very important.

Growing up, my mom made us this amazing thing called The Mack Theatrical Wardrobe. It was a massive trunk filled with everything that you’d want as a kid if you were into imagination and play.

Growing up, the image I had of Princess Margaret was completely different. I knew that she was a slightly tragic figure, but I didn’t know why. Now, I love her with my all my heart. She was such an amazing person, and getting to ‘know’ her better was an honor.

Hackathons are an amazing way to engage the team, foster collaboration, and knock out great work.

Had ‘Bridesmaids’ not ended up being so amazing and successful, we would never have been able to make ‘Bachelorette.’ So we are in awe of ‘Bridesmaids’ and totally owe them so much.

Hamdan Sports Complex is an amazing venue, and I think all the players will love it.

Hank’s the most amazing person on the planet, and if it’s not him, there’s no one else I want to be married to.

Hard as it is to believe, there were three magazines fighting over me. ‘Newsweek’ wanted to keep me, ‘ESPN The Magazine’ was coming into existence and wanted me, and ‘SI’ wanted to bring me back. Isn’t that amazing? I had a choice, like a free agent.

Mood Quotes And Saying

Harrison Ford is absolutely amazing. He is a Hollywood icon, and just to work with him was absolutely incredible.

Having kids has proven to be this amazing – for me, this amazing source of ideas of anecdotes, of examples, I can test my own kids without human subject permission, so they pilot – I pilot my ideas on them. And so it is a tremendous advantage to have kids if you’re going to be a developmental psychologist.

Having my first number one single and being able to travel to places I’ve never been before has been amazing. The tour was also fantastic. There are so many things which I’ve experienced this year which I never even dreamed of.

Having my own label has been nothing short of amazing!

Having presidential candidates say they are supportive of the concept of doing something like the Green New Deal is amazing, but it’s not sufficient.

Having the opportunity to join the FOX family as a soccer analyst in their Moscow studio for what will be my third World Cup is amazing.

Hawaii was beautiful of course, we played at Turtle Bay an amazing resort right on the ocean.

He was an amazing – John McTiernan really was an incredible director, probably the best I’ve worked with because he constantly busted me when he wasn’t getting what he wanted.

Hearst makes smart investments and partnerships across important industries, and HearstLive is the perfect opportunity to highlight the amazing innovations coming out of all of those brands.

Henry Wellcome certainly was a talented character with a colorful and amazing personal story.

Here is the amazing thing about Easter; the Resurrection Sunday for Christians is this, that Christ in the dying moments on the cross gives us the greatest illustration of forgiveness possible.

Here’s the irony in what I do: When I go out to eat, I like classic French food. I like amazing Japanese food that has such a history that it goes back hundreds of years. And I also like really innovative food as well.

He’s this amazing ambassador for all superheroes. What we’ve made as a film not only examines that but is also an amazing adventure story. It’s been an honor to work on. As a comic book fan, Superman is like the Rosetta Stone of all superheroes.

amazing encouraging quotes

History is obviously dependent on the evidence, and it’s always amazing to me how much evidence there is.

Honestly, it’s been amazing to be a part of this journey on ‘Veronica Mars.

Amazing Quotes
Amazing Quotes

Hong Kong has plenty of superlative hotels, amazing food, and cool shopping.

Housing Works is the coolest thrift store in the world, because not only are they the best thrift store – they’re not the most thrifty thrift store – but they have amazing stuff and all of their proceeds go directly to kids, mostly homeless kids, living with AIDS and HIV in New York, in the metropolitan area.

How can you not love Jack Gleeson? He’s amazing. He’s the nicest guy.

How did the economy produce all these amazing things that we have around us – computers and cell phones and so on? There were a bunch of ideas, and the good ones grew and prospered. And the bad ones were pretty ruthlessly weeded out.

Howard Ashman was an amazing lyricist and an amazing artist.

Humans can actually read a landscape, go through a lot of rocks – crack them open, throw them, pick up the next one. Rovers are great – they do amazing science – but it is a lot more tedious process; they go much less far than a human can cover in a day.

I absolutely love being a mother. It’s been a blessing. It’s fun and it’s hard, but it’s absolutely amazing.

I actually love ‘West Side Story.’ I think it’s an amazing film to watch.

I actually went to Wimbledon, and David Attenborough was sat in the row in front of me, and I thought that was quite amazing. That’s insane, isn’t it? He’s, like, a proper person.

I admire someone like Beyonce. She has amazing commitment. I needed to accept that I probably did not fit into that forum. Doing that ‘The Cherry Thing’ record was a big part of finding that place where I belong, where I may shine, but I never doubted it was there.

Notebook Quotes And Saying

I admired shows like ‘Six Feet Under.’ That was an amazing show. Never boring, always inventive, smart. Loved the characters. Completely original. Those are shows that I admire.

I adore actors/actresses that have range: someone that can transform into a character that is far beyond who they truly are. Charlize Theron and Johnny Depp are amazing at this.

I agree Maria Blasco has achieved amazing things with telomerase induction and we are hopeful this will translate to the human model.

I also met, early on Ella Fitzgerald. Her songbooks are some of the most amazing bodies of work.

I always condition my ends, and I love Mane and Tail. It’s so amazing. It leaves a film of moisture and just gives great texture.

I always felt thrilled and amazed that I could put actor on my tax form.

I always knew that St. Jude was an amazing organization but meeting the kids and seeing how the hospital works first hand was truly beautiful. It doesn’t feel like a regular hospital all dreary and sad. It’s a colorful, beautiful, comfortable, fun place to live and the energy is wonderful.

I always knew the script was important, but I didn’t realize how important until you get out there and just deal with the issues of putting a movie together. It’s amazing that anything works, to be totally honest.

I always said if it gets to a point where I really want a child, I would adopt; kids are amazing, so I’m getting the selfish stuff out of my system so when I have them I can say, ‘Go, run. I have plenty of money, go play.’

I always say spend more on classics, like a good pair of leather trousers, an amazing tailored jacket, or a classic handbag. Then you can just mix your everyday tops from the high street.

I always say that I need competition, and I need competition every week, and in Spain, I was at an amazing club, but I had four matches a year: Barcelona v Real Madrid, Real Madrid v Barcelona, and after that, we’d win 4-0, 5-0, 4-1, 6-1.

I always say, I’m certain I changed ‘Watchmen’ less than the Coen brothers changed ‘No Country for Old Men.’ I’m certain of it. But you don’t hear the Cormac McCarthy fans, like, up in arms about it. They should be. It’s like an amazing Pulitzer Prize-winning book.

I always think family get-togethers when everybody just sort of crashes out are pretty much the best. If it’s more than a few days it gets hard, but for just a few days, it’s the most amazing thing ever.

I always think I look better after a yoga class. It’s the same as a massage. We look so amazing after a massage because we’re relaxed.

I always thought I was doing something special with ‘Lost Girl.’ How that would be reflected or responded to by the fans, I hadn’t really considered. That they are so loyal is amazing. We have such lovely fans.

I always thought that the U.S. was just amazing, and it was just a dream. I thought it was Heaven. Coming here a couple years ago, you know, the U.S. is still nice, but it’s not like what I thought it was going to be.

I always use my husband’s cocoa butter stuff. He has amazing skin!

I am also hugely excited to then be competing to defend my three Paralympic titles at the Paralympic Games. I believe we will see some amazing times posted and I am very much looking forward to what will be an incredible Olympics and Paralympics in London.

I am always a little surprised when anyone sees anything I make, so being nominated for the Oscar is beyond amazing – what a tremendous honor.

I am at a climbing area called the Wendenstock in Switzerland. This area has some of the best quality multi-pitch climbing I have seen on limestone. There is about a two-hour approach on one of the steepest grass slopes I have ever seen. The setting is amazing.

I am constantly amazed by Tina Fey. And I am Tina Fey.

I am fortunate to stay at lots of lovely hotels when I’m on tour, but my favourite hotel group in Britain is Malmaison. I recently stayed at the Malmaison in Manchester, which was pretty amazing. It had a fabulous bar and restaurants, as well as fantastic rooms with mood lighting.

I am humbled the Lord has given me such an amazing life to impact others.

I am indeed amazed when I consider how weak my mind is and how prone to error.

I am just a girl chasing her dreams and having an amazing adventure.

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I am more prolific when I have something to respond to. I get my juice from people and real stories and things that seem common but are amazing.

Amazing Quotes
Amazing Quotes

I am not a natural singer, but I can sing, and probably the way I sing is more imitative than from myself, which is why I am never going to be an amazing recording artist.

I am not super-ambitious. I am not a classically amazing singer or anything.

I am on Vine. It’s another early-adopter kind of thing. I’m trying to figure out what I’m going to do with it. What’s interesting about it is that everybody knows these amazing restrictions we’ve put on it: I have to use my iPhone, I can only use one continuous take, I cannot edit afterwards, I cannot put sound afterwards.

I am personally am a fan of buff nails – not so much of clear polish, but a great buff nail is amazing.

I am so happy to be able to do what I love. To have the songs I’ve written for other artists go No. 1 and my songs go to No. 1 has been amazing.

I am so lucky I get to work with amazing, amazing people.

I am truly humbled. Not only that I am going to be known as the final Top Model but as a final Top Model who is deaf! And that is an amazing tagline. This proves that deaf people can do anything and everything.

I am very honored and excited to have ‘Devotion’ released as the first DVD Audio disc… surround sound is amazing… The music comes alive and is so vibrant – it’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard before!

I am very keen to take on a ‘West End’ show soon, as I haven’t done much theatre, and that would be amazing. It is quite liberating to be on stage night after night.

I am very rich because of ‘Chic’ – artistically as well as spiritually. It’s been an amazing life.

I appreciate women so much. I think the part that they play is that I just admire women. I love every part of the woman. I think the woman is what is amazing.

I arrived thinking I had these amazing looks and body and that I would straight away land the lead in a Yash Chopra film. Those fancy ideas got quashed soon enough.

I auditioned for ‘Girls’ the fall after I graduated from Yale. The show has been amazing – as close to perfect as it gets!

I basically left Texas with no money. I was making $3.50 working in some mall, so I didn’t have a lot of cash. I took $1,000 and headed to California. Along the way I stopped in Vegas because I had always wanted to see Caesar’s Palace. So I stopped there and won $2,500 on a slot machine! It was amazing.

I began dancing when I was 7 years old. I was told that I had the perfect ballet dancer’s body and had these crazy high arches in my feet that resulted in an amazing point. Ballet was very disciplined and, frankly, a little boring, so I eventually transitioned to gymnastics. I loved that, although I never reached a competitive level.

I believe that one of the reasons I get to play golf all over the world is because of the barriers that Lee Elder broke down. I just think he’s amazing.

Dreams Quotes And Saying

I can always say I led off for the New York Yankees. It’s an amazing feeling.

I can joke around and do what I want and be great in my area and play around and be the best, but when I’m with Clams, he’s the greatest and amazing, so I’m going to make sure I do what I’ve got to do.

I can work with both the old, revered filmmakers and new directors. It is amazing how they see me in their world, and then I adapt accordingly.

I can’t believe it. I’m speechless. It is amazing to see where I’ve come from the last two years.

I can’t get enough of this guy called Baths. He’s a total L.A. dude and really young as well. It’s super-electronic, but with almost Hall & Oates-style songwriting. Without the context of the production, it could be super-cheesy, but it has amazing harmonies.

I carry my iPod everywhere. My favorite group is the John Butler Trio, an Australian jam band. The lead singer and guitarist writes amazing lyrics.

I come back to the same thing: We’ve got the greatest pipeline in the company’s history in the next 12 months, and we’ve had the most amazing financial results possible over the last five years, and we’re predicting being back at double-digit revenue growth in fiscal year ’06.

I come from a family of storytellers. My grandmother was great at telling stories, and my mother was an amazing storyteller.

I could never have dreamed of picking up an Ivor Novello for anything… but for Songwriter Of The Year, it’s just amazing.

I could talk for ages about how women are amazing, but essentially we shouldn’t be manipulated by the media’s expectations of our bodies. I’d recommend every woman to read ‘Women Who Run with the Wolves’ – it’s about being in touch with your more wild, free and powerful side.

I credit Kansas City with my work ethic and learning from the amazing artists that are in that town.

I cried when I found out I was a finalist, I kind of went limp when they called my name. I felt like my spirit jumped out of my body, and I was just flesh – it was just amazing.

I dare anybody to display a more amazing body of work than Tom Petty.

I definitely have a lot of Korean-American fans, which is amazing.

I definitely look up to Meryl Streep because she’s been in so many amazing movies, and I just think that she’s one of the greatest actresses out there. I also look up to Jennifer Lawrence, especially knowing her and knowing that she is so awesome and so nice.

I did a couple quick things with Nicole Kidman, and I really loved that. She was a really cool person to chat with and had a really lovely presence on set. I’m a big admirer of her work. It’s amazing the volume of work she does.

I did fringe theatre for so many years, and then I got my first play at the RSC, which was an amazing feeling, but I was 30 and had started acting in my early twenties.

I did my holy communion, and it was amazing how quickly the stories of the Bible and God and Jesus got under my skin.

I did one of the ‘Amazing Stories.’ That was the first time I got to play a character who was a dumb blonde. I actually channeled Judy Holliday.

I did pick Lyft, but Lyft didn’t seem amazing.

I did see – and it really struck me – the late, great Tim Pigott Smith and Michelle Dockery doing ‘Pygmalion’ at the Old Vic. That was amazing. I remember being rocked to the core by that.

I did The ‘Acid Test’ at the Royal Court, by Anya Reiss, who’s the most wonderful, amazing female writer. She was only 19 when she wrote it. She wrote it about three girls in a flat on a Friday night, and that was magic because it was so rare to have three girls in your age group in a play. It just doesn’t happen.

I did ‘Fences’ off-broadway at the Beacon Theater, so it’s amazing that Denzel Washington and Viola Davis brought it to Broadway.

I did ‘Lonely Hearts’ with John Travolta and James Gandolfini. Talk about getting over your fears. These guys were amazing! Also, Cuba Gooding, Jr. is one of my favorites. We’ve made 3 films together. He is such a generous, giving actor.

I did ‘Never Let Me Go,’ and there were amazing people on that. Brilliant writer, director, cast. That was quite special.

I didn’t ever think about being an actor. But I fell in love with it when I realized how amazing, difficult, and interesting it is.

I didn’t know how many independent bookstores had amazing wine lists until I toured with ‘Another Brooklyn.’

I didn’t want to escape my life and become a big actress and live my dreams. That was never the way it was; it was just these amazing opportunities that happened.

I discovered something amazing, which has caused a lot of controversy – the fountain of youth. I have to keep it a secret!

I do a bunch of Y7 yoga, which is amazing because it’s dark, and nobody’s judging you.

I do appreciate the ’80s as an era, the general sounds and aesthetics of the era. The Cure, that whole kind of image is really kind of amazing, I think. The power ballads and how everything sparkles and words are really dramatic. Huge drums, things like that. I do really find it inspiring.

I do believe in love; it’s wonderful – especially love third time around, it’s even more precious; it’s kind of amazing.

I do like athletes as they have amazing self-discipline.

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I do like British guys. If I had to pick one it would be Ewan McGregor. I met him once and he was gorgeous, even if he is a little short. He has the most amazing charisma.

Amazing Quotes
Amazing Quotes

I do like reality TV like ‘The Voice.’ I enjoyed working there every single day. It was amazing.

I do think musical-theater actors can get a bad rap, and I see why. There is a certain slickness – there’s nothing better than an amazing musical, but an okay musical can be one of the worst times you’ve ever had.

I do think that having the villain be a woman is just as feminine, because we’re not just saying, ‘Women are wonderful and made of marshmallows,’ but women can be anything. They can be amazing superheroes, or they can be dastardly villains, and everything in between.

I don’t consider myself this amazing thespian.

I don’t develop anything. I don’t practice, I don’t rehearse. I just go out there, and it’s just amazing and unpredictable and spontaneous every single time. It’s the most cultivating incredible performance that you can go and see live for the amount of money that you can see it for.

I don’t feel like a live set even seems super real for an electronic act like me. It’s not really that entertaining. I’ve seen a lot of my favourite acts take it to a new level with a live band and stuff, which is amazing, but for me, a live set would be boring to watch.

I don’t get a chance to do many of my own stunts on ‘Buffy’ – none of us do. We have amazing stunt people who make us all look really believable and really good.

I don’t have synesthesia, but I think when music is really intense, it’s almost like it’s more than just hearing. If you’re at a gig, and there’s just something amazing going on, it’s not really just hearing: it’s more of a total body sense, isn’t it? You get transported, and all your senses kind of join up.

I don’t know Channing Dungey well, but we have talked several times, and she seems like an amazing executive.

I don’t know how many thoughts we have a second, but it’s quite an amazing number, and just to pin down the appropriate sequence of those, all you really need is a pencil and a piece of paper.

I don’t know what my next dream role gig is, but I have so, so many shows that I’m like, ‘Oh my God, can I guest star on ‘New Girl?’ Like, that would be amazing!’

I don’t really like living in a very small space, like a tour bus, even though I have an amazing tour bus, and I’ve had multiple tour buses. It’s still not a lot of room.

I don’t really watch a lot of TV, but I do watch ‘Adventure Time’, ‘The Amazing World of Gumball’, and ‘Looney Tunes’ and old classic cartoons.

I don’t regret ‘West Side Story’ one bit. It was an incredible movie full of young people with amazing rapport.

I don’t say what I feel. I say what was said to me because my senior professionals were amazing to me. If I can do anything similar to the young pups, I will do that. My senior pros protected me and looked after me and made me feel amazing.

Respect Quotes And Saying

I don’t see the desert as barren at all; I see it as full and ripe. It doesn’t need to be flattered with rain. It certainly needs rain, but it does with what it has, and creates amazing beauty.

I don’t think immortality is necessarily the key to understanding the world. You have to be careful with what you think you’re achieving. I’m all for science discovering amazing and fantastic things about our world, but I think the motivations behind it are slightly askew.

I don’t think I’m such an amazing person who needs to be written about.

I don’t think of anyone as a ‘groupie.’ People who connect with my music are just inspiring and amazing.

I don’t think that American drivers going to NASCAR are taking the easy way out because as I said, the racing is amazing; it’s just that it’s easier to adapt to what you grow up with. American drivers grow up with NASCAR, they know NASCAR, and that’s where they want to go.

I don’t think words always lead to meaning, but the things you can create with them are still pretty amazing. I’ve been really into Joni Mitchell, for example, but I’ve also been into some studio stuff, like Bjork.

I don’t want my daughters to grow up the way that I grew up. I want them to actually see Mommy in a fulfilled relationship that’s amazing for her.

I don’t want my Olympic experience to be about Mike Pence. You know, I want it to be about my amazing skating and being America’s sweetheart.

I don’t want to act as if ‘Harry Potter’ wasn’t the most amazing thing because it truly was, but it’s also great personally that I’m starting to see signs that I can move on from it and do other stuff that hopefully people enjoy.

I don’t want to get blase about being recognised. It’s pretty amazing.

I doubt I’ll ever pay someone to do a remix again, because there’s some amazing stuff just coming out of bedrooms.

I dream of diving in two places where I have not been yet. One is Antarctica, because of its crystal clear waters and amazing fauna, in addition to the ice cathedrals. The other is the Arctic, where I’d like to see the northernmost kelp forests.

I eat an avocado every day. It’s amazing for your skin. It’s one of the super-foods, and I’m just so into eating properly and healthily.

I ended up breaking with my boyfriend, and a week later, Neil and I had a date. We started hanging out every single night, and after three months, it was just non-stop. We talk on the phone at least eight times a day and text at least 25 times a day. He’s my lifeline in an amazing way. Without him, I can’t breathe.

I enjoyed being a teammate of Deion Sanders. He brings different elements to the game that many people would not even realize, and to watch and witness a superior talent like him and watch him prepare and train, and study the game is truly amazing.

I enjoyed working with Vikram Kumar, as he is an amazing director who is full of ideas, and he tells me that he has different compartments in his brain in which he places different story ideas and works on them simultaneously.

I experience so many feelings and emotions when I tour. It’s the most amazing and also the most lonely thing you can do.

I feel like a lot of bands have done amazing covers, but whenever we start working on it, whenever we try it in rehearsal, it never feels right for me to do the song.

I feel like any time you, as an actor, can be surrounded by other amazing actors, you can’t do anything but grow.

I feel like every year there’s a thing about ‘not enough roles for ladies!’ and, then, also an article, like ‘The Year of The Woman.’ I think that we all just know in our hearts they’re underrepresented. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t amazing moments.

I feel like I have had the most amazing life in my public service.

I feel like I have so many amazing opportunities because of my immigrant mother, my immigrant grandparents.

I feel like I’m in my own head a lot; it just feels amazing, but scary, weird and confusing.

I feel like I’ve lost so many amazing traits because I’ve listened to stupid people, ignorant people who are bullies.

I feel like LeBron James is an amazing basketball player, but he’s also a community person.

I feel like my agents are really amazing and smart.

I feel like we’ve already seen the burger truck, we’ve seen the lobster-roll truck. There’s even healthy-food trucks now. But a big-thick-pizza truck? Come on, man. That’d be amazing.

I feel like what Director Bong is so amazing at is taking so many things and presenting them to you – never telling you how to think, but, if you leave the theater thinking something, we’ve done our jobs right.

I feel like writing a book there’s always a version in your head that’s an amazing version, but then you write the version that you can write.

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I feel really honored to be part of The #seetherealme campaign. It’s really amazing, as it helps many teen girls who are struggling. It helps them to find themselves and be true to who they are.

Amazing Quotes
Amazing Quotes

I feel really lucky that I somehow have blagged my way into loads of different experiences. I find making a film fascinating, I find making a play amazing, and working with my band and scoring things… it’s all really cool. I’m just a glutton for experience, really.

I feel there are tone singers, and there are more vocal gymnastics singers. And I think that’s amazing when people can do that, but I think there’s room for the tone singers. And there aren’t a lot of them.

I feel very honored to have been asked to sign for Rovers, and being able to help both the club and the amazing charity Bluebell Wood is what it’s all about.

I feel very strongly influenced by long-form box-set TV drama… I feel really excited that, at last, the novel has found its on-screen equivalent, because the emotional arcs and changes that you can follow are just so much more like a novel, and so many amazing shows recently have done as much as film can do to show the interior world.

I felt like Alan Turing’s story was such an important story to tell, and it was so wonderful to write the script and other people find it and say, ‘I never heard this story.’ It’s such an amazing story that people don’t believe it.

I find N.Y. very inspiring; there is an amazing energy and flow of creativity in N.Y. like nowhere else.

I find so many songwriters today are missing an element… either the production is amazing but the songs aren’t, or it’s the other way around.

I find that the most special thing to me is if you’ve connected to people in some way: If someone comes up to you on the street and says something to you, and you know it’s meant something to them, and it’s connected to some project. That, I find, is amazing.

I find that when I put too much makeup on, or I use a certain brand, my skin will break out. I tend to gravitate towards water-based foundations because my skin absorbs them a little better and it doesn’t break out as much. I use Hourglass Mineral Veil. It’s so amazing.

I find the English amazing how they got over 7/7. There were no multiple memorials with people sobbing as they would have been in America. There, they are constantly scaring people, but at the same time, people think nothing of going to see a therapist.

I finish so many books it’s amazing. I’m also doing Rosetta Stone, learning some French.

I found an agent midway through my year-long run at ‘Grease’ and just started to audition. I fortunately booked ‘South Pacific’ six months after ‘Grease’ was over, and I feel like that was a huge turning point in legitimizing myself in the Broadway community, and getting to do that was absolutely amazing.

I found it amazing people can think that art must be connected to religion. Religion may give art themes, but there would still be art without religion. Bach is not proof that art exists.

I found that doing Pilates consistently three to four times a week had an amazing effect on really toning and shaping a tight waist and legs.

I get such lovely gifts from fans… amazing pictures, handmade jewellery. I’m very lucky!

I go to South Dakota for ceremonies when I have the time. And when you learn what the Indian peoples have gone through to hold onto their culture and traditions… wow, it’s an amazing story.

I got a large fanbase just from NXT itself. It’s an amazing brand.

I got a message from a little girl just saying that she’s starting to play tennis because of me. That was pretty amazing.

I got amazing training both with Theatre Sports… back in Edmonton, Alberta – I can’t give those people enough credit – and the daytime drama I did. Incredible training, both of them.

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I got fitter when I did ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.’ I wore a loincloth – that’s a lot of motivation!

I got handed all of these amazing opportunities, especially travel opportunities.

I got No Doubt on cassette, ‘Tragic Kingdom.’ And I just remember being so psyched about all those songs and, like, the songwriting and just her voice, and her vibe was amazing.

I got to be around an England team at a World Cup in Brazil, and that was an amazing experience.

I got to jam with Prince, which is amazing.

I got to perform at the Grand Ole Opry, which is just so amazing. That stage is iconic; it was awesome being on it.

I got to travel a lot and meet amazing people. That was a lot of fun.

I got to work with Asuka, who is amazing.

I got to work with great actors like J.K. Simmons and Jenna Elfman. They were amazing.

I got to work with Jennifer Tilly, she was amazing. Such, such a smart actress.

I grew up a Detroit Tigers fan, and now to be an owner of the Dodgers is amazing.

I grew up in a Christian home with amazing parents.

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I grew up in L.A. I actually grew up in the Valley, which was a pretty amazing place to grow up because everybody has nice, big backyards, and I was kind of a little nature being.

I grew up in Los Angeles, and I was always fascinated by the La Brea Tar Pits. Right in the middle of the city, in an area called the Miracle Mile, for crying out loud, we have these eldritch ponds of dark, bubbling goo. And down in the muck, there’re all these amazing fossils: mammoth and saber tooth cat and dire wolf.

I grew up in the Philippines and we had all this amazing fresh seafood, but uni was something that I was weirded out by. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I was like, ‘Let me just go ahead and try this.’

I grew up in the suburbs north of Atlanta. I had an amazing childhood, and I still go back to my home in Atlanta often.

I grew up listening in awe to stories of their wartime adventures. My granny, Joan, was a journalist and wrote amazing letters to my grandpa when he was a prisoner of war, while my nana, Mary, was a Land Girl, then a Wren. They were so independent, resilient and glamorous.

I grew up listening to Patsy Cline. I was a huge Patsy Cline fan. I still am. Even though she’s considered country, I think of her more as a blues singer. She’s got a great blues voice, and she has such an amazing story, which I always loved.

I grew up on classic Nintendo, which was amazing. My best friends were hardcore into it.

I grew up poor, but I didn’t really know it because of amazing places like the Salvation Army where we got a lot of our Christmas presents from.

I grew up watching Bull Nakano, and she was amazing.

I grew up with a tribe of amazing women, but certainly my mother and my godmother really modeled women as actors.

I grew up with all boys in my family, where there was no place for girlie stuff. But it’s amazing to walk into my house now. Everything is pink!

I grew up with park jams. That’s how I knew about rap… The local MCs would grab the mic and start rapping. I just used to be so in awe and fascinated and like, ‘Wow, this is amazing!’ But I would never, ever touch the mic. Heck no.

I guess I’ve been making records since I was 16, and even when 50 people bought them, I thought that was amazing.

I guess winning an Oscar is the ultimate dream. A lot of amazing actors go their whole career without even being nominated. So that would definitely be a goal to reach. It’s a difficult one, but I’m aiming for it!

I had a client who was a professional baseball player once, and he would go to clubs and dance for seven, eight, nine hours at a time. He wouldn’t drink, he wouldn’t take drugs – he just danced because he had so much physical energy; he was this amazing athlete.

I had a great time with John Duigan; he’s pretty amazing.

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I had a paint pony called Half-Pint, and I rode her in Madison Square Garden, and that was my first big show. But my first real pony was this red pony called Chantal. He was absolutely amazing. He was a great pony, except he did spin me off a couple of times! I would blink, and then I would be on the floor.

I had a stunt double for ‘The Bronze.’ She’s literally the most amazing human being I’ve ever seen. She’s NCAA women’s gymnastics champion. She was incredible. I would poke her thighs, and my nail would break because it was like poking a rock.

I had a talk with Frances McDormand, actually, right before I did my first lead in a film, and that was really amazing.

I had all this other life happening, and ‘Lost’ was this sort of seasoning – but it was never the main course. It was just this thing that I would nip off and do, so to be recognized for ‘Lost’ all the time is amazing.

I had always been interested in mythology. I suppose my brief stay in Wales during World War II influenced my writing, too. It was an amazing country. It has marvelous castles and scenery.

I had amazing stuff happen right off the top. I thought this was how it worked. Hollywood is awesome! Cut to three years later: What happened?

I had an amazing childhood.

I had an amazing experience doing ‘Skins.’ It was the first acting I’d ever done in my entire life, so I had to learn on set for those two years. I had to keep my head screwed on and learn from the other cast.

I had an amazing experience with ‘Third Watch’. I was so happy when ‘The Game’ came back because I never wanted it to end. And then with ‘Burn Notice,’ too.

I had an amazing teacher, who was Burmese, and she was living in Paris at the time, and she is one of very few who doesn’t actually receive a credit in the film because she still has family over there.

I had my father, and he was an amazing man and an amazing role model, so I always wanted to mirror that.

I had no idea ‘The Dream Weaver’ would be so successful. Everything just fell into place with that album. I pioneered a number of ideas with that album and subsequent tour. The all-keyboard approach with no guitars was a new one, and I was one of the first to use a drum machine in concert. It was an amazing time.

I had one drama teacher who was amazing, Ms. Perkins. She really tried to inspire me and get me going.

I had so much fun filming ‘Starstruck.’ It was an amazing experience, and I bonded right away with Sterling Knight, so we had loads of fun together!

amazing quotes heart broken

I had such an amazing experience on ‘The Pillowman’ that it was hard to think what else is going to live up to that.

I had such an amazing time filming ‘Major Movie Star.’ I loved everyone in the cast. They all brought their own spirit to the film, and I hope that is what will be seen on screen.

I had the little Radio Shack crystal radio, and then my aunt Judy bought me a shortwave radio. It was amazing to me: like on these really clear nights – I lived in Ohio – I could get Texas or Florida. You felt like the world was a smaller place.

I had this career and then I was working and then I met Rob and then I kind of went off and got married and had kids, and in that process, which was amazing and fantastic, I lost my confidence as an actress and as a working woman.

I had this really great amazing thing happen where I almost finished the book and I really needed to come up with an ending and I decided to go back and re-read the book and see if I could come up with an ending.

I had very strong feelings, so the chance to make a film that deals in an imaginative way with stuff you care tremendously about is a real high. It’s a really amazing thing to be able to do.

I had watched wrestling grow up. I found it amazing. I loved watching wrestling.

I hate the stereotype of the pitfalls of the child actor. There are so many amazing examples – Natalie Portman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jodie Foster, Drew Barrymore – of people who have made it through.

I hated school, so when I got to this place with other people who could draw and were interested in wearing makeup, it was amazing.

I have a black pair of suede Jimmy Choos. I’ve only worn them once to a Sony event. The heels have these arrow plates in a pattern. There’s gold, black and white and they’re amazing!

I have a few friends who are amazing stylists, so I owe them a lot.

I have a great family, I live an amazing life.

I have a husband, and babysitters; I find it hard. I find it amazing how single moms do it.

I have a lot of artifacts – books on witchcrafts and talismans. I have a big, big collection of original occult books from the 1800s and 1700s, and some of the oldest books on apparitions and vampires. All original printings. It’s not that I’m a crazy believer, I just find it to be amazing research material.

I have a pair of my signature shoes, and I can’t believe I got my own shoe. That’s amazing!

I have a passion for playing tennis and enjoy the workload and struggles of performing in this amazing global sport.

I have a personal trainer who I work out with. She’s amazing and as well as making sure I do loads of sit-ups and press-ups, she also keeps an eye on what I eat.

I have a pretty amazing life. Even back-to-back deployments – Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey – it’s still pretty rewarding.

I have a profound respect for Juan Carlos Osorio. I think he did an amazing job with the Mexican national team.

I have a really amazing fan club, it’s contemporary but it’s a little bit old school. There’s a lot of connection. I have a fan club president who really responds to people.

Art Quotes And Saying

I have a ridiculous fear of sharks but I’d jump in the water in a second for an amazing role.

I have a storage unit, as I moved out of a bigger house into a smaller house in L.A. I put all my stuff in a storage unit, where I have the most amazing collection of bad paintings, which took me 10 years to put together.

I have a very limited knowledge of recording, but the miracle of being able to capture sounds on magnetic tape and the miracle of electricity, and these little magnetic particles, is amazing to me.

I have a very wonderfully, bizarrely amazing relationship with my mother in that we’ve been through a myriad of emotions because we’ve acted together and played all these different kinds of mother-daughters.

I have a weak spot for late ’60s-early ’70s yippie paperbacks and protest manifestos. I find them at flea markets or online. One of my favorites is ‘Right On,’ a compendium of student protests made into this 95-cent paperback with the most amazing graphics.

I have a wonderful husband. I have three amazing kids.

I have always admired and had enormous respect for Elizabeth Taylor. She was not only an incredible actress but an amazing woman as well.

I have always been ‘small town.’ I was born outside of Philadelphia, so we lived on a 20-acre farm and then spent two years in a log cabin on the Appalachian Trail. We lived outside of York in Red Lion, which is an amazing town. It’s perpetually 1982 in that town.

I have always believed that I’ve been an amazing skater regardless of what the results say.

I have always had a longing to talk about this Nazi period because my parents’ generation wouldn’t talk about it after the war at all. From an actor’s point of view, it’s amazing to play in one year the Nazi Albert Speer and Claus von Stauffenberg.

I have always shared an amazing camaraderie with Salman. He’s a fantastic co-star and a great human being.

I have amazing friends who have led inspirational lives.

I have amazing kids, an amazing husband, a fabulous career, wonderful parents. If I had to go through some rough spots to get to this amazing place, so be it.

I have amazing parents and some really great friends that would kick my butt if I ever started acting different.

I have amazing teammates, amazing coaches around me, and all I have to do is go play as hard as I could and play for one another, play for those guys and not look at the scoreboard, not look at the time.

I have amazing, amazing fans who are just lovely.

I have an amazing and supportive family. I’m fortunate to have a close relationship with everyone.

I have an amazing crew, so it makes life so much easier. It’s fun being around a bunch of my BFFs on the road.

I have an amazing education through my wife on female fans and perspectives on it. Things that I never would have thought of.

I have an amazing family. I was raised in a wonderful mid-west family.

I have an amazing metabolism. I’m sure that’ll be gone one day. But I like to exercise, too, so I don’t think I’ll ever get really fat.

Lonely Quotes And Saying

I have an amazing relationship with food.

I have an amazing relationship with my wife, but sometimes there are arguments. It happens.

I have an amazing social-media wing man who manages my Facebook fan site. All my blogs get copied there.

I have an amazing spouse; we’re a team. He works, and I work, and we sort of do this dance with each other so that we can be present to our kids. But I think the whole ‘balance’ thing is an illusion; we just embrace the imbalance.

I have an amazing team; I have amazing producers; I have amazing writers, but at the end of it, it’s me making the decisions on the writing, the tone, the editing.

I have an amazing wife and three daughters that always keep me motivated.

amazing journey quotes

I have attended dandiya events in Ahmedabad, and I must say the energy level of the city during that season is amazing.

I have been on dialysis in Istanbul, Milan, Indonesia, Manila, London. It’s – it’s amazing.

I have begun to realize just how amazing God’s plan can be.

I have changed a lot as a person coming into showbiz and meeting a cross section of people from all walks of life; it was an amazing experience. But that’s the privilege I had of being early into showbiz.

I have discovered that if you take all the places of Greek myths, those specific locales turn out to be abundant fossil sites, but there is also a lot of natural knowledge embedded in those myths, showing that Greek perceptions about fossils were pretty amazing for prescientific people.

I have experienced some amazing food! Yet when I think about the most luxurious and exquisite meals I have had, visions of simple food made from a few natural ingredients are what most excite me.

I have friends who I consider my peers, who have done amazing work, particularly in the film and television space, who came up as independent artists and who have been – to be brutally honest – much more prolific than I was able to be.

I have had a lot of blessed, interesting things happen to me and have bumped up against some amazing people.

I have had an amazing career for a man who hits things for a living.

I have had some amazing experiences as a musician – even with my modest skills.

I have had the most wonderful childhood, and I was raised in a very loving family. And it was nothing short of an amazing privilege because I was incredibly lucky to be able to play up in trees and make it like silly dens in a bush and stuff like that.

I have loads of lip balm and lip glosses. Eve Lom Kiss Mix is one that I love. I also use a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Amazing Grace. In a pinch, I’ll put some on my cheeks as a blush.

I have many friends in Special Forces, and the amazing thing about these guys is how quickly they can read someone.

I have my favourite fashion decade, yes, yes, yes: ’60s. It was a sort of little revolution; the clothes were amazing but not too exaggerated.

I have never had trouble with any actor being able to visualise things. They are amazing. As long as you have your monster head on a long stick, so you can hold it up there and you can wave it around and let them see it and explain it to them, they are just great.

I have never hated my job; I only hate its negative results every time I attempt to do something amazing.

I have no particular inspiration, but I do find Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone and Kangana Ranaut amazing.

Rose Quotes And Saying

I have no problem being mainstream. I grew up in the ’90s when the mainstream was amazing.

I have no problem with bands using participant financing schemes like Kickstarter and such. I’ve said many times that I think they’re part of the new way bands and their audience interact and they can be a fantastic resource, enabling bands to do things essentially in cooperation with their audience. It’s pretty amazing, actually.

I have no regrets of fighting for four years to get ‘Sordid Lives’ on the small screen. It was a fantasy. I mean, I got to work with amazing actors like Rue McClanahan!

I have roles in plays that I hope that I’ll be able to do one day. I might be doing them at, like, the East Wilton Playhouse in wherever. But I think that Edie Falco… to get something even resembling her type of roles, that would be amazing.

I have shifted my mindset in terms of how companies should… focus on building amazing products. If you have amazing products, the marketing of those products is trivial.

I have so many funny friends that I hang out and do bits with, and the fact that we can hire each other is amazing. I asked all of them to help make ‘Kroll Show’ the best that it can be. I’m selfishly trying to use their funny genius for my own benefit.

I have so much built up inside. To be able to put what I have in my head into real life is just an amazing thing.

I have some lovely friends and an amazing family, and I feel very lucky with that.

I have such an amazing relationship with my mom, and I think, ‘Wow, I’m going to have that with my daughter.’

I have the most amazing job. I play basketball and keep working at it and trying to get better.

I have the most amazing support network around me.

I have this amazing life.

I have this rather amazing report which, roughly speaking, says I was the worst student the biology master had ever taught.

I have those songs as well. It depends on what I’m going through in my life but I’m a huge fan of Bjork. Sometimes I get so emotional because she’s so amazing.

I have three dogs, a cat, fish. I’m a huge animal lover. They’re amazing.

I have to admit that I get quite emotional listening to the amazing talent that exists in the New York subways.

I have to say I have an amazing therapist. She’s my best friend for life. She’s taught me how to balance everything out.

Pregnancy Quotes And Saying

I have to say I really was surprised on my first world tour. It was amazing to see what we’ve always dreamed of, right before our eyes.

I have to say that filming ‘The Night Manager’ was not just amazing but also very daunting at first. I used to describe myself as the token plebeian surrounded by all your national treasures. All that glittering talent in one place; I knew Hugh from Fry and Laurie videos that my grandpa used to watch, and Tom Hollander’s ‘Rev’ is hilarious.

I have to say, Alejandro Colucci is amazing. I had seen his work several times before I started making the connection between the art and the person making it, and when I heard that he was going to work on the cover for ‘Seven Forges,’ that connection was not yet cemented.

I have to thank Leicester City Football Club. The adventure was amazing and will live with me forever.

I have two younger sisters and I’m such an advocate of owning who you are as a person. Don’t be ashamed or intimidated. Never feel like you are not amazing.

I have watched ‘Project Runway,’ but I’m not a devout watcher of it. But I think it’s a great show, what I’ve seen of it, and I think Tim Gunn is a very positive, amazing guy.

I have worked with a lot of people, all very different creatives, helping me hone my craft and discover myself as an artist and the record I want to make. It’s such an amazing process seeing and hearing the tracks that people could eventually be listening to on my debut album!

I have worked with several art directors and production designers who are just magnificent. Dave Getz, Paul Felix, Ian Gooding… just amazing artists, and I would say, if I had anything to do with it, I just pick good artists!

I have worked with some of the most amazing costume designers in the world.

amazing job quotes

I have written with some amazing singers and songwriters – the moment with Snoop Dogg was amazing – but being able to tell an Aboriginal story is bigger than anything that I have ever known.

I haven’t seen ‘Room’ yet. People tell me ‘Room’ is such an amazing film, but ever since I had a kid, I just can’t. I can’t do it. It’s not fun. It’s not a place I want to be.

I hear all the big department stores like Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s in the U.S. playing hard hip-hop records to the shoppers, like Rick Ross at his gnarliest. That’s amazing. It makes me think grime can do a similar thing.

I heard some stuff recently from Julian Casablancas, and his solo stuff is amazing. If I could write with anyone, it would be him.

I hope that Los Altos is one of the first cities to have self-driving cars, and if that’s true, well, awesome, because there’s a lot of parking lots that we could get rid of and use for parks. That would be amazing!

I joined Yes in July 1971. I had heard Yes live, as Strawbs had supported them at a gig in Hull. I thought they were amazing – incredibly different.

I judge movies on how much fun I had while I was doing them. I had a great time on ‘The Right Stuff.’ Doing that was fantastic. And there was the year I did ‘The Rookie’ and ‘Far From Heaven,’ which was amazing because those two different roles were just so far apart.

I just enjoy working with really wonderful actors and amazing creative people and I hope to keep doing that, no matter where.

I just love comic books. I’ve always loved comic book art, and I just think it’s amazing.

I just love diving around in goal. Being able to do it for my country is amazing and I remind myself of it every single time I pull on an England shirt.

I just love to sing and dance and act. Being on stage is an amazing feeling.

I just think it’s super amazing that the U.K. fans are so dedicated and loving. I love them, and being with them in person is an amazing feeling.

I just think technology is pretty amazing. Like all things that are great, you have to be responsible about how much you use it.

I just think we’re living in a time of massive, amazing change, like the Industrial Revolution on acid.

I just think ‘Broad City’ – Comedy Central’s answer to ‘Girls’ – is the best thing that’s been put on television in years. It’s amazing.

Creative Quotes And Saying

I just want to be a part of great stories, whether I’m part of an amazing ensemble cast or I’m leading it or the antagonist or whatever.

I just want to do a movie musical and then if I could do some recording stuff, that would be amazing! I would die a happy woman! I really would. It doesn’t take much!

I just want to work forever. I absolutely love what I’m doing. I learn all the time from all these amazing artists.

I just watched the entire season of ‘Louie’ in one flight. What an amazing show.

I just worked with Sofia Coppola and that was amazing. I learned so much from her. I can’t even describe how much fun I had.

I just write the characters the way I see them. And maybe that’s because I’m surrounded by the most amazing men,from my father to my husband to all of my brothers. They are true heroes!

I keep saying I am an auto-didact, but I have a lot of outside influences. One I could cite is juggler Francis Brunn, who was the first man to throw ten rings in the air; he was really an amazing juggler who showed onstage the quest for perfection.

I kept hearing about this incredible guy called Tom Hardy. I started watching his work, and I was awestruck – he was amazing.

I kicked the door open, and I’m gonna hold my leg in there. I’m keeping the door open for all these amazing female singer-songwriters that are coming out.

I kind of have the most amazing fans ever. They are the most committed, passionate people, and I love them so much.

I kind of live a private life. I am out a lot, I have amazing friends and see a lot, so it’s not like I’m a hermit. But I just know what I do for a living and that there are certain sensitivities.

I kind of stumbled into acting, even though I’ve always been fascinated by people and kind of their motives, and it’s been amazing to me, everything I read before about psychology, philosophy, just to put it into practice somehow.

I knew from the first episode that ‘Longmire’ was something special – I met the writers/exec producers, read the script, and knew it was special, so to have the network and the studio and the fans get behind it in the way that they have has been really amazing.

I knew I’d just done one of the most amazing things that I will ever get a chance to do. Just to be part of a musical that’s not your background and to pull it off and to think that we’ve done something that’s really special.

I knew that going on ‘One Tree Hill’ was going to be an incredible vehicle for the record. What is amazing about it is that my role on the show is, you know, basically playing a musician, and all the songs she plays are off my record.

I know no subject more elevating, more amazing, more ready to the poetical enthusiasm, the philosophical reflection, and the moral sentiment than the works of nature. Where can we meet such variety, such beauty, such magnificence?

I know nothing at all about women. They are an amazing, beautiful mystery.

I know people go on about Twitter, but it is amazing. It’s whatever you want it to be, and all the women got in there before the boys.

I know plenty of actresses in their early thirties who look amazing, although there’s that old saying: ‘Ladies get older, men get more distinguished.’

I know so many amazing actors who don’t get work… and then there are a bunch of real duds that work all the time. The industry is just not fair in that way.

I know so many women in their fifties, sixties and seventies who delight in being on their own. It’s amazing. They don’t see any stigma attached to it. We don’t need a man to prove our identity anymore.

I know that my grandfather is 92 years old. And he has seen this country evolve in amazing ways. He looks at South Carolina and he says, wow, what an amazing state that we have the blessing to live within because of the evolution.

I know the benefits of having a really great improv show are amazing because it was this one rare and fleeting thing that was incredible, but the risk just didn’t appeal to me. I liked the control of sitting down and writing things.

I landed a job at HBO, working for two years on the ‘The Alzheimer’s Project,’ which aired in May 2009. I was fortunate to work with a great mentor, producer John Hoffman, and the amazing doc filmmaker Susan Froemke.

I learn an amazing amount from watching television and movies because if you watch things that really work and don’t work, it teaches you so much about what you do for your own craft. I think that if you’re auditioning for a show, you need to know the world of the show, or you can’t represent it very well.

I learned a lot from observing Wayne at the Rogers Cup. He was offered a cart across the grounds, but he wouldn’t take it; he walked and stopped and signed autographs for people, and I thought that was amazing.

I learned so much during my time at United. Sharing a dressing room with Paul Scholes, Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Ruud van Nistelrooy, and Ryan Giggs at such a young age was an amazing experience. I didn’t play as much as I would have liked, but it was a master’s degree in development both as a player and a person.

I like Canadians. Who doesn’t like Canadians? It’s amazing! They’re the friendliest people on earth.

I like Chennai very much. The atmosphere is always great, and the fans are amazing. That’s why I keep coming back.

I like Hrithik Roshan and Shahid Kapoor. They are amazing and very hard working when it comes to dance.

I like Joaquin Phoenix. He’s an amazing actor and he’s so buff.

amazing kindness quotes

I like making films about old people because they are repositories of amazing stories that they tell well. And they’re incredibly good telly.

I like pens. My writing is so amazing there’s never a need to erase.

I like powerful women, and I gravitate to any point in history when a female has significant power. I can spend hours researching any such amazing lady, from Ching Shih to Hatshepsut to Boudica to Zenobia.

I like the ‘Blackwell’ adventure games, and I’m fond of some of Telltale’s games, like ‘Hector’ and ‘Puzzle Agent’ – simple stories, but fun. I thought ‘Heavy Rain’ was amazing.

I like to entertain the crowd. Personally I like to entertain my team-mates first, but when the crowd gets going, it is amazing.

I like to think that images of people doing amazing things may open people’s eyes to the human potential, to the idea that people can do the extraordinary when they set their minds to it.

I like working with students a lot and watching some of the amazing stuff they put together.

I like ‘Guys and Dolls,’ ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ and ‘A Star Is Born.’ When it works, a musical is an amazing thing. But it rarely works.

I liked the sort of YA classics. I loved ‘The Chronicles of Narnia.’ I loved ‘The Chronicles of Prydain’ by Lloyd Alexander, who is amazing. Basically, ‘Chronicles of’ – I was in.

I liked the way they treated the first, second, and third place finishers equally. It was an amazing year. I only entered two song contests this year; I won one and placed second in the other. And I entered each of them a day or two before the deadline.

I listen to every thing, all kinds of stuff. I’ve been obsessed with the Nas and Damian Marley record, ‘Distant Relatives.’ I feel like a lot of people haven’t heard it, and it’s amazing.

I listen to the group Disclosure; they have great sounds. Maybe not as adventurous as Skrillex. I think the key thing is to have those beautiful sounds… the amazing sounds of Skrillex are almost phenomenal.

I literally have a bowl of Jolly Ranchers sitting in my studio. You can just pop those things in. They’re really amazing.

I live in Arizona. I think the Hispanic people are amazing. I think when people talk about illegal immigration… it does them a disservice.

Village Quotes And Saying

I live on a farm in Dorset. The nearest neighbour is a quarter of a mile away. It’s really quiet, with an amazing view – can’t see a pylon, can’t see a road. Blockbuster’s an event in our house, when the little blue envelope comes in.

I lived in Italy for two months when I was in college. And I traveled to Paris. I traveled to Egypt. I traveled to Spain. I just would travel a lot. I remember going to Paris and saying, speaking French, ‘I would like some chicken and some fries.’ And just the chicken and fries was, oh my gosh, just so amazing. I became intrigued and inspired.

I lived in San Francisco and did the Stegner fellowship for two years, and it was amazing. From fall 2008 to spring 2010, I was there.

I lived three unforgettable years with Liverpool. I will always be grateful for everything to the club and, especially, the fans. From day one, they behaved impeccably and were amazing.

I lived wherever my parents felt like making music, which had its ups and downs – I’ve had to move schools, but I’ve also seen a lot of amazing places and been on tour with my parents.

I look at amazing fashion icons like Jackie O, and I’m like, Why can’t I wear gloves?

I look up to Mick Jagger because he’s an amazing performer and he’s such an individual. I respect him and admire him eternally.

I lost my father very young, but not young enough to not be aware of what was going on. My father and I had an amazing relationship. We were very close.

I love a beautiful gown on stage, and luckily I’ve been fortunate to wear some amazing dresses.

I love actors. That’s my bread and butter, and I got to work with some amazing ones on ’12 Years’.

I love Adele. Adele is my favorite artist. She’s British. She’s funny. She’s just an amazing, incredible voice, and I love to sing as well.

I love all that stuff like ‘Tales From The Crypt,’ ‘Twlight Zone,’ and ‘Amazing Stories.’

I love Amarte. It’s a Korean brand. They are amazing. All of their products are so great.

I love amazing lyrics paired with amazing melodies.

I love amazing people. I love dazzling them. That’s why I think performing magic is one of the greatest things a person can do.

I love Ashford & Simpson, and I love the Brothers Gibb. They are amazing.

I love Banana Boat’s brand. They don’t test on animals; they’re natural. Their kids’ products are amazing.

I love being in touch with my readers and fellow writers! It’s just amazing to have such access to people.

I love being on tour; I love being on the road. It’s the most amazing feeling ever. I live for it; I love it.

I love Ben Affleck so much. He’s an amazing director.

I love Carrie Fisher, and it would be amazing to carry on her legacy.

I love Chicago. I think it’s an amazing city.

I love chicken. I love chicken products: fried chicken, roasted chicken, chicken nuggets – whatever. And going to Japan, I would see that these chicken were smoked and then grilled and then have this amazing crispy skin.

I love Clinique. Their moisturizer is amazing. My skin tends to be really oily, but then at times I’m dry, and that’s the perfect amount of moisturizer.

I love cycling, but if I could find a way of building something above the streets for cyclists, that would be amazing. We need even more space.

I love David Suchet. I’m obsessed with Poirot. Then I saw him in ‘The Importance of Being Earnest,’ where he did Lady Bracknell, and he was amazing – he did it like a dinosaur, like a velociraptor.

I love Drake; he’s amazing.

I love drawing on lead. Romans used to curse each other with sheets of it. My slave would come slide the sheet under your door with a curse on it. They had amazing writing and drawings on them, and they survive to this day since lead is so stable.

I love drawing Ryan Reynolds in his Deadpool costume. He looks amazing and is the true embodiment of the Merc with a Mouth!

I love exercise, but I didn’t join a single sports club as a student – I have no hand-eye coordination. Things like yoga are amazing, but anything with a ball just isn’t for me.

I love fashion from the 1930s and ’40s – shoulder pads, high waists, things with structure. That is classy for me. Andrea Riseborough from the Madonna movie ‘W.E.’ had an amazing wardrobe.

I love fighting for the UFC. It’s an amazing company. I’ve done a lot of great things, and they’ve done a lot of great things for my career.

I love firing guns. It’s an amazing feeling – so sexy and powerful.

I love folding clothes just out of the dryer because they smell so amazing.

I love games like ‘Flower,’ for example – I thought this was amazing. It’s great, it’s new, it’s different, and it’s invented something that didn’t exist before.

I love generally being out in nature. It is just so amazing.

I love getting amazing jackets, because you can wear your pajamas underneath and everyone’s like, ‘Oh, fabulous jacket,’ and I’m like, ‘You should see what’s underneath!’

I love heels, and as a size 36, I’ve accumulated a wall of amazing high heels from catwalk shows over the years where designers had to make especially small shoes. Tom Ford’s golden versions are my favourite. I do, however, also live in my flat Saint Laurent Chelsea boots or Givenchy sneakers.

I love heels… whoever created heels is amazing!

I love holidaying with the kids after working hard, it is amazing.

I love insects. They are amazing.

I love Israel. It is an amazing place, and I’m incredibly lucky; it is one of the most interesting places in the world, and I’ve been lucky to find it.

I love Jessica Chastain. I love her; she’s amazing, and she’s such a good actress, and she’s been nominated for Oscars, and she’s just a big role model to me. I love her.

I love Jessica Simpson. I love her voice. She’s amazing.

I love Jill Scott! I love everything she puts on, how she does her hair; everything about Jill Scott is amazing!

I love kids. It’s amazing that I have the opportunity to hang out with my stepson all the time.

I love kimonos because you can just throw them on over anything. Ever since I got my first kimono from Lane Bryant in high school and thought, ‘This is amazing; I can wear it with everything!’

I love Louisiana. It’s amazing.

I love making savory stratas for Christmas morning. I get excited about it. It’s a polenta strata with homemade bread, with a billion eggs and Parmesan cheese. I’ll drizzle truffle oil over the whole thing, which will just destroy people. It’s amazing.

I love musical theater because it’s live. There is no Auto-Tune. There’s no second chance. What you see is what you get. You have to be amazing every night.

I love Norse mythology – Thor and Odin and Loki – amazing characters.

I love nothing better than immersing myself in different street cultures; exploring all those neighbourhoods in Tokyo was quite amazing, or visiting Morocco to see an Inditex factory.

I love riding halfpipe. This is an amazing job to have.

I love Sarah Jessica Parker; I’ve worked with her. I think she’s amazing… She’s a great producer and has a great business acumen.

I love snow; I love building snowman. The only thing I don’t like is the cold – so if we could have a hot Christmas, that would be amazing.

I love so many directors. I love David O. Russell. I love David Fincher, I love Alexander Payne and Jane Campion and my aunt. Spike Jonze. There are just so many amazing directors.

I love Spanish cities, particularly Barcelona, Madrid and Palma, which has the most amazing cathedral that I once went to for a wedding.

I love Steven Meisel and David Sims’ work, I think they’re both amazing photographers. I want to be at the same level as them one day.

I love surfing, rock climbing, cycling – all that stuff. But it’s just amazing that I can inspire people with my running. It’s humbling, really.

I love television. Television is a great medium; I’m fortunate enough to direct amazing television.

I love text, I love email, I love Skype; I think it’s amazing.

I love that ‘…Baby One More Time’ video, to be honest; it’s amazing.

I love the fact we’re still on the road. I was born to be a factory worker really, so for me the chance to get on stage at Wembley 30 years after we started is amazing.

I love the idea of cooking, but I don’t like using recipe books, so I’ll put a mish-mash together, and it might be amazing by total accident, or it will be a catastrophe.

I love this club, and to be wearing number 10 for Tottenham is amazing for me. I could not resist.

I love to go shopping at Target. They have so much stuff there, you can buy almost anything, it’s really amazing.

I love voice over! I just think it is amazing!

I love watching amazing actors and actresses that you can’t take your eyes off of because everything they are doing – even if it is just twiddling their thumbs or scratching their eye – it’s just interesting.

I love working with Bob Zemeckis. I think he’s amazing and wonderful to work with.

I love ‘Annie Hall,’ but then I adore ‘Hannah and Her Sisters.’ Dianne Wiest is amazing in ‘Bullets Over Broadway,’ but her in ‘Hannah and Her Sisters,’ I absolutely loved it.

I love ‘Gone Girl,’ so bringing ‘Sharp Objects’ to life, that was amazing.

I love ‘The Shining.’ Kubrick is pretty amazing.

I loved filming in Morocco; it was amazing. I’d never been anywhere like that. The culture was phenomenal. I was so blown away by the spirit of that country.

I loved hip-hop. The first stuff I heard was Public Enemy, and I couldn’t believe it. It was amazing, and I’ve always loved hip-hop.

I loved working in Pittsburgh – the theater there is amazing, so many different types of theater.

I loved ‘Gladiator’ when I was young. Russell Crowe was a big inspiration; the fact that he plays my father in ‘Noah’ was amazing.

I loved ‘Highway.’ It was amazing. I have watched Imtiaz Ali’s other films, too, and he is one of my favourite Bollywood directors, besides Vishal Bhardwaj and Mani Ratnam.

I made some friends who are still friends, and this is the city of my birth. I love living here when there’s a reason to, other than just moving here. I still don’t like the winters here, but it’s an amazing city and I love it.

I make amazing fried chicken. The secret is taco seasoning.

I make an enormous amount of salads, but my salads are like meals. They’re amazing. I like going down to the farmers’ market and looking to see whatever you can find, because you can put anything in a salad.

I may be a lifelong ‘downtowner,’ but Central Park really is the most amazing and the most beautiful part of New York City.

I mean, everything that is upon this earth, even from a worm or a caterpillar that blossoms into a butterfly, you know, these things are just amazing.

I mean, it’s amazing that I get to meet all these people. I’ve learned so much from all of them. I just worked with Sofia Coppola and that was amazing. I learned so much from her. I can’t even describe how much fun I had.

I mean, the whole idea of movies was it was special to go to see – you went to a movie theater to see something that was magical and amazing, in a very special location.

I mean, there are some amazing storytelling being done on the small screen right now. That’s what so cool about being in television right now. Studios, networks are starting to throw more resources, better writers, more production values… and to be part of that is awesome.

I mean, there is amazing amount of oil and gas and other resources out beneath the sea. It’s staggering.

I met Carl Sagan quite a few times – a fantastic and amazing person. I love him. Neil deGrasse Tyson is a good friend, too.

I met Ellie Goulding at the BRITs. She’s lovely. I’ve got a lot of time for her. I gave her congratulations and whatnot and she let me hold her BRIT. That was amazing – once I’d touched one for the first time, I said ‘This cannot be the last time I touch a BRIT.’

I met Ne-Yo in London. I sang for him and he said, ‘I want to sign you.’ It was amazing – it meant my name was buzzing around the industry and I got to meet lots of different labels.

I met Tiger Woods when he was younger. He’s amazing – obviously technically, but his mental approach, too. He’s really something.

I miss the newness of Magic Eye posters, which really are amazing.

I must be the last person online to have been struck with this realization, but it’s amazing how the Internet has empowered hundreds of ordinary people, turning them into little Diane Sawyers and Anderson Coopers as they snap and blog away.

I need to take everything one step at a time. If I think about that too much, I’ll miss this amazing experience.

I never camped as a kid, but I really got into camping and sleeping outdoors. I’ve also done some amazing river floats in New Mexico and Idaho. It’s peaceful and awesome.

I never do any television without chocolate. That’s my motto and I live by it. Quite often I write the scripts and I make sure there are chocolate scenes. Actually I’m a bit of a chocolate tart and will eat anything. It’s amazing I’m so slim.

I never in my wildest dreams thought that I’d have merchandise selling on a web site. It’s just amazing to me.

I never pictured L.A. as a hub for amazing food, which I learned quite quickly is sheer naivete. The restaurants here are insane.

I never thought I would be recording on any professional level, so to be doing a rockabilly, Motown, pop soundtrack in a L.A. studio was completely bizarre and amazing.

I never thought that I would have love again, but it’s amazing how the universe brings love to you.

I never travel without my Stetson, but the more I wear it the more I realise that no one wears hats any more. When I was a kid everybody wore hats, especially in Texas, but I get off the plane in Dallas now and I’m the only guy with a hat. It’s amazing.

I no longer do a film for the wrong reasons. I have to be convinced ethically and morally. Both the director and I have to be on the same page. There are just five songs in most films these days, and they have to be amazing. There has to be a twist in the screenplay. The editing has to be crisp. Your hard work should show, but effortlessly.

I only applied for ‘Countdown’ as a bit of a laugh while applying for lots of other graduate jobs. I’ve had some amazing opportunities, and I’ve loved every minute.

I performed six concerts all over the U.S.S.R. during the time of Gorbachev. The entire audience was Russian. There were no Indians. Period. The audience turned out in large numbers and gave standing ovations to all my songs. They knew each song. That was an amazing experience.

I personally run my social media, so I read all the messages. I get amazing messages. I try to respond as much as possible. Slow, but steady.

I personally think cryotherapy is pretty amazing.

I photographed Alek Wek. She was amazing, and nobody knew about her then. It was a really strong photograph of her.

I play a musical instrument a little, but only for my own amazement.

I put the costume on and said ‘It’s not very comfortable, but it looks amazing,’ so it’s all good.

I put together amazing records, whether that’s finding the beat or putting the right hook on there, and picking the right artists on the record. That’s me being an A&R. And I’m making sure that they give me their best.

I quite like the Queen. Now, this must come as a fairly amazing statement for someone who is avowedly left wing, pro-independence and anti-monarchy, but there you go.

I read a book every night. I really am that nerd, so when I get to go to the Smithsonian and get to go in the back rooms and play with stuff, things like that, for a guy like me, that’s amazing.

I read ‘The Hobbit’ while at school. It was OK; can’t really remember too much from there, other than the fact I was 10! I never read it again until the script for the film, but it has to be an amazing story when you know Sir Peter Jackson has made three films out of it.

I realized the other day that I’ve lived in New York longer than I’ve lived anywhere else. It’s amazing: I am a New Yorker. It’s strange; I never thought I would be.

I really admire Werner Herzog and Spike Lee. They’re amazing documentarians. If you took away all the narratives, they’d just be amazing documentarians.

I really believe that the movie will never be as good as the book, both because the book goes on longer – a movie is basically an abridgment of a book – and because books are internal. But they are incredibly powerful. The visual format is, you know, amazing.

I really don’t care what people say. It’s amazing that feminism continues to exist at all, considering how much counter-feminism is out there.

I really enjoyed being Peppy Miller. She was an amazing character and her energy followed me everywhere. When I talk about her I want to be her again.

I really find that with Judaism, it creates an amazing blueprint for family connectivity.

I really like the stuff that Showtime puts out. I think that ‘Homeland’ is phenomenal. I think ‘Dexter’ is amazing.

I really like ‘Roar’ and ‘Dark Horse.’ ‘Dark Horse’ I really like, and I feel I would sing that in the bathroom; I would buy that album, and I think Katy Perry’s amazing!

I really liked the helicopter pilot in ‘Dawn of the Dead’, when he gets bitten and comes out of the elevator. That guy was amazing. He did this incredible walk that we didn’t even know about until we started shooting.

I really liked ‘Super 8’. If Steven Spielberg is an executive producer of anything, you know that it’s going to be amazing!

I really love Japan, and I liked living there very much, and there are so many terrific things about Japan. However, I do think what’s amazing is that Japan really prides itself on being monoracial. It doesn’t have the same kind of idea as in the U.K. or Canada or the United States, in which the idea of diversity is a strength.

I really love the internet. They say chat-rooms are the trailer park of the internet but I find it amazing.

I really love women that manage to be amazing in their age.

I really think it is amazing that people actually buy software.

I really want to work with Adele, I think she’s amazing. Lykke Li as well. I love them both. I’d also like to work with The Script. I met them in Australia and we just got on like a house on fire.

I really would love to do a piece like Julia Roberts or Charlize Theron in ‘Erin Brockovich’ or ‘North Country.’ They were both so amazing and so inspiring. I would love to touch someone in the way their performances touched me.

I remember the day we found the gene for the inter-species signaling molecule like it was yesterday. We got the gene, and we plugged it into a database. And we immediately saw that this gene was in an amazing number of species of bacteria. It was a huge moment of realization.

I remember watching the Three Tenors at the World Cup in 1990, and it was amazing. They made opera accessible to the man in the street.

I remember what it felt like when I was young, and I looked up to someone, and they would pay me just an ounce of attention. And some of the bands I listened to when I was young probably never even sold any albums, but it didn’t matter to me. If I’d go up and say, ‘Great show,’ it would be amazing that they even would acknowledge me.

I run or walk three times a week. I do Pilates, too, which is amazing – it makes you longer and leaner.

I saw an amazing film when I was 16 called ‘Slam’. It’s about a spoken-word poet. Saul Williams is in it.

I saw Ellen and my knees were weak. It was amazing. And it was very hard for me to get her out of my mind after that. Then when I saw her that night, we started talking, and that’s that.

I saw Frank Frazetta’s art, and it seared on my memory. I love his paintings. They’re so amazing.

I saw Gosling just kill it in ‘Blue Valentine.’ I thought he was just amazing at that, and I wouldn’t mind maybe doing something like that.

I saw the Dead in ’73 at Nassau Coliseum, and that same year, I saw them at the crazy, big Watkins Glen festival. It was just outrageous. It was amazing to see the reciprocity between them and their audience.

I saw The Jeff Beck Group at the Marquee Club in 1967, when he was with Rod Stewart, and holy smokes, they were amazing.

I saw ‘The 39 Clues’ as a potential vehicle for doing some education in a fun way – to take some of these amazing stories from history, dust them off and make them alive.

I saw ‘The Artist.’ It’s really beautiful and it’s all done to the letter with all the silent film techniques. The costumes were amazing and the dog is so good.

I saw ‘The Fountain’ because my friend came over one day and said, ‘This is my favorite movie I’ve ever seen. Please watch this,’ and I watched it, and that was amazing.

I see hip-hop as going in a self-managing place. It’s very culturally controlled and artist-controlled. It’s not really based on a label anymore. Everything is pretty much in the control of the artist. Which is amazing.

I seem to be landing a lot of roles with animal interactions, which is amazing.

I seriously love to cook… My grandmother was an amazing cook. As a kid I used to help her make handmade pasta, Cavatelli and Ravioli. It was one of my favorite things to do. I love the idea of making whatever is in the fridge into something.

I shop at a lot of vintage stores because the prices are amazing, and I love the idea that there’s a history behind the piece I’m wearing.

I shot a Metallica video in Hollywood, and there were, like, 100 people on set. There was even a guy there to put antiseptic gel on my hands. Amazing. If I asked for that on a Danish set, they’d probably kick me out of the country.

I signed with Big Yellow Dog and have been with them for years. The president of the company is a woman named Carla Wallace, who is an amazing publisher who just has a knack for female artists.

I spend a good portion of my dinner-party conversation defending America because no matter what the political agenda, it’s still a fantastic, amazing place.

I spent well over a year on the road with Sarah Vaughn. That was amazing.

I started dreaming about being an actor in Gwalior, and it feels amazing to shoot in my hometown.

I started dreaming of becoming a singer after seeing Michael Jackson in the ‘Billie Jean’ video. The mix of fantastic choreography and amazing music made such a huge impact on the music industry.

I started off in musical theater, yeah. It was one of my first jobs; it was in Spring Awakening in London, which was amazing.

I started photographing amazing African wildlife for my own pleasure. It was like a much-needed antidote to my life in the city, which I was fast becoming allergic to.

I started running outside when I was at ‘Biggest Loser.’ Then I got runner’s knee, and thought I was never going to be able to shake it. When I overcame that and ran the L.A. Marathon, it was such an amazing thing, and now running is such a part of my routine.

I still dream about being on the space station with the feeling of being weightless. The weightlessness is the most amazing, relaxing and natural feeling.

I still think that movies are amazing; I respect actors and directors.

I stood for parliament with the amazing support and help of my ex-husband, but it’s not something that was handed to me like a peerage. I worked hard and was elected. So my achievements, such as they are, are my own.

I stream this radio station, Radio Nova, that’s based in Paris. They curate a beautiful set that’s really all over the place – they’ll play blues or some West African music, then A Tribe Called Quest, then funk from Ethiopia, then James Brown, and then the Beatles. It’s an amazing mix.

I studied classics, and I find it mystifying that we had Medea and Electra and Antigone and all these amazing characters, and they don’t really exist in cinema now. The only person who’s really doing it, and he gets loads of criticism for it, is Lars Von Trier.

I studied drama at the Queensland University of Technology, which was amazing. I can’t speak highly enough of that school.

I studied Shakespeare in college, but not theatrically, more in terms of literature, and then I kind of took a break from it. Now there’s resurgence in my appreciation for him. It’s amazing: there are so many book titles and song titles that come just from lines that he wrote.

I studied voice for about two years with an amazing coach, and I never rose above the level of mediocre.

I stumbled on a joke idea and style that worked, the audience went with it and, from that moment on, I was hooked. It’s an amazing feeling.

I suffer from an amazing amount of insecurities, and I’m grateful that my body image, it’s normally not something I pay attention to.

I suppose it’s amazing when you think how many things people get involved in that don’t work.

I suppose what’s so amazing about working at the National Theatre is that, because it’s a subsidized theatre, you’re not trying to create a product that’s going to have a mass market in order to make the money back.

I swim like a fish and I have an amazing kick.

I take care of Demetrious Johnson, and the UFC takes care of themselves. That’s nothing against the UFC; they’re a well-oiled machine. They do an amazing job at advertising and making stars.

I tend not to wear accessories. I’m not one of those gals with a drawerful of amazing jewelry. I don’t even have my ears pierced! But I have one bracelet that never comes off my wrist.

I tend to not watch things that are current. And then if everybody swears it’s amazing then I’ll like watch the whole series in a weekend.

I thank God that I had such an amazing father who was my trainer as well.

I thank Manchester City for giving me the opportunity to train these amazing players.

I think a broader audience is really amazing. If there’s no need for curse words or darkness, why go there? Why not make it PG?

I think a lot of actors need validation. If you see truly amazing actors perform, they expose themselves to such an incredible degree. You can really see their pain.

I think a lot of podcasts have a lot of amazing character work. Seth Morris does this amazing character, Boch Duco, which I think is one of the funniest, most well-realized characters that I’ve ever seen or heard.

I think a part of me romantically thinks it would be amazing to learn to dance or ice skate, but in reality, I don’t think it would be beneficial to my career.

I think about a Richard Avedon photo series, the kind of faces he gets of real people, which I find so captivating. Fellini was also great in filling his films with this ambiance, this environment, sometimes chaotic and carnival-like, but people’s faces were always amazing.

I think actors, athletes, and anyone who’s a public speaker is very amazing or fascinating to me.

I think Alison Krauss is one of the most amazing singers ever. As a songwriter – this is gonna sound cheesy – I love Randy Newman. And my mom passed on a love of Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell. At one point I was so into the Indigo Girls, just like I was so into the Dixie Chicks, those female harmonies.

I think Americans are weirdly puritanistic about psychopharmaceuticals. There are millions of people out there who would otherwise be dead or rocking by themselves in a corner who now lead full and normal lives because of amazing and wonderful scientific advances.

I think Andrew Stanton is such an amazing, creative mind.

I think Angelina Jolie has done amazing, amazing things, and the international adoption rate just since her has skyrocketed. It’s unbelievable.

I think as a business it would be amazing if the euro was to collapse, but financially and economically I think that would be a bit of a tsunami for everybody to cope with.

I think being on a TV show is amazing but also, people get kind of used to seeing you a certain way and so it becomes a challenge to break free from that in a way.

I think being Shaquille O’Neal would be the most amazing thing. There’s nothing I would have done differently in his life. Everything he’s done I think is pretty spot on, even, like, the bad rap videos, the shoes, the movies, everything.

I think cable TV in the United States is amazing right now. It’s reinvented television, really. What’s going on in the States with some of these cable shows like ‘Breaking Bad’ and ‘Mad Men’ is amazing stuff.

I think ceramics are so amazing because they’re incredibly educational – you can buy something made in the 14th century, and it looks like it was made yesterday. There’s something to be learned there, and ceramics can tell you the history of the time because they’re functional vessels, ultimately.

I think Chris Weitz is an amazing director, and his sensibility – I wouldn’t even know how to articulate it – it’s just, he’s a very sensitive, interesting guy.

I think Damien Hirst is hilarious. And I think he’s a true artist. He’s not hilarious first; I think he is a real artist, and I also think he’s got an amazing sense of humor.

I think Dawn has done an amazing job showing that asteroids aren’t just hunks of rock. They’re worlds – they’re places an astronaut can explore. I think the Rosetta mission also did an amazing job of that.

I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love. For me, they are the role model for being alive.

I think everybody thinks they’re an amazing singer, but I’m one of those guys who realizes where his limitations are, and it’s definitely with singing and dancing.

I think fatherhood would change anybody when you have your first son. It’s been amazing.

I think Ferguson is underrated. I think it’s an amazing show. They all have something different to offer, but I think Craig Ferguson has one of the most interesting monologues in late-night because he basically does stand-up.

I think getting up every morning is the most amazing thing any of us do. We know what’s out there, and yet we keep going.

I think Gina Rowlands is an amazing actress.

I think giving yourself permission to be weird is amazing. After all what does it mean to be normal?

I think having children is the most amazing thing.

I think having imaginary friends is an amazing coping mechanism. It’s pretty wonderful, and it makes a lot of sense to me.

I think I came across Cecil Taylor a bit later, in 65 or 66. That really impressed me – Cecil Taylor is an amazing character… Both his music and the way he approaches the instrument are astonishing.

I think I have had so many amazing moments in my life.

I think I went into poli-sci because I knew there was a stage, plus I thought I wanted to help people, and I realized in poli-sci that if you want to be a politician you’re either born into it, or you’ve got an amazing brain, which those are rare – and I don’t have one.

I think it works differently for everyone. Some people do amazing things with research, but for me, it just gets convoluted, and I start to think too much.

I think it would be amazing to be a character actor and still be a lead now and then in movies.

I think it would be cool to maybe do something with Ed Sheeran. That would be awesome and interesting. He writes amazing songs, and I could easily hear Backstreet Boys sing ‘Shape Of You.’

I think it’s amazing that I can go out there and be myself, and the fact that I’m carrying Puerto Rico on my back a little bit is such an honor.

I think it’s amazing that I’m 45 and it is the most creatively successful year of my life.

I think it’s an amazing quality to be able to roll with the punches and not be totally ruined as a person because life’s been rough for you. That’s a really admirable way to go through your life.

I think it’s becoming very acceptable for adults and teenagers to be playful lifelong. You know, it’s very acceptable to be a video gamer and be 35 years old. It’s acceptable to be a Lego adult fan and build amazing things, even though you’re 40 or 25 years old.

I think it’s going to be amazing to see how the world of microbiology, molecular and cellular biology, and human physiology is massively changed by microgravity.

I think it’s rare for anyone that a really accomplished, amazing director calls you up and says, ‘I want to make a movie around you, and I want it to be this.’

I think it’s really amazing to have a big family. I’ve always wanted one.

I think it’s very empowering to be able to have a career and to be a mother. It gives you an amazing sense of self.

I think I’m always inspired by really, really funny, amazing women, but I’m also inspired by really funny, amazing men. I think there’s more of a feminist voice, like with Amy Schumer being out right now, whom I adore.

I think Keira Knightley is amazing, and I’ve heard also that she is one of the coolest, most down-to-earth, brilliant girls, and I really look up to her in that respect. She’s got it all, really, and I think she’s made interesting, bold choices in her work.

I think kids are amazing. You kind of just deal with stuff, don’t you? It’s only years later that you have to spend thousands in therapy.

I think Labrinth is an amazing writer and an amazing singer. His voice is just so magnetic. There are so many people that I would work with inside and outside of pop.

I think London is an amazing city. It’s really nice to live in London. I think it is a multicultural city; there is a lot to do, great restaurants.

I think my favorite role was playing Sarah Baker in ‘Cheaper by the Dozen 1.’ It was my first movie, and I worked with amazing professionals who had such strong work ethics that I immediately learned how to work in this industry.

I think Nat’s an amazing actor… He understands things about acting that most people don’t.

I think one of the coolest things about the job is the level of trust we have for each other. The actors fully trust that the writers will write amazing episodes, and the writers trust that the actors will follow their instincts with the characters.

I think Paul Newman had an amazing career. I also love what Tom Hanks has done. He has always made very grounded movies that have something to say. He has found a way to make blockbusters that are about something and that is what I want to do.

I think Paul Weitz is a really amazing director, obviously with tons of acclaim and stuff, but I still think he is underrated. And I think he’s amazing to work with, so I was super lucky.

I think people would like to see Kurt Angle and myself get in there and perform with one another. I think he’s an amazing athlete, a talented wrestler, and it’s a match people probably don’t think that they’re going to see.

I think perspective is a necessary, amazing thing.

I think Phil Collins is one of the most underrated musicians, singers, performers – he is absolutely amazing, I think, and I think he’s probably got a bit of a rough ride occasionally because he became so mainstream and so popular.

I think physical comedy is an amazing asset because it tells a story that’s more universal than just language and dialogue. I grew up watching Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton. They’re very powerful figures in my life.

I think picture books should stretch children. I think they should be full of wonderful, amazing words.

I think Polanski’s an amazing director.

I think probably one of the coolest things was when I went to play basketball at Rucker Park in Harlem. First of all, who would think that Larry the Cable Guy would go to Harlem to play basketball? And I was received like a rock star. It was amazing! There were people everywhere. There were guys walking by yelling, ‘Git ‘r done!’

I think probably the discoveries made by Hubble Space Telescope have been very dramatic, very amazing.

I think Pussy Riot is amazing. I’m honored that they were inspired by riot grrl, and obviously they’re making history around the world.

I think realising that you’re individual and unique is really amazing.

I think Serena Williams is the best tennis player of this generation, if not the best ever. It is amazing for her to be playing as well as she is at the age of 31.

I think smartphones are one of humanity’s most remarkable creations: computers are amazing enough, but a supercomputer you can carry in your pocket and communicate instantly with anyone, anywhere… it’s no wonder they’re troublingly addictive.

I think Stella Tennant is amazing. And then I really loved all those ’60s society models, like Edie Sedgwick.

I think that a lot of companies are still amazingly price sensitive.

I think that androgyny is so amazing. Men’s shows I can look at and say, ‘I would wear that.’ But there’s things I see at Nina Ricci, and I’m like, ‘They need to make that in men’s,’ or ‘I want those pants.’ Everything is inspiring.

I think that Ben Askren, when he competed as a wrestler, he was an amazing athlete.

I think that Delhi Metro has made things convenient for people, and we must credit the government for that. The Metro network that they have built in the city without disturbing any infrastructure is amazing.

I think that in itself is kind of an amazing achievement to be able to say that your full-time career is in any creative arts, let alone a show that has kept people interested for coming on four seasons and hopefully more.

I think that there are all these amazing figures in our history – the Bowies, the Tina Turners, the Chers, the people who are, in many ways, genderless or represent ‘the other’ – and I want pop music, and other queer artists – Kehlani, Perfume Genius – these people are bringing queer narratives into people’s minds.

I think that Vancouver as well as Canada needs a boot camp for young entrepreneurs. We have already seen tens if not hundreds of people put their names forward to be involved in the program, and we just think this is an amazing way to accelerate what they’re doing.

I think that when you are a teenager, it’s the smartest you will ever be in your life. Teenagers are so resilient and strong, it’s just amazing.

I think the actors in ‘Greystoke’ were amazing. They had a really good performance coach called Peter Elliott who’s, of his time, one of the greatest simian performance coaches for actors.

I think the amazing thing about gospel music is that not only does it lift up the death and resurrection of our Lord, which is consistent with the Gospel, but it is uniquely communicated depending upon the generation.

I think the amazing thing about ‘Twin Peaks’ was that it completely changed television from that point forward. It showed everyone that you can just sit really quiet with storylines and characters. It can be scary, it can be uncomfortable, it can be weirdly funny.

I think the amazing thing about ‘Twin Peaks’ was that it completely changed television from that point forward.

I think the art fair is very much a form of urbanism. I think something really happens to the cities when such a fair happens. The city becomes an exhibition; it’s amazing.

I think the fact that I made enough noise in the world that I might be remembered is an amazing achievement. You can’t ask for more than that.

I think the greatest goal I’ve ever scored is the one against Liverpool. It was amazing for me, and it really made my name in the Manchester team.

I think the traveling is what drew me into ‘The Amazing Race’ years ago.

I think the U.K. is an amazing place and has been extremely good to me. Some of my favorite and most-listened-to bands are from England. I have met many good people there and have been in front of some of the most loyal audiences I have ever encountered.

I think there’s nothing more amazing than helping people every day.

I think there’s some people that absolutely love attention, and I’m not necessarily one of those people, but we’re so, so lucky to be able to do this with our lives. There are certain aspects that maybe are not amazing, like having to represent us.

I think there’s some pretty amazing language in the Bible.

I think there’s something amazing about British soul.

I think there’s something really freeing about improv, that it’s a collective, creative, in-the-moment piece. That’s really exciting and really frustrating, because it’s there and gone. There’s an amazing interaction with the audience that happens because they are very much another scene partner.

I think there’s something to the millennial sentiment of being, like, ‘I’m great.’ But I think there’s also something really amazing and powerful about being, like, ‘Oh, hey, I’m awesome.’ It’s a fine line. But I think it’s possible to be both, to not be the most annoying person in the world, to still be very intriguing and fun to watch.

I think this is the biggest win in my career. To beat Venus in Wimbledon is just something amazing.

I think we all have those moments at one point or other in our lives… when we see someone and immediately imagine a whole universe around them. A relationship, a future, and all based on just a second which might not even have been in their company. It’s amazing how quickly the human mind can come up with this stuff.

I think we have a responsibility to shape the zeitgeist with the movies we put out there. Because ‘After Earth’ isn’t going to do it. ‘The Expendables 3’ isn’t going to do it. You could make one million amazing films for the amount of money they spend on those films. I get frustrated.

I think we love bacon because it has all the qualities of an amazing sensory experience. When we cook it, the sizzling sound is so appetizing, the aroma is maddening, the crunch of the texture is so gratifying and the taste delivers every time.

I think we’re going to enter a phase where there’s less interest in the CGI and there’s a demand for story again. I think we’ve dropped the ball a little bit on stories for the sake of the amazing toys that we’ve played with.

I think what makes someone pretty amazing is being comfortable in your own skin.

I think what The Rock has been able to accomplish has been amazing. He has just done a phenomenal job in all of the movies he has been in.

I think what’s really amazing is that given the scale of the web and getting the compute power we have today, we’re starting to see things that appear intelligent but actually aren’t semantically intelligent.

I think women are amazing and women’s friendships are like a sisterhood and we should see more of it in television and film.

I think women of our generation went through Cultural Revolution, went through hardship, coming from nowhere, and suddenly see China’s amazing opportunity. So women just seized the opportunity.

I think ‘Amazing Race’ is sometimes like being on tour.

I think ‘Game of Thrones’ was extraordinary. I want to do some period pieces. It would be lovely to tell great stories, that is my main ambition. And to be working with amazing creators.

I think, as an actress, it is amazing to shock your audiences.

I think, with ‘Pride,’ I always knew that was something amazing because of the people who were in it and the story and the way it was written and who was directing. Anyone in that cast knew it was special.

I thoroughly enjoyed working on Enemy of the State. Tony Scott is an important director, and has an amazing ability to express himself, and he doesn’t do it in musical terms, he does it in emotional terms. I got along really well with him.

I thought I was just going to be a songwriter for other people! And now I get to put out my own music, which is amazing.

I thought it was amazing to work with authors, to get a manuscript and try to make up a cover for it.

I thought Leonardo DiCaprio was amazing in Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Romeo and Juliet.’

I thought Steve Jobs was amazing. He was such a great businessman. Someone that has just been really continually successful with their brand and hasn’t gone away, Madonna is incredible. We’ve all kind of listened to her for years and seen her grow up and change, and she’s never strayed away from who she is.

I thought that if I could speed up the production of animation, I could make a big business out of recreating the amazing images of the news because what we get on TV is always the last bit of image.

I took for the first time, I mean Rob is 42, for the first time I took him to the supermarket. He is really like a 15-year-old boy! He’s just frozen in Take That time. He was like ‘This is amazing they have everything!’ I was like ‘that’s what you do at a supermarket.’ It was a revelation for him.

I took my daughters to see Plastic Ono Band at the Orpheum in L.A. in 2012. It was an amazing experience because she is such a revolutionary artist. Everybody was like, ‘Oh, it’s Yoko, it’s such a joke.’ But it’s no joke what she did, visually and musically. It’s incredible.

I totally lucked out by meeting a lot of amazing people. I guess it stems from going to shows and being confident enough to meet people and be able to talk to them like a normal person rather than have my head down all the time.

I toy around with the whole Biblical thing, just as amazing characters.

I trained with Olympics Athlete Jeanette Kwakye – who is amazing! And Shani Anderson, who is an excellent Olympic runner. We trained five times a week; running, circuits, weights, working out in the gym, and on the track. It was an insane time.

I travel to a lot of schools, and I see firsthand that while we do still have a lot of traditional readers, we don’t have as many as we used to. And we’re missing an awful lot of kids entirely… Do I want to get rid of the Internet? Obviously, I don’t want that because of all the amazing things it brings.

I tried to sing ‘What’s Going On’ with Amy Winehouse once at an old cinema in the West End. There was a funk band that had members of both of our bands playing in it, but it was the worst kind of place to sing bad karaoke because everyone there was an amazing singer or musician.

I truly do have the most amazing child on the face of the earth. I know all parents say that about their child, but Taylor truly is special.

I truly don’t know why the boys are getting all the votes – it could be because they are really amazing, and that’s all there is to it. They’re really, really good and every single boy deserves to be in the competition right now, and so do the two girls.

I truly enjoy Bono. I think he is an amazing person; I love him.

I truly loved being pregnant and feeling what was going on inside my body and watching it change. It’s difficult to recoup, but still amazing nonetheless. I would have another one.

I try as much as possible to give you a great basic product and what comes out, I feel, is really amazing.

I try to be very honest in my writing. It’s amazing, though, to think that people are responding to what we do, but it’s okay if they’re responding in a positive way too, because I think just creating anything at all to put out there is a gift.

I try to cheat up. If I’m going to have something that’s ‘off the plan,’ then I want it to be the best piece of bread or the most amazing ice cream.

I try to compartmentalize as much as possible, and I have the most amazing team in the world. They really set up my time in a way that is completely efficient all the time.

I try to list the top three things to get done every day, and I’ll be lucky if I hit all three, but it’s amazing what that does to keep you on track.

I try to stay in the best physical shape that I can because I do most of my own stunts. It looks amazing if you can do it, but I don’t advocate it because you always get injured.

I understand that being able to appeal to the public and having an amazing sense of humour is not something that comes easy. It’s definitely a gift and for which I’m thankful.

I understudied Colm Feore quite a bit in ’85 and ’86 – ‘Persephone’ and ‘The Boys from Syracuse,’ too – and that was great, great training for me. He was and he is an amazing theatre actor.

I used to do ballet all the time, and I do this ballet workout: it is an amazing thing called Barrecore. It is like pulsing. It turns your legs into, like, jelly, and you feel like a Bambi; you lose so much control over your body because you’re pulsing so much.

I used to imagine working as a White House staffer some day, so it was pretty amazing to be there… realizing another dream.

I used to live in Pillgwenlly, and there was this old Italian pizzeria that used to be there with a really amazing character who ran it.

I used to say that I didn’t want anything to do with e-mail. It seemed really impersonal, complicated and weird. I had no idea what an amazing way it is to reach people.

I used to want to be a critic. I think it’s an awesome job. You get to watch all this stuff and then write about it and analyze it and give insight into it. That’s an amazing job. I was terrible at it, though.

I walk into a kids’ store, and it’s amazing, the types of instruments – little squeaky things, rattling things, spinning tops.

I want my opponents to look at me across the net and just not want to play me because I look so fit and amazing and strong. So that’s always my goal.

I want the kids that think the Kardashians are amazing to think that going out there and actually making a difference in your world is just as amazing.

I want to be a morning-talk-show host. I love Kelly Ripa’s job. She gets to live in New York and has this amazing job hosting a talk show.

I want to be in ‘Star Wars.’ That would be amazing.

I want to be like Tom Cruise from ‘The Outsiders’ and go on and do amazing movies for a long time.

I want to continue to produce film, television, and theater, and to make the most amazing music that I’ve made in my life.

I want to do amazing roles fit for my age in 30 years. I’m sure I’ll be less popular and have less offers then, but I think I’ll be able to do act well for my age at the time.

I want to do good stories, and I want to work with really interesting people. And if it’s Noah Hawley forever, that’s also amazing.

I want to do stuff like ‘Lady Bird.’ I want people to say, ‘She told amazing stories.’

I want to go to the 9/11 Memorial. I heard that’s amazing and crazy to look at, an amazing museum. So I haven’t done that. I’d like to do that.

I want to make an album with just great beats and big vocals and just amazing lyrics.

I want to show that you can be just as amazing as labels and compete as a business and work as a business even though you’re an artist.

I want to work with amazing filmmakers and tell important stories, and if I have to audition to do that, I will.

I wanted to play football or be a boxer, but my dad didn’t want that because of all the impact. But in 1992 I was watching short track, and it was obscure, but they looked like superheroes in their tight outfits, and I thought it was amazing. I wanted to do that. I made the national team at 14.

I wanted to raise the voice of a lot of the people that I knew growing up, and this was, for the most part, poor people who had extraordinary dreams but also very amazing obstacles.

I was 12 when it really hit me. I did children’s theatre camp during the summers and played a fairy in ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream.’ The next summer, I played Clytemnestra in ‘Agamemnon’ and I was like, ‘OK, this is amazing.’

I was 14 when I decided I wanted to start doing music and stuff. I was a really big fan of Ben Howard, and he put out a really amazing album in 2014, and then, after being inspired by my dad and Lady Gaga and Ed Sheeran, I wanted to start writing songs.

I was a very close friend of Dash Snow’s, so whenever I get a chance to revisit his work, that’s always amazing for me.

I was acting with all my childhood heroes: Meryl Streep, Saoirse Ronan, all of those amazing women.

I was always amazed about how much I could finally squeeze into a thirty second commercial.

I was always behind in class. There was people in my class who was amazing at art, amazing at maths, amazing at English, but I wasn’t clever with anything, even though I tried my hardest.

I was amazed by how much you have to think about as a director. As an actor, you don’t have to think about much at all, as it turns out. It’s very easy. And then when you step into the director’s role, there’s this whole universe of stuff that you have to pay attention to that’s amazing to me.

I was an amazing bartender and a great waiter. I think, in a way, that was my acting school.

I was asked to do a reading of ‘G.B.F.’ and I loved the script. I thought it was one of the most amazing things I’d read, but it took a year to get a green light for production.

I was blown away by Steve Perry’s voice – you know, his amazing ability to change from a lambing voice to rock.

I was blown away watching Michael Keaton act because he was such a maniacal, evil person on set. He takes on a totally different life, and it was so amazing to watch him work.

I was eight when we came to Australia. It was five amazing weeks onboard this ship – it was the Northern Star.

I was friends with Susan Sontag the last four years of her life. She had this amazing charisma and so much energy, but she had a sad little funeral in Montparnasse in Paris.

I was homeless for a little bit. I was on people’s couches, but it was an amazing journey. I got to make people laugh all the way.

I was impressed by Hendrix. His attitude was brilliant. Even the way he walked was amazing.

I was in Barcelona working with Shakira, and it was an amazing experience. She’s a great artist, and I learned a lot while working with her.

I was informed yesterday that there’s a Twitter account for my laugh. Very hard to get used to things like that. Pretty amazing.

I was interested in transcendence from a very early age. I was interested in what was over there, what was behind life. So when I had my first communion I was very disappointed. I had expected something amazing and surprising and spiritual. Instead all I got was a bicycle. That wasn’t what I was after at all.

I was introduced to spinning. It was so intense! It’s the hardest workout you’ve ever done, and afterwards you feel amazing.

I was logging 15-hour days, sampling food every minute. I had access to these amazing dishes, and it was easy to lose sight of how quickly the bites added up.

I was lucky to have amazing mentors like Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson.

I was named on the worst-dressed list at the Grammys a couple of years ago. I had on Tom Ford, and I thought it was the most amazing dress ever. But I got put on the worst-dressed list. Luckily, at least I was pictured alongside Adele, J-Lo, and whoever – all these superstars who were also called worst-dressed – so that was a good thing!

I was nervous. I was thinking, ‘Gee, he’s Ralph Fiennes. What an amazing actor, and I can have this scene with him.’ But I enjoyed it, you know. That’s what I got into acting to do – to push myself and see if I can do these things.

I was on the cover of French ‘Grazia,’ which was amazing. It was all over Paris!

I was playing a gig in Greece in September 2003 and this guy walks up to me and says, ‘Hey Tiesto I just heard you play; you’re amazing. I want you to play at the opening ceremony of the Olympics.’ I looked at him, like, ‘Sure pal!’

I was really attracted to doing ‘Game of Thrones’ because I thought the character of Meera was absolutely amazing.

I was really impressed with the dining scenes and how amazing the culinary scene is in Nashville.

I was really lucky that, through my 20s, I got to work with some amazing people, and I tried to sit back and watch and learn.

I was shocked and surprised and very humbled that the Hall Of Fame came about. Going into it and coming out of it, all the support has been amazing; it really has.

I was speaking to Ridley Scott the other day and he makes a film every 18 months. He’s amazing really.

I was struck by Suu Kyi’s warmth and generosity. No matter how petite she looks, she exudes amazing strength. More than anything else, I felt like I already knew her, like she was an old friend, because I’d been watching her so intently, and she was exactly what I had figured she would be.

I was terribly shy when I was growing up, I really wasn’t confident with other people and I think I was always afraid of up or not being this very cool, amazing person that I wanted to be.

I was the first spokesperson for the Better Hearing Institute in Washington. And that’s the message we tried to send out – there is hearing help out there, and the technology and options are amazing.

I was this little kid writing songs. I look back at having that dream, and it’s weird. Being able to do it and live out your dream on any scale is amazing. I don’t take any of it for granted at all.

I was with the Jessie Bonstelle Stock Company in Detroit and Buffalo for three seasons – 10 performances and a new play every week. She was an amazing woman who did a great deal for me.

I was writing a scene where a guy was choking another guy to death. You can go online and type ‘chokeholds’ and watch scenes where martial artists choke each other out. You can hear what noises they make when they go unconscious, see how their bodies flop and everything. YouTube is amazing for the more detailed stuff.

I watch ‘Supergirl,’ and I love it. It’s amazing.

I went and hung out at a foot fetish party, and I knew that was a very popular fetish to have, but I didn’t realize how amazing it would be to have it.

I went into coaching never worrying about what I was coaching for other than trying to make sure that I can prepare my team, select my team, have an amazing staff around me.

I went on a book tour immediately after 9/11. I was due to leave the following Wednesday, so I just did. It was an amazing thing, because planes hadn’t been flying very many days, and I got on this plane and went to San Francisco, and the minute that plane lifted above the clouds, I felt this incredible sense of lightness.

I went on a diet after ‘Daawat-e-Ishq.’ It was tough to resist eating because we were in Lucknow and Hyderabad, and the food over there is amazing.

I went straight from filming the second season of ‘Survivor’s Remorse,’ and the creators over there were so supportive in letting me go early so I could film ‘Chi-Raq.’ And that was an amazing experience.

I went through the extremes of amazing notoriety and also the dreaded things that you never thought you’d have to live through. Not everything works the way you want it to, but if I sit back and think, ‘Am I happy about this?’ Yeah. I wouldn’t have done anything any better.

I went to an all-girls school for part of high school, and the idea of boys was amazing to me; like, all I ever wanted to do was kiss boys and be around boys.

I went to an amazing school in Brooklyn called St. Anne’s that’s a really kind of creative hot bed.

I went to college and got my degree in acting, but because it was all theater, I really consider my first couple years on ‘Mad Men’ as amazing training for working in television and for acting on-camera.

I went to Paris to learn and absorb some of the amazing ambience I was enamored with growing up in Kansas City. I didn’t go there to start my own collection. But I never could get an internship, so finally, I was left with just doing my own show.

I went to the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and that was amazing. I absolutely loved my three years at Guildhall.

I went to the University of Minnesota, and I met this amazing artist named Cameron Boothe there who was in World War I, who studied with Hans Hoffman in Munich.

amazing quotes lifetime

I went to university – I never would have gone to university through football. I’ve got a degree. I’ve got a master’s. I’ve met some amazing people, I’ve lived my dream. I’ve picked up so many skill sets that I never would have.

I will always think of myself as that girl that is 22 starting and really excited about everything and wanting to be amazing at everything. I always wanted to be the best stylist. That was it.

I will never take anything away from Pantera. It was great; we had fourteen amazing years together. But it’s no longer here. My brother is no longer here.

I will not restrict myself. I want to do films and TV: both mediums are amazing to reach to the audience and express your art form, and if both are available, then why not exploit them?

I will remember the night I won the New Comedy Awards, as I was young and unformed, so that sticks in the mind. I’ve also done a fantastic gig at the Royal Albert Hall, which was amazing. Appearing in the Christopher Guest film was also a real highlight, even if I was only in it for a couple of minutes.

I will say, I can definitely throw down a sick beat once in a while and provide an amazing backup track for somebody who can really, actually freestyle.

I wish I was a bit shorter, as I think shorter people have better walks. Freddie Fox, the actor, is shorter than me and has an amazing gait; and Tom Cruise has a brilliant run. I’m just gangly.

I wore my first pair of Louboutins during this press tour. It was absolutely amazing, they weren’t heels, they were little shoes, but they were velvet and they were blue.

I work with all these amazing voice actors that do a kajillion voices.

I work with amazing organisations: I work with I’m A Performer With Disability, and I work with a clinic which tries to get opportunities for people with disabilities to work in the film and TV industry, and we’re making strides, and they’re making strides.

I worked at Dollywood when I was a kid. Then I worked at Opryland. I worked at a variety of theater things in Atlanta. I was also in a choir for two years where we did ‘Annie’ and ‘Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.’

I worked with Carl Perkins on a number of shows. Live shows. He just showed up and played. He just killed. Killed! Man… he was amazing!

I would absolutely love to do a revival of ‘Bury the Dead’ by Irwin Shaw on Broadway, but it would have to be Joe Calarco’s version that we did Off-Broadway at The Transport Group in 2008. It was just one of those amazing shows that didn’t run long enough and not nearly enough people got a chance to see.

I would define the new aspects of fatherhood like this: It is 75 percent amazing and 25 percent demoralizing. I think any new parent can understand exactly what I’m talking about.

I would have loved to have been in ‘Bottle Rocket’ to take over Owen Wilson’s character Dignan, because he’s just awesome and amazing. I would have loved to have been in ‘The Darjeeling Limited’ maybe. I think that would have been a good one to be in.

I would like to face everyone on the Impact roster. It is filled with amazing performers, I would be honored to share the ring with any of them.

I would like to play with Messi; it would be amazing. He is the best of the world, the one who makes more differences.

I would like to work with Jean Reno, and I think it would be amazing to work with Jim Carrey. I would quite like to work with Robert De Niro and probably Christopher Walken.

I would love to be an amazing singer. I take voice lessons. It’s good to have as a dancer – to be able to sing and act, too, because for a Broadway show or musical, you have to be able to do everything.

I would love to be bilingual. I think having a second or third language at my bidding would open up the world in amazing ways.

I would love to do a sports biopic. I love sports and I think it would be amazing to be a part of a true story and play an athlete.

I would love to do a track with Will.I.Am. He’s always creating amazing songs. I mean, to be honest, Chris Brown has always been amazing, so I would hop on there and let him do his thing and create some magic there. As for a producer, I would love to work with J.R. Rotem. He’s my favorite producer out there.

I would love to do a video with Harry Styles and sit with him and talk about, like, his music and One Direction and everything he has going on and all his amazing songs that have been coming out.

I would love to interview Dave Grohl. I just think he’s an amazing musician, and I grew up listening to Nirvana, so I have so many questions about that.

I would love to learn popping, locking and robotics, gymnastics and acrobatics; it is amazing to learn these things.

I would love to work with Anthony Hopkins; I would love to work with Meryl Streep; I would love to work with DeNiro; I would love to work with Johnny Depp; I’d love to work with Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow… I think she’s amazing.

I would love to work with Drake. I think he’s such a pop star, and he’s dropping amazing songs.

I would love to work with Jack Nicholson, Saoirse Ronan, Michael Shannon and James Franco in the future. I think those actors are amazing, and they are my favourite actors by far.

I would love to work with Joanna Newsom on a ballet. I think that would be amazing. She has a gift for orchestrating and composing, and I think she would be really engaging to work with.

I would love to work with Paolo Nutini because he is so soulful and an amazing songwriter.

I would love to write more children’s books. There is such a high standard out there for children’s books; there are really amazing writers. It is a fantastic creative outlet and such an amazing teaching tool. The thing I love about kids, too, is it is so imaginative and poetic.

I would really love theater. I would love to do Shakespeare, that would be amazing. You know, it’s whatever really comes my way.

I would say if you’re young, if you’re a teenager, act in plays, as many plays as you can. It’s an amazing way to build your craft and an amazing way to build your presence.

I would say my childhood was amazing.

I would say my dream collaboration would probably have to be with Drake. I think he is an amazing artist.

I would say that Roger Federer is pretty amazing. And Manny Pacquiao – he’s such a tiny, little lightweight guy, but the way he fights makes people so excited.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the amazing public arts education that I had.

I wouldn’t want to do an average fashion line. I’d want it to be an amazing piece of art.

I, for one – I’m not a believer that, now that the Facebooks and Googles and everyone is entering the content fray, that it’s a foregone conclusion that they’re just going to get it right and be amazing at it. It’s really hard.

If everybody thinks you’re amazing, you probably are doing something wrong.

If government and media and all of us in the Australian tribe got together, and the rock industry, we’d just be the greatest cultural force the world has ever seen – we’re such an amazing race.

If I can be a positive Arab figure on such a large platform such as the WWE, and become some sort of an inspiration to an Arab kid in Lebanon, Egypt, or Jordan, then that’s amazing.

If I can help and influence girls who are going through body-image issues then I think that’s amazing.

If I can inspire a little girl by seeing me tag a shark, that’s amazing.

If I can inspire people by showing that following a dream by working hard and being determined is possible, it’s amazing.

If I could be involved in the hunting and fishing industry, that would be amazing. That said, I studied biology in college and that led into me being really involved in anatomy and being a pre-med major.

If I could film, we’d film every episode of ‘Doctor Who’ in New York. I have an affinity with the city. It has some wonderful locations and it is devastatingly vast and huge. Central Park looks amazing on camera.

If I could live in one city and do every single thing I do there, I would choose Venice. You can’t turn your head without seeing something amazing.

If I could look like anyone, it would be Jamie Redknapp – even up close, he’s amazing.

If I could sing like a Chaka Khan, an Aretha, a Kim Burrell, if I could do all these amazing runs and belt it out, I would. I’ve attempted that, and it’s not something anyone would want to hear.

If I dress up, I try to wear something that’s still a bit me, but then I regret it when I see that everyone else has dressed up more and looks amazing.

If I had a horse of my own that I loved and fed and knew me, it would be amazing.

If I interview somebody for an hour, I’m looking for four amazing minutes.

If I ran into myself maybe seven years ago and told myself that I was gonna be an actor, that I’d be in L.A. working at Universal Studios with these amazing people, I’d be like, ‘Get out of here. There’s no possible way.’

If I think something is heinous, but the person feels amazing in it, who am I to critique it? If they think that those bell-bottom, cropped, shredded jeans look good, then good for them!

If I was doing a talk show, I would do the kind of show that comes on just once a month, with amazing guests.

If I were amazing with a sword, I wouldn’t care about the tender things in life.

If it’s an amazing role, I’ll do anything.

amazing quotes motivational

If life is a checker game, someone else is moving the pieces. It isn’t us. Don’t be surprised by amazing coincidences. There are no accidents. Consider, as I learned to do, the incredible interconnectedness of all of life.

If Martin Scorsese calls, I am available. And then there the ones, well, you can just run down the list – any of those Oscar-nominated films, they have amazing directors across the board.

If my kids are doing well, then my life is going pretty well. And if my kids aren’t doing well, it doesn’t matter how the other elements of my life are. It’s kind of amazing to have a context like that. This is really wonderful.

If people think you are this amazing, own it.

If poor people are spending their own money, it is amazing how fast they will figure out how to keep a lid on medical bills.

If there was an observer on Mars, they would probably be amazed that we have survived this long.

If there’s a good screenplay, there’s a chance that something good is going to happen. If you don’t have a brilliant screenplay, then you either have amazing actors who give you the chance to improve whatever is on the page, or an interesting director who has enough faith in the project that they can carry it through and get it somewhere.

If there’s any indirect way I can motivate or inspire Olympic athletes… that is one of the greatest honors. Even Natalie Coughlin saying that I inspired her. I’m so humbled by that. I think that’s amazing.

If there’s room for 30 reality shows, surely there’s room for two amazing costume dramas.

If we get the capabilities, NATO, along with the European Union, can do amazing things.

If we’re given a number of circumstances to deal with, the brain goes into this mode of trying to find a solution, and it’s amazing how good we are at it.

If you could make telly as good as radio, it would be amazing – audio can do things so easily that television can’t.

If you eat broccoli steamed or boiled, it’s not very exciting, but you can roast it with things like turmeric and make it amazing. It’s all about how you cook something and what you pair it with.

If you ever catch a great boss, it’s just such a rare thing, and it’s amazing.

If you ever get a chance to just plonk yourself out of the world for a bit – do it! It’s so amazing.

If you ever have a kid who doesn’t know what to do, stick him in art school. It’s amazing what evolves.

If you ever want to be interrogated, get Michael Shannon to do it. He’s an amazing man. I loved working with him.

If you get half a million, at a certain stage you probably will get 4 million people, if they are able to hear it. The touring thing is unbelievable. It really is amazing from what we did the last tour even to what we are doing now.

If you go through any culture that has had wars, go to the bomb shelters, and you’ll hear some amazing stories. Yes, it’s a necessary thing that we actually both distract ourselves and it’s a way to bond.

If you have only 95 minutes of material, make an only 95-minute movie. Amazing how often that’s forgotten.

If you have the opportunity to do amazing things in your life, I strongly encourage you to invite someone to join you.

If you pay attention to the world, it’s an amazing place. If you don’t, it’s whatever you think it is.

If you saw Queen Elizabeth it would be amazing, she came from another planet. She was so attractive in what she was wearing.

If you send out one coupon with a deadline of a week and another that must be used within the next month, you end up having more redemptions with the one week deadline. It’s really amazing. With the month deadline you have four times as much time, but people tend to say they’ll use it in a few weeks’ time and then they don’t do it.

If you set goals and go after them with all the determination you can muster, your gifts will take you places that will amaze you.

If you take a step back, you realize that the TV landscape really has been… There have been some amazing shows in terms of representation, but not for Asian people.

If you tell people where to go, but not how to get there, you’ll be amazed at the results.

If you think you don’t want to play another psychopath, but the script is amazing, and the director is fantastic, and the story is incredible, then you may end up playing your third psychopath in a row.

If you type ‘Salt Flats’ into YouTube, you’ll find 100 amazing videos that were shot out there, but you won’t find any that were shot in the rain.

If you want to go to the mall, you have to take security. But it’s always cool. The kids are amazing.

If you’re a basketball player and you don’t stop and take pictures with your fans, you can have an amazing game and everyone still loves you.

If you’re a priority artist, then you get an amazing amount of exposure and money thrown. If you are more niche, then it’s not necessarily the way forward. If you want Instagram followers and fame, then the major labels are still really great for that.

If you’re curious, London’s an amazing place.

If you’re going to do a job, do it right. If you’re going to throw a birthday party, make it amazing. If you’re going to do anything, do it awesome.

If you’re not a parent, if you’re an aunt or uncle or neighbor, books are an amazing gift.

If you’re pitching to investors for the first time and expecting them to be so blown away by how thoroughly amazing your pitch is that they write a check on the spot – well, prepare to be disappointed.

Imagine a ‘Mission: Impossible’-style spy or infiltration mission into the core, the very heart of the Empire’s military-industrial complex, the most secure facility in the Empire. You have a small band of experts with complementary skills who, together, are able to do these amazing things.

In 1990, I was an undergraduate freshman archeology major sneaking over to the English building and unearthing an amazing repository of books I’d never even suspected. By 1998, I’d have my Ph.D.

In 2003, being Virginia Player of the Year was an amazing feeling because I think that was the moment I realized I could actually, really go far in my sport, and I was actually, really good at something. At that moment, I knew that I could play at a high level.

In 2011, my wife, Courtney, and I, with my amazing mother and sister, opened the Nantz National Alzheimer Center at Houston Methodist Hospital.

In 29 years, I had recorded over 2,200 songs. I was amazed.

In America, Blackberry Farm in Tennessee is one of the most amazing hotels I’ve had the privilege of staying at.

In America, celebrities who go to see your show will come backstage and introduce themselves. Meeting Annette Bening and Ethan Hawke that way was amazing, but when Tom Hanks came, it was really special – I’ve loved him since I first saw him in ‘Big!’

In editing, it’s amazing how you choose the in and out points. What you cut on is everything for creating tension. It’s amazing how expanding a shot by five seconds can just ruin the tension.

In fact, it is amazing how much European films – Italian, French, German and English – have recovered a certain territory of the audience in their countries over the last few years.

In football you always get judged on your last game. Whoever you are, or how amazing you are, it’s the last game that everyone has seen.

In life, it’s amazing how often people will say yes. You just have to ask.

In Montreal, there is a friend of mine at school who is a jazz pianist with an amazing voice, and we sort of have this fusion/soul/R&B/folk music kind of thing. We’ve been keeping it low-key and opening for some friends.

In order for a person of color to get on a cover of a magazine, they have to do something prolific – winning an Oscar, being the first billionaire, you know, or whatever. I think it’s becoming more natural that somebody can get on the cover of a magazine just because they’re an amazing person. That’s what it should be.

In our relationship, we don’t have that situation. I don’t require what he needs, and he doesn’t require what I need. I know what I do; I have an amazing life that nobody knows about.

In pageants, you are evaluated from head to toe and it’s obviously all about looks, and as vain as that is, they can also bring you lots of opportunities to do amazing things.

In ramp skating, there’s this guy Alex Perelson who’s really coming into his own and doing some amazing new stuff we haven’t seen before. Just different types of spin.

In Serbia, it is amazing pressure. When we lose a game, it is like somebody dies. It is really horrible.

In Singapore, there is this life and locals and restaurants and then big casinos and an array of chefs, and even Miami is almost close to Vegas when it comes to an amazing presentation of chefs. But they don’t have these massive hotels that have become their own culinary villages.

In the Catholic schools, they spend much less money than the public schools, and they get amazing results. Private schools spend much more money than the public schools, and they get remarkable results.

In the first year in New York, I went to this amazing teacher named Jen Waldman. She does lots of different classes, but one of her classes was where you went and worked on a song. And suddenly I felt like an artist again, and because I had worked the whole song, when I went into the audition room, I could connect to something in the 16 bars.

In the mid-’60s, AM radio, pop radio, was just this incredible thing that played all kinds of music… You could hear Frank Sinatra right into the Yardbirds. The Beatles into Dean Martin. It was this amazing thing, and I miss it, in a way, because music has become so compartmentalized now, but in those days, it was all right in one spot.

In the past few years, we’ve been doing amazing stuff with desserts. Pastry chefs have been using herbs and spices in their desserts. So vanilla cake doesn’t have to be just vanilla, it can have a little thyme. Or you could have a custard with a little lavender in it, which is just amazing.

In ‘The Matrix,’ you see the fight between Keanu Reeves and Lawrence Fishburne. It’s an amazing fight. But I know that they’ve rehearsed it for months beforehand. Because in some of the moves you can see them anticipating blocks before they actually happen.

Indian food beats everything else, in my book. The kinds of cuisine our country offers is just amazing. Every single dish has a variation depending on what region you go to, and that excites me the most about Indian food.

Innovators are developing the ideas and bringing them to life in amazing new applications. All we, as an industry, need to do now is focus on standardizing the interfaces to ensure interoperability – and stand out of the way.

Instagram is amazing, and I enjoy sharing photos there. However, I don’t think it is where my photos will go to live.

Instagram is great but I’m not an amazing photographer and I don’t wanna post selfies constantly.

Iowa is an amazing place. But I didn’t have much race around me. I was definitely not like everyone there.

Isn’t it amazing how celebrity status preempts even the most ingrained hatreds?

Isn’t it amazing how much stuff we get done the day before vacation?

Isn’t it amazing that we are all made in God’s image, and yet there is so much diversity among his people?

Isn’t it amazing the way the future succeeds in creating an appropriate past?

Israel changed my life. It is one of the most amazing countries that I have ever been to.

Israel’s creation was politically amazing and caused by a number of unusual events. And I understand. For centuries, Jews endured horrible suffering, and like other people, deserve the right to self-determination, but the way Israel is going now frightens me. Jews make awkward colonial overlords.

It all started as a dream. Just watching as a kid, just watching Hogan, just watching WWF – it was amazing.

It could be fun to sing with Prince or Michael Jackson. Justin Timberlake has an amazing new sound now.

It feels amazing to be a role model for people with and without disabilities.

amazing nature quotes

It feels amazing to be on the MTV Brand New list. I was shocked when I got told – a good shocked. I’m proper happy about it.

It feels amazing to know that the whole country thought my role in ‘Newton’ was one of my best, and to win the Special Mention Award at the highest film award in India is just exhilarating.

It feels amazing to see all of my hard work finally pay off.

It feels amazing to work with writers that write really well.

It feels completely amazing to finally be in the space where there are so many people taking me seriously as an actress.

It felt amazing to be one of a handful working female directors in Hollywood.

It has been an amazing experience working on ‘Half Girlfriend.’

It has been crazy and amazing. I had never thought I would work with Akshay and Rajinikant and would get to associate with these talented people.

It is amazing how a new child can refocus one’s direction seconds after its birth.

It is amazing how complete is the delusion that beauty is goodness.

It is amazing how many thoughts can race through your head in a minute.

It is amazing how nice people are to you when they know you’re going away.

It is amazing how quickly a true talent can announce itself. In the case of Myla Goldberg, it is not even a matter of pages, but of sentences.

It is amazing how the public steadfastly refuse to attend the third day of a match when so often the last day produces the best and most exciting cricket.

It is amazing that it is my destiny to be the first Aussie to win the Masters.

It is amazing that people who think we cannot afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, and medication somehow think that we can afford to pay for doctors, hospitals, medication and a government bureaucracy to administer it.

It is amazing that something I did 23 years ago still has an audience that people respond to and I am touched and surprised that people are still very positive about.

It is amazing that the wisdom of the chattering class to the Republicans is always, always, always ‘Surrender your principles and agree with the Democrats.’ That’s been true for my entire lifetime.

It is amazing that you now have a bus company in Ballymena producing world class buses for Hong Kong, Singapore, London and Las Vegas.

It is amazing that, whenever a ladder match is announced, people automatically think of the Hardys.

It is amazing the information we give away. We make it easier and easier for criminals.

It is amazing to have the UFC to come here to Perth… it is great for Australian Mixed Martial Arts and great for the sport, and it is going to be great for Perth to have such a world-wide event, through pay-per-view, hosted here.

It is amazing to hear grown-up people rationalize homophobia and discrimination. The lengths they go to trying to prove their points take reason to its breaking point.

It is amazing to me that so little is still known about the Trail of Tears or the lives of the Cherokees themselves.

It is amazing to sing in front of a live audience. It is incredible. The energy is awesome.

It is amazing what colleagues tell you about the inefficiencies and about what works and what doesn’t. It is a real-life check on our ideas.

It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit.

It is effectively a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be involved, and the chance to win an Olympic medal would be amazing.

It is pretty amazing. My parents, who came from Nicaragua to the U.S. – who would have thought that they would have American kids on the Olympic team? I think that’s the epitome of the Olympic dream.

It is pretty daunting – the Cell has been responsible for some amazing matches, but it can also lead to some pretty real injuries, so that plays into your mind.

It is quite amazing how hard the subconscious works when it is made to understand that this life is not a rehearsal, there is no safety net and no assurance of any final closure. It is also quite appalling to realize how catatonic the imagination can become when we hedge our bets, opt for the safer direction at every fork in the path.

It is quite amazing what I didn’t feel after a while. I didn’t really want to feel things.

It is really quite amazing that all of the folks supporting privatization, from the president on down, keep invoking the name of my grandfather, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

It is so gratifying for me the degree to which the Minions have been embraced. It’s almost unprecedented in the CG animated world. It’s amazing. That’s really all a creator hopes for, that their characters grow beyond them. It’s like Darth Vader and Batman. They’ve gotten bigger than their creators.

It is such a joy to join a legacy of amazing female playwrights who have managed to break through the glass ceiling and reinvigorate the Broadway stage by bringing a fresh and necessary perspective.

It is truly an amazing feeling to play in the final of the Champions League with the BVB at Wembley. Ahead of my transfer to Dortmund, I definitely hadn’t thought about this being a possible scenario.

It just gives us that adrenaline charge when we go on. We know we’re gonna come off two hours later, but we’re pushing it all the way; we build it right through. It’s amazing how it happens. It’s sort of magical, because you couldn’t do it in a rehearsal like that; you need that audience in front, and that’s really what gets us going.

It may sound amazing to people today, but Rodgers and Hammerstein were considered by – how can I put it? – the sort of opinion-making tastemakers and everything to be ‘off the scale as sentimental.’

It really lasted the whole game, because I was really untouchable, unstoppable that game. But it was heightened on one particular play, and that was the longest run where everything completely slowed down. My awareness was so keen, it was so heightened, it was really amazing.

It really was an amazing thing when Midlake brought me down to Texas and created an atmosphere in which I felt really safe and was able to do whatever I wanted artistically.

It seemed really amazing that you could write a few lines of code and have it learn to do interesting things.

It still amazes me, when I go out and fly the T-38, and I’m looking at those little, short, skinny little wings, and that thing’s flying. It’s just amazing to me, even now.

It turns out that Donald Trump has been very good at buying low and selling high, and it helps account for his amazing business success.

It was a great mantel to be able to take on really, an amazing legacy. And you know to finally see it, because I just saw the final product yesterday as well, is really amazing to be part of something like this.

It was a relief to be able to do my own band, because I was very responsible for all this amazing music I didn’t want to mess up before.

It was a very critical moment for me when I began working with David Cronenberg and seeing this amazing director and creator choose to base himself out of Toronto.

It was a wonderful experience to work with Sylvia. She pushed me to be more powerful with my acting, and she told me scores of the most incredible stories I’ve ever heard. She is amazing.

It was always my dream to come to the Premier League because I love this league, and I love this country. It’s an amazing place.

It was amazing feeling to be able to be involved in invention, but not just invention – the creating of a marketplace that had real value to add.

It was amazing for me growing up in the musical decade of the ’60s. I saw The Beatles on television and went out and bought an electric guitar.

It was amazing for me to even perform at the Grammys, but to do so alongside Annie Lennox was a truly incredible honor.

It was amazing that during rehearsals, without any of the costume on, the character was there complete. It just happened. Half the time, I didn’t know I was doing it.

It was amazing to be on the map, to be recognised by other artists, and to be so successful.

It was amazing to be playing at Stamford Bridge with the stadium full.

It was amazing to me that, all of a sudden, I was hearing my music on the radio and coming out of cars.

It was amazing to remake and rewrite a song like ‘Sweet Like Chocolate.’ It feels like a good way to come back.

It was amazing to watch him in the darkroom at an advanced age, still get excited when the results were pleasing. He still struggled like we all do in the darkroom and he struggled behind the camera, and when he had a success he was beaming.

It was an amazing adventure, it was my dream to be in an American musical… I really hope you are going to love what you are going to see.

It was an amazing experience to work with Michael Jackson, who is a legend.

It was an amazing experience, a dream come true, to sing and act alongside Prince and become dear friends with all the members of The Revolution while filming ‘Purple Rain.’

It was at Bell Labs that I first made direct contact with real semiconductor experts and thus began to fully understand what amazing materials they were and what they could do.

It was not until Web comics that I saw stories about women and stories by women and things that were aimed specifically at female readership. It was just kind of this free-for-all that was achieving something amazing with creativity. That was where I got my start.

It was really amazing. I mean, he’d never mentioned that he played in the symphony, like serious violin playing, not fiddle playing. And he just blew us away.

It was really cool to work with Dakota Fanning. I’ve watched her grow up and I’ve always loved her films, loved her. It was amazing working with someone who was American as well, because obviously it’s going to be a different energy straightaway. We got on really well; she’s so professional and hardworking.

It was really fun being in Tara’s trailer, working on my lines. Tara is such an amazing actress. She’s so good at what she does. I learned a lot from watching her.

It was said Daredevil grew up in Hell’s Kitchen, an amazing name for a neighbourhood. But that opened a Pandora’s box of all the crime stuff I wanted to do. I borrowed liberally from Will Eisner’s ‘The Spirit’ and turned ‘Daredevil’ into a crime comic.

It was so amazing to fall crazily in love and get married and have kids.

It wasn’t until I realised that I could actually take nice photographs that I started to become passionate about it. I then got a few jobs working for magazines in London, and I would get terribly excited and intense about doing a job and taking photographs and looking through the lens to capture something amazing.

It wasn’t until ’79 I won my first amateur championship, and then, by ’81, I was 14, and I won my first world championship, which was amazing to me, and in a very real sense, that was the first real victory I had.

It will be amazing to collaborate with my dad. It will be special.

It would be a really great to do a Marvel film – not even playing a superhero: just being part of that universe would be amazing.

It would be amazing to play Sylvia Plath. She was so dark, and what came out of her writing was troubled and fierce. The dimensions, levels, layers and levels would be incredible to take on.

It would be an amazing superpower to be able to make every person you meet feel better about the thing that makes them insecure.

It would have been amazing to have been a student at Oxford during that golden moment in the 1910s, rubbing elbows with the likes of Aldous Huxley and T.E. Lawrence, before World War I shattered everything forever.

It would have been tough for anyone to adapt ‘Push’ – an amazing but wrenching novel by Sapphire – for the screen, and I think director Lee Daniels made interesting choices, particularly with Precious’ fantasies. In my view, some of them work and some do not, but they are definitely provocative directorial choices.

It’d be cool to do something with Coldplay, and Ryan Tedder’s amazing.

It’s a great disappointment as a leader in the biotech industry that with all the amazing things the drug industry has done in the last couple of decades, we have not made a single major advance, have not not developed a single new chemical entity approved for the treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

It’s a hilarious part of my past, all the sitcoms I did in the ’80s. And then all the animation – animation is amazing. It’s really been great.

It’s a melting pot, southern Africa. You find these cultural collisions that result in art and music, and it’s pretty amazing.

It’s a pretty amazing feeling to know that something I posted on the Internet can impact so many people.

It’s a very rare and fortunate position to be able to make movies with two of your best friends who happen to be really amazing actors and writers.

It’s absolutely amazing to me that anyone allowed their children to watch ‘The Ren & Stimpy Show’ in the ’90s; it’s dark, gross, nihilistic, and absolutely bizarre.

It’s actually amazing because you go so far into another side of your brain when you’re studying something completely different, and I loved it.

It’s always amazing to me how hard the crew works.

It’s always amazing when a fan will say you’ve helped them through some kind of adversity.

It’s always nice to be in England. It’s the kind of football I love to play. Even playing at Stamford Bridge, it’s amazing.

It’s always pretty amazing to hear your own voice on the radio.

It’s always surprised me that the most successful and really amazing shows are also the happiest environments and very welcoming.

It’s amazing and different being a celebrity in D.C.

It’s amazing because I’ve done so many of these things I’ve always wanted to do – almost everything – in my career.

It’s amazing being on tour with a group of 50, but when one person gets sick, it goes through the whole company. We take care of each other – we’re well stocked on Mucinex. When everything stays healthy, it’s a joyful experience for everyone.

It’s amazing having so many people care so much about what I’m doing.

It’s amazing how a competitive nature can turn a negative into something positive.

It’s amazing how confused and distracted and misdirected so many people are.

It’s amazing how directly you can connect with people via social media.

It’s amazing how easily people are led to fury and chaos. Unhappy people with guns are not going to make this country great.

It’s amazing how everyone has an opinion on how you should live your life.

It’s amazing how far you can get into a plot before you figure out what you’re doing.

It’s amazing how fast later comes when you buy now.

It’s amazing how fast you learn something if they shove you out on the stage and say, ‘Learn it.’

It’s amazing how filling my cup with empty calories can lead to filling out the rear of my jeans.

It’s amazing how good getting up and moving makes you feel.

It’s amazing how I can just ramble on for hours, isn’t it? And so unentertaining or uninteresting. But I can ramble on for hours. It’s a sort of terrible gift, isn’t it?

It’s amazing how ideas start out, isn’t it?

It’s amazing how kind everyone is here in the U.S.

It’s amazing how little you can see people but still stay in regular contact.

It’s amazing how lucky Westlife were and what we achieved. It’s very rare to have seven number ones in a row. Ridiculous in fact.

It’s amazing how many companies aren’t really in tune to the needs of different travelers. There’s just so many embarrassing situations that you go through when you travel. You have to have a sense of humor about it and take it in stride. My whole approach is to embrace spontaneity.

It’s amazing how many introverts go into the ministry. It’s amazing how many people go into the ministry who don’t really like to be with people.

It’s amazing how many introverts go into the ministry.

It’s amazing how many things you can do when you’re just pretending.

It’s amazing how meaty cauliflower can be.

It’s amazing how much better coaches we become when you have really good players.

It’s amazing how much information we share in social media, then we wonder why people steal our identity.

It’s amazing how much misinformation there is about pregnancy and how many myths are still ingrained into our culture.

It’s amazing how much people talk about colonics here. That’s not a thing anywhere else in the country. But I totally did a juice cleanse, I did a colonic – I’m getting into L.A. living!

It’s amazing how much the human mind and body can do and achieve.

It’s amazing how much the sense of telling a story with a beginning, middle, and end helps me to relax. I find that the mass of stories that one is subjected to living one’s life is otherwise overwhelming.

It’s amazing how much trouble you can get in when you don’t have anything else to do.

It’s amazing how much you can absorb on a film set.

It’s amazing how much you can learn if your intentions are truly earnest.

It’s amazing how much you will forgive if the behavior is truthful.

It’s amazing how often campaigners in rich countries think poor people don’t get backache.

It’s amazing how powerful a piece of work can be and how it can influence people and change. It’s pretty interesting.

It’s amazing how quickly people on the internet can pick something up, but it’s also amazing how quickly they can drop it.

It’s amazing how small business owners figure out how to stretch a dollar as far as they possibly can.

It’s amazing how sports is a way to control the masses. But it also unites people.

It’s amazing how stress keeps you trim.

It’s amazing how the biggest things in our lives – when we’re around the fireplace and talking about them when we’re older – the things that matter the most to us start off amazingly small and in a humble way.

It’s amazing how these little guys can say things that a mortal human could never get away with. There’s some sort of unspoken license… when outlandish things come out of an inanimate object, somehow it equals humor.

It’s amazing how uncreative some people can be in this industry. They look at you and go, ‘She’s not right for the role’… but you’ve got to give someone a chance to show they’re an actress. It’s very frustrating.

It’s amazing how unwilling most people are to admit they don’t know the answer to a question or a problem and instead charge forward on a ‘gut instinct’ that turns out to be crap.

It’s amazing how you get to recreate somebody else’s life on-screen. It’s wonderful when you get responses like, ‘You actually look like him.’

It’s amazing how, age after age, in country after country, and in all languages, Shakespeare emerges as incomparable.

It’s amazing how, in New York, there is almost a feeling of entitlement by the public – this very palpable lack of surprise at being stopped in the street and being asked to be the subject of a 12-foot monumental painting.

It’s amazing how, over time, a person’s perspective can be altered.

It’s amazing knowing that a club like Manchester United is interested in you. It’s a good feeling.

It’s amazing living alone. I’m very lucky. It’s like a refuge.

It’s amazing marrying someone who wants nothing to do with Hollywood.

It’s amazing now the amount of love we get around this city from all the Hornets’ fans. Growing up, you really don’t understand it. Now I’m really starting to realize what Hornets means here in Charlotte.

It’s amazing people get so detached from what they eat and what they wear. No one has any contact with how things are made that are put in their body and put in their mouths and I just find it alarming that no one questions it.

It’s amazing that about 10% of startups couldn’t be found on Facebook because they had common names or names that weren’t searchable.

It’s amazing that for actors mostly, it’s a risk to attach yourself to a film that you don’t know whether or not it’s going to even be made and if you sign on, in doing so, who else is going to be in the movie with you.

It’s amazing that I can inspire little kids to know that you can be short or tall, and your body type doesn’t matter because you can do anything.

It’s amazing that more people have climbed Mount Everest than have broken the 4-minute mile.

It’s amazing that no matter how much money you have, you can make some bad decisions, and in five months you’re on the street, begging.

It’s amazing that Sky is the only place that has two dedicated arts channels. The BBC is doing very well… but why don’t they do more?

It’s amazing that something only an atom thick can be an impenetrable barrier. You can have gas on one side and vacuum or liquid on the other, and with a wall only one atom thick, nothing would go through it.

It’s amazing that the amount of news that happens in the world every day always just exactly fits the newspaper.

It’s amazing that this is still news to people, but that affects the final outcome of the film. When people are treated well, and they’re made to feel valued, they give 110 percent.

It’s amazing that you can listen to any song and you can always tell when there’s some substance beneath it and when there isn’t. Even if it’s poetically written and technically brilliant, I’d rather hear something that’s all over the place but has some soul to it.

It’s amazing the clarity that comes with psychotic jealousy.

It’s amazing the footprint WWE has around the globe. When you look at the scope of the amount of live events they run, it’s mind-boggling.

It’s amazing the hours you pull when you’re the lead of a show.

It’s amazing the relationships you forge in a kitchen. When you cooperate in an environment that’s hot. Where there’s a lot of knives. You’re trusting your well-being with someone you’ve never before met or known.

It’s amazing the support we’ve been able to get from Latinos and just in general from everyone.

It’s amazing the things you hear from your players talking to them one on one. I never embarrassed a player, I spoke with him alone.

It’s amazing to be able to embrace young talent.

It’s amazing to be able to play the sport that I grew up loving so much and that I have a strong passion for. I’m just having a ball. There’s a lot of pressure that comes with being in the spotlight and being a superstar and a role model, but I’m enjoying it.

It’s amazing to be able to work with people right at the top of whatever they do… inspiring photographers and stylists with very interesting visual language. The more I do it, the more I enjoy it.

It’s amazing to be an incubator. Many of my muses have gone on to other brands.

It’s amazing to be nominated for the Brits’ Critics’ Choice Award 2016. It’s such a significant award that highlights the importance of new music, so it’s a genuine honour to have been nominated alongside some other incredible new acts from the U.K.

It’s amazing to come here. I’m so happy that UFC is finally here. We’ve been starving for it in Cleveland.

It’s amazing to dwell in the world of fantasy and fear.

It’s amazing to get one Olympic gold, but you have to be a legend to get two. And that’s definitely my aim.

It’s amazing to go World No. 1 on a win. I think is something I’ve always wanted to do.

It’s amazing to hear, as a voice matures and then starts to decline, what kind of emotion is still conveyed by a really good vocalist.

It’s amazing to me how often the answer to making something sound better is to play something less.

It’s amazing to me how people throw stuff on the ground right next to a trash can. That drives me crazy.

It’s amazing to me that journalists are held in such low esteem.

It’s amazing to me that some kids are surprised to find out Indians are still alive.

It’s amazing to me that they’re cutting physical education programs in the school systems.

It’s amazing to me that we live in such a wonderful country where anyone can have a problem in life and get up, dust themselves off and start all over again.

It’s amazing to me that young people will still pick up a cigarette.

It’s amazing to me to see how bands evolve and how they take all their influences and come up with their own sound.

It’s amazing to see places like Madison Square Garden on the schedule again.

It’s amazing to see the Earth in its glory down there.

It’s amazing to see these young guys come into the league and want to wear my shoes.

It’s amazing to see things that are suggested in the book fully developed and so brilliantly realized through the artistry of the designers.

It’s amazing what a bit of soot and shaving can do for muscle definition, honestly.

It’s amazing what a coral-colored necklace can do to a plain brown cardigan.

It’s amazing what a little encouragement can do.

It’s amazing what a little money can do when it’s spent on the right reason.

It’s amazing what a resource modern technology is now for making ballets, and I film my rehearsals almost every day.

It’s amazing what a spray-on tan will do.

It’s amazing what happens to your body as you get a little older.

It’s amazing what happens when you’re confident as an artist. The writing completely changes, and you’re no longer depressed about your sound or what it’s going to be or if people are going to like it.

It’s amazing what it opens up in women when you tell them you’ve just played a midwife.

It’s amazing what miracles and little angels and pure love around you can bring out.

It’s amazing what one positive role model in your life can do in five minutes.

It’s amazing what ordinary people can do if they set out without preconceived notions.

It’s amazing what people will give away for free just to get rid of it.

It’s amazing what sleep does for your looks.

It’s amazing what social media has done for entertainment.

It’s amazing what some people read into songs.

It’s amazing what the Internet can teach you to do.

It’s amazing what they can do with animation nowadays. It’s really beautiful. The 3D stuff is out of hand.

It’s amazing what video games have obviously done for not only the industry and for entertainment but for the world and social interactions.

It’s amazing what we can get away with and what we can’t. But it’s not for me to decide.

It’s amazing what we remember as sports fans, right?

It’s amazing what we’ve been through already in our lives no matter what our age. Think of what we’ve seen, people we’ve met, our relationships, experiences, and accomplishments. Reflection is a powerful tool.

It’s amazing what you can do with an E in A-Level art, a twisted imagination and a chainsaw.

It’s amazing what you can do without in terms of filmmaking when a story is really important.

It’s amazing what you can find out if you just call an expert, you know?

It’s amazing what you can get on open source now if you actually use the right search engines to find the material.

It’s amazing what you can learn to get used to.

It’s amazing what you find out about yourself when you write in the first person about someone very different from you.

It’s amazing what your body does to produce another human… you should thank your body for what it does.

It’s amazing what your brain can do when all your senses are heightened.

It’s amazing what you’ll discover if you start exploring what God has placed within you.

It’s amazing what’s buried in old, poorly digitized PDFs hosted on some random professor’s website.

It’s amazing when I walk through an expo hall and can’t figure out what a company does just by walking past its booth.

It’s amazing when you see something on T.V. for years and then you go and see it in person. It’s perspective is all different.

It’s amazing when you’re playing to a crowd who barely understands English but they’re singing parts of your song back to you.

It’s amazing where the paranoid mind can take you.

It’s amazing – 2015 has been a fantastic year for me because of the records I’ve broken and the wins I’ve had.

It’s amazing, all of the ways that having kids has changed me. I’m a much less selfish person because of them, and compared to who I was before, my patience level seems infinite.

It’s amazing, as a player and as a coach, how you always remember the tough losses better than the victories. They’re just way more vivid.

It’s amazing, if you know what you want to say, how fast it is to write.

It’s amazing, it doesn’t feel like it has been 10 years since retirement.

It’s amazing, the culture Coach Belichick has been able to create in our system.

It’s amazing, the mentality shift that occurs in pregnancy. All of a sudden you want to be good to yourself.

It’s amazing, the number of people who don’t have passports, who can’t read, who can’t write. It’s sick actually. It’s disgusting.

It’s amazing. I can’t believe how brilliant the whole thing is – my daughter, Georgia, is just wonderful.

It’s amazing. I love being an uncle.

It’s amazing. Life changes very quickly, in a very positive way, if you let it.

It’s amazing. My kids have grown me in ways I never knew possible. The patience I’ve received and the love I get from them is just amazing.

It’s amazing: I am a New Yorker. It’s strange; I never thought I would be.

It’s amazing: it’s so cool being from Brampton, Ontario, and being able to travel the world and being embraced by so many countries.

It’s amazing: when you are challenged with less, sometimes you can produce more.

It’s amazing… to enjoy the results of your labor.

It’s an amazing blessing to do something you love.

It’s an amazing experience to work with Hrithik. He is one of the finest actors, and there is a reason for it. He is extremely hardworking and fully dedicated.

It’s an amazing feeling to go into a studio and really be alone.

It’s an amazing feeling when I have a customer who tries a leg on and is able to go snowboarding for the first time.

It’s an amazing feeling, having a little child. I love it.

It’s an amazing feeling: tennis is growing very quickly in Canada, and to be a big part of it is an honour.

It’s an amazing luxury to say I’m 31 years old and I’m gonna take a year off. That’s pretty amazing.

It’s an amazing thing to hear they’re finally giving out a Medal of Honor to a soldier from the wars of Iraq and Afghanistan.

It’s an amazing thing to say, ‘I’m beautiful,’ without feeling like you’re cocky.

It’s an amazing thing to watch a lizard fold a moth into its mouth, like a sword swallower who specialises in umbrellas.

It’s awesome to see something like ‘Inception’, which is just mind-blowing and amazing, and it actually resonates with the audiences. I feel like that’s rare.

It’s beautiful, shooting in Ireland. It’s an amazing country.

It’s been a fascinating thing because we didn’t really know how to write when we started South Park at all. It’s been like, we’ve just sort of grown up a bit and it’s amazing to just see how, if you take Butters and Cartman and put them in any scene, it works.

It’s been a pretty amazing experience, getting to go from ‘Bosch’ to ‘The Vampire Diaries’ back-to-back, with a little ‘Castle’ in between.

It’s been a surreal journey for me since ‘Masaan.’ The way the industry has accepted me and motivated me has been amazing.

It’s been amazing how this crazy career has been created. I feel that it’s been given to me. I wouldn’t be anywhere without Victoria’s Secret.

It’s been amazing to create with one another because we’re so different when it comes to music. We love different genres. So to vibe together and create this Fifth Harmony sound is what makes it so special.

It’s been amazing to play a character that’s known by so many people, especially because everyone knows at least something about Peter Pan.

It’s been amazing to see how brands, magazines, and designers are focusing on real stories from older women.

It’s been amazing to watch, because for ‘Thor’, which was always a mid-selling book, to be in the top ten for every single issue since the reboot is just a great compliment.

It’s been amazing, the number of commercials that I’ve done, starting back in 1968. It must be 8,000.

It’s been an amazing journey that I’ve had with WWE.

It’s been an amazing life. It’s really just been the most magical thing for me – and I have these musical friends from all walks of life.

It’s been an amazing year of individual performances.

It’s been quite the experience for two brothers who were Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn, who had no idea that they were going to end up in the entertainment industry. To be where we are now, making features, TV shows and getting a hundred million views online is kind of an amazing thing.

It’s been so amazing. I’ve always struggled with this barrier that I felt like I’d had up until blogging came along. Just one comment from somebody really sparks something in me. It doesn’t need to be this huge war between me and the listeners anymore. I really thrive on that.

It’s better to get the nutrients for healthy skin from food, not supplements. Salmon, walnuts, blueberries, spinach… lots of my favorite foods happen to be amazing for skin too.

It’s difficult to say with words what Manchester United means for me. For anyone. It’s amazing to play for this club, with the history of this club, for the fans, for everything. It’s amazing to be part of this club.

It’s every little girl’s dream to have an exact look-alike doll. It’s amazing.

It’s great that in the German language I’ve sold almost 30 million books. Isn’t that amazing?

It’s just amazing being a parent, being a little nervous at first, but then everything falls into place naturally.

It’s just amazing that there are so many prejudices even now.

It’s just amazing to do something that’s part of a pop culture phenomenon.

It’s just an amazing feeling to know that I’m representing for every plus-size woman out there.

It’s just an amazing feeling to walk barefooted in some nice grass.

It’s just been such an amazing experience from the day I started on ‘Smackdown.’

It’s just extremely difficult to shoot with five dogs. They’re great, and the people who handle them are amazing. But they’re animals.

It’s kind of amazing how popular ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ is. What other show can boast such an annoyingly sincere cast of doctors, sniveling through such perfunctory love triangles?

It’s kind of amazing how well you can get to know someone without talking.

It’s kind of amazing that people will travel because of a book. I admire that.

It’s kind of amazing to see that progress happens over time.

It’s not always thankless. Let’s face it – it’s not always thankless. I’ve gotten a lot of really great recognition and I’ve worked with amazing people.

It’s not in the mainstream media, but across towns, it is amazing how there are small groups of people getting together and forming artistic collectives – they may not be being overtly political, but I’d say by channelling their energy into community projects, that’s a valid political statement.

It’s not like I love dragons! Only on ‘Game of Thrones!’ Our dragons are amazing, and they look really real. But I think after ‘Game of Thrones,’ I won’t be a fantasy fan.

It’s not like the average lawyer or doctor is a physical Adonis. But it is amazing how many intelligent, obsessed people are driven in their physical regimen as well.

It’s odd, because I used to see pictures, on telly or wherever, of what I now know to be Shaftesbury Avenue and I used to wonder what that amazing street with all the lights was. Well, now I know. I think when you get a wee taste of something, it maybe isn’t what you thought it was.

It’s pretty amazing being me.

It’s pretty amazing to me that my first hit record was an Elvis Presley record.

It’s pretty amazing to me that we have had a space shuttle program that’s lasted for 30 years – for one space shuttle. That’s quite an achievement.

It’s pretty amazing to see something in your head and write it down, go out and shoot it, then see it on the big screen. It’s a pretty amazing feeling.

It’s pretty amazing to write under any circumstances when someone gives you an assignment to write a song, even if it doesn’t get accepted. I’ve written songs a couple of times, some for Disney, that haven’t actually ended up in their films, but then you’re left with a song forever.

It’s quite amazing how tattoos in general have been more and more accepted.

It’s quite amazing what 3D is doing to movies. Just simple things like a paper plane flying at you or flower petals fluttering about are wonderful.

It’s really amazing to see what you imagined brought to screen.

It’s really amazing what Pep Guardiola has done at Man City.

It’s really amazing when you discover how strong you actually are and what you really can accomplish.

It’s really cool to be able to do both. I get a chance to be in this film with these amazing actors, the coolest people ever, and I try to kiteboard as much in my free time as I can.

It’s really, really cool that we’ve been able to have these opportunities to surround ourselves with these people because they’re brilliant. Like, Dolly Parton is legendary, and she’s maybe the nicest person I’ve ever met in my entire life and, like, amazing.

It’s so amazing that you can give somebody like David Fincher ‘House of Cards,’ and he can do whatever he wants – Netflix doesn’t say, ‘Oh, you can’t do that,’ or, ‘We need a subplot here about this.’ It’s pretty neat that it is allowing the creatives to be creative.

It’s so amazing, standing on the corner -this happened in Washington, D.C. – and somebody comes by in a Cadillac and you hear ‘Manic Monday’ on the radio, and you don’t even know this person, and they’re listening to it and singing along with it. Wow! Blows your mind.

It’s so inspiring to be around other people who have ideas you haven’t thought of, and all of a sudden you’re like, ‘Wow! That’s so amazing!’ I definitely want everything I do to just get better and better.

It’s such an amazing thing to be loved for who you are.

It’s the degree of success and the length of time that is amazing.

It’s the most amazing cast, a dream cast. We laugh all the time.

It’s the most amazing feeling to hold your child in your arms.

It’s the most amazing thing to be able to forgive.

It’s the oldest story in human existence. We’ve colonized someone or been colonized throughout human history. It’s amazing how fast we comply and try to get a life out of that.

It’s unfair to the hard-core stay-at-home moms to pretend you’re able to have an amazing body by chasing around your kids.

It’s very rare to have an amazing cast who supports you and loves you for anything you do in the future.

It’s wonderful to be appreciated for being quirky, and to see Zooey Deschanel and the quirky, indie film types get mainstream play is amazing for women, because women are much more complicated than what we’ve see on TV in the past.

Ivanka is the most amazing mother. I go over there and bring one of my dogs for the kids to play with. We’re just two young women making our way in the world. We sit there in sweatpants and have a glass of wine.

I’d been on ‘Buffy’ – that is an amazing community, the Joss Whedon fans.

I’d been wanting to try a YA novel for years because I saw how exciting the genre was and how amazing, hungry, and curious the readers were.

I’d like more kids to go and see theatre because it really is amazing.

I’d like to share my experiences and the lessons I’ve learned and hopefully create some amazing, fun courses.

I’d love to do a film with Michael Fassbender. He’s one of my heroes. I think he’s absolutely amazing and I would love to do a project with him.

I’d love to do something with Kelly Clarkson because she’s been a monumental influence on me. I love how she handles her celebrity. She’s not in the tabloids a lot but everyone knows and respects her because she’s got an amazing voice. That’s something I aim towards.

I’d love to have a fashion range; I’ve been dressed by the amazing Vivienne Westwood, and fashion is something I’m a huge fan of.

I’d love to have played Joan of Arc. That would have been amazing.

I’d love to interview Bill Clinton. I know that might be a little boring, but he’s so interesting and such an amazing guy. All he’s done after his presidency… he hasn’t just sat around, he’s been so active in so many charitable causes.

I’d love to make films in England, and I tried to. I think there’s a wealth of amazing talent and astonishing writing over here; there just seems to be more of a culture of developing films than actually making them.

I’d love to own a bakery at some point. My grandmother could help me run it – she is an amazing baker! I’d also love to do a cookbook.

I’d love to work with Gerry Butler, Alan Cummings, and Ewan McGregor. It’d be amazing if we could do a Scottish Hollywood movie.

I’d love to work with Prince. He’s such an amazing musician.

I’d love to work with Sufjan Stevens. He so gets it. He’s amazing.

I’d love to write something for a male protagonist. That’s sort of the next frontier for me. I think it’d be really amazing to write the kind of parts that I love for women but for a guy.

I’d said to my sweetheart a couple of days before that the SAG and Spirit Award nomination was amazing and I had no attachment to the Academy Award. I knew I was an underdog so I just decided to sleep through the announcement.

I’d want to have Gisele Bundchen’s body. Even though she’s tall and skinny, she does have curves… and I think that’s hot. Halle Berry also is kind of amazing.

I’ll always be this crazy, fun person, but when it’s time to get married, I’m going to be an amazing wife.

I’ll be seen as eccentric, like Vic Reeves or Spike Milligan, which would be amazing. But I suppose I’m in this weird transitional period between having some success doing weird stuff and not being eccentric yet. I’m in limbo.

I’ll go out with my friends or if there’s something really amazing I’ve been invited to, but I won’t do that all the time because that’s not who I am.

I’ll tell you, Quentin Tarantino really writes the most amazing dialogue.